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10 Cool plant shops in Rotterdam

By Julia Den Outer
August 22, 2022

Nothing makes your home more beautiful than a beautiful flower or plant on the table, so time to discover the best plant shops in Rotterdam!

My whole house is full of plants and can’t get enough of them; your living room becomes homely and cosy with all the greenery. Shopping in a plant store is not without danger. Before you know it, you come home with bags full of plants without an empty spot to put it.

Do you want to know where you can buy the nicest flowers and plants in Rotterdam? I’ll tell you in this article.


1. Stek de Stadstuinwinkel

Sometimes it is not easy to find greenery in the city. The owners of STEK de stadstuinwinkel wanted to set up a small garden centre in the middle of the city, where every Rotterdammer could buy a piece of green to take home. The shop is run by a number of ‘green professionals’. Not only do they give advice, but they also enrich the neighbourhood with greenery by, for example, creating city facades.

The plants, flowers and seeds you find at Stek are sustainable and organic. As a result, the range is also very varied, the store changes with the seasons. You will also find fantastic pots here to brighten up your balcony at home.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 195B, 3021 GA Rotterdam


2. Bloemen

For a beautiful bouquet you have to go to Bloemen op de Binnenweg. Elvira is a 3rd generation florist and therefore a household name in Rotterdam.

The whole family has been working in the flower world since 1934 and they are always moving with the times. That is why you will also find beautiful natural look bouquets here.


Oude Binnenweg 95 A, 3012 JA Rotterdam


3. Bloembinderij Geschikt

I can never just pass Bloembinderij Geschikt. I always have to look inside. The colours splash out of the store, you’re immediately cheerful when you go in.

At Bloembinderij Geschikt you’ll find a lot of nice plants, flowers, pots and vases. I often buy gifts here. I choose a nice pot and have a cute plant put in it, this is always a recipe for success! You can also score a cheerful field bouquet or a beautiful card here.


Bergselaan 301, 3038 CG Rotterdam


4. ‘s Zomers

When you cycle past ‘s Zomers you might first think that it is a museum, or maybe a fancy restaurant?

‘s Zomers is more than a plant shop. It is a place where you can find inspiration and even fantasize about your dream home. ‘s Zomers has flowers and plants, but also design items and other accessories to brighten up your interior.


Boekhorststraat 44-54, 3032 AB Rotterdam


5. MK Floral design

Photo by Mark Bolk.

Owner Marit has been crazy about flowers and plants from an early age. So it’s not suprising that she started MK Floral design immediately after graduating. This shop on Katendrecht makes beautiful flower arrangements for both a large weddings or for in your home.

In addition to entire bouquets, you will also find beautiful pots and vases here. Not in the mood for a big purchase? Select some seasonal flowers to take home with you.


Delistraat 34, 3072 ZL Rotterdam


6. Danny de Cactus

At Danny de Cactus , as the name suggests, you can buy a lot of cacti. You will find them here in different sizes, shapes and colours. Also buy a nice pot to go with it.

Of course you have also come to the right place at Danny de Cactus for all kinds of other nice accessories for your home. Think of Eastern lamps, dream catchers and Indian pillows.


Schilderstraat 63A, 3011 ER Rotterdam


7. Janna’s Bloemenpleintje

Janna’s Bloemenpleintje is a wonderful neighbourhood florist where you can always find a nice bouquet. She also helps, if you want, with putting together a bouquet. Are you having a wedding? You can also order a bouquet here for special occasions.


Mathenesserplein 28, 3022 LC Rotterdam


8. Een bloemetje op tafel

Do you need a beautiful field bouquet with colourful flowers? You have come to the right place at Een bloemetje op tafel (which means a flower on the table). This cozy and beautiful flower shop sells biological flowers. This means that the flowers are not painted. And the flowers are locally grown.

Because flowers in your home or office always brighten up the place, you can also take a subscriptions on the flowers. This way you will always have a house full of flowers.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 98, 3015 BD Rotterdam


9. Naturals Kralingen

You may have seen the Naturals flower bags passing by in the city. This recognizable bag has a built-in bowl of water, which is handy when you give someone the flowers as a gift. You will find beautiful bouquets at Naturals. Pick them up in one of the stores or order the flowers online.


Oostzeedijk Beneden 77, 3061 VN Rotterdam


10. NatuurlijkBloemen

NatuurlijkBloemen has been located at the Zaagmolenenkade since 1998 (!). So you’ll know for sure that they know what they’re doing. Take a look in the store or order the flowers online.

NatuurlijkBloemen is a sustainable flower shop, they also have a silver certificate on the Barometer Sustainable Florist. This means that they do business and purchase sustainably. That’s nice to know when you buy a pretty bouquet.


Zaagmolenkade 186, 3035 KC Rotterdam


Do you already feel like buying a new flower or plant for your home? I hope so! Do you know any other nice plant shops in Rotterdam?

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