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Are you visiting Rotterdam by car? Then of course you want to park it in a convenient place. Rotterdam offers three options: parking garages, P+R areas and street parking.


1. Parking garages

In and around the center of Rotterdam you can park in two different types of garages: municipal garages and commercial garages. One of the common commercial garages is Q-Park. These are often more expensive than municipal garages.

Since January 2017, the municipality of Rotterdam has made it cheaper to park garages in the city instead of other places in the city. The rates start at 0.50 cents per 15 minutes and 2 euros per hour. Fares from the center are slightly cheaper.


2. P+R areas

P+R parking lots can be found near public transport. It is the perfect option if you want to park cheaply or for free and have no problem continuing your journey by for example the metro. At the P+R sites you can pay with debit card, cash or credit card. There are five P+R sites in Rotterdam, two of which are free and open 24/7. You can easily find the locations via Google Maps.


3. Street parking

A slightly more expensive option is parking on the streets. The prices depend on the location. In general, the closer to the center, the more expensive.

At these parking places you pay in advance with your debit card at the payment machine in the zone area, or via an app such as Parkmobile or Yellowbrick.


4. Mobypark

An innovative and super convenient way to park your car in the city is through Mobypark. This is the Airbnb of parking, which means that you can rent a parking space that is owned by someone else. This can be for a half day, a week or several months.

It is very easy. On the website you enter the address and the arrival and departure times. Choose a parking space and make a reservation. That’s it!

Book a parking space at Mobypark via this link. A very centrally located spot is for example this parking spot in Rotterdam, which is only €29,50 for the entire day.