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Public transportation

Using the public transport in Rotterdam is an easy and efficient way to travel to and around the city. The bus, tram, train and metro in Rotterdam connects all the parts and the outskirts of the city.

But, even though public transport in Rotterdam is quite efficiently arranged, we understand that it’s not as straightforward and easy for everyone. That is why we figured it’s convenient for you to have some basic information about the city’s public transport easily combined together.



One of the easiest ways to travel around Rotterdam is with the metro. There is a good network and almost everything in the city can be reached. In addition, it’s also fast, safe and comfortable. At most stations a metro leaves every 4 minutes.

Next to traveling in the center of Rotterdam, it is also easy to get to the outskirts by metro, such as Capelle aan den IJssel, Hoogvliet, Poortugaal, Rhoon, Schiedam and even The Hague!

The most central stations in Rotterdam are Beurs (the biggest hub), Blaak and Rotterdam Centraal. From these stations you are right in the middle of the city and you can easily get other means of transport such as the bus, train or tram.

It depends on the line you’re taking, but he metro in Rotterdam runs from 05.30 until 00.30 – 1:00. On weekends and public holidays, metro’s often travel according to another schedule. On Friday- and Saturday nights the metro runs longer than the rest of the week; at the most central stations, it runs until about 1:30 – 2:00 AM.

Keep in mind that the weekend metro does not travel to all stations and often runs according to a different schedule. The same goes for the metro during the holidays. Therefore always plan your trip well in advance via the trip planner or 9292



The train in the Netherlands is a great option if you need connection between different cities. Rotterdam has six train stations. To travel by train, you can buy a ticket or check-in with an OV chip card. To plan your trip, it’s useful to visit ns or 9292ov.



The tram network in Rotterdam is also well-connected and an easy and fast way to travel around Rotterdam. The city center, outskirts and surrounding towns can be reached by tram.

All the tram lines come together at Rotterdam Central Station. Tram lines 4, 7, 8, 20, 21, 23, 24 and 25 drive through the center of Rotterdam, but there are more tram lines that go to the suburbs and outskirts of Rotterdam.

If you’re looking for a way to combine a tram ride with all the highlights of Rotterdam, go on a tour with the historic tram line 10!

Travel times are Monday-Saturday 05:00-00:30 and Sunday 07:00-00:30, but may be different per route.



The bus network in Rotterdam is well-connected, so definitely a convenient way to travel. The city center, the outskirts and surrounding towns can be reached by bus. There are three different bus operators in Rotterdam:

1. In the center you have the RET. These buses run very regularly and take you to different areas in Rotterdam.

2. The night bus, also known as the BOB bus, runs on Friday night and Saturday night from approximately 1 am to 5 am every hour from Rotterdam Central to various (sub) municipalities in the Rotterdam region. Check the stops in advance, to make sure it stops near where you have to be.

3. If you want to travel from or to surrounding cities, you can use Arriva or Connexxion. Most of these come from Rotterdam Centraal, Zuidplein and Alexandrium. Among others, they travel to Barendrecht, Capelle aan den IJssel, Hoogvliet, Spijkenisse, Papendrecht and Schiedam.


Your public transportation tickets

To travel by public transport in Rotterdam you need an OV card or ticket.

Single ticket

There are several tickets you can buy that are useful for a short stay in Rotterdam. Below you can read more about the tickets, which you can use for the metro, tram and bus.

– RET Tourist Day Ticket: Travel unlimited for one day throughout South Holland (bus, tram, metro and waterbus).
– RET 1 day ticket
– RET 2 hour ticket
– NS train ticket

Where can I buy a ticket?

The RET Tourist Day Ticket, RET 1 Day Ticket and RET 2 Hours Ticket can all be purchased from RET service shops, service centers and vending machines at metro stations. The RET 2 hour ticket can also be purchased from bus drivers and tram drivers.

Are you traveling by train? Then buy a ticket from the machines at the train stations or online at

Public transport card

If you’re planning on a longer stay Rotterdam, a public transport card (or: OV card) is very useful. You can charge this card and use it for a few years. You can buy both an anonymous and a personal public transport card.

The anonymous cards can be purchased at stations, at the vending machines. The personal public transport card can be purchased here.