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Ben je op zoek naar een plek om de zonsondergang in Rotterdam te bekijken? Station Rotterdam Centraal is niet de eerste plek waar je aan denkt bij een zonsondergang, maar het is zeker niet de minste plek! Rennende mensen, rijdende trams en drukke wegen. Je staat middenin de stad waar het puntige Centraal Station (a.k.a kapsalon) en moderne wolkenkrabbers uittorenen. Wanneer het gouden licht breekt door de wolken, maken de lichtstralen een prachtig licht- en schaduwspel dankzij de gebouwen.

6 beautiful sunset spots in Rotterdam

By Fatima Benhaddou
April 19, 2019

Wherever you are in the city, Rotterdam is the most beautiful during sunset. I am in love with the golden glow that spreads over the streets and rivers. Whether you are standing at the Erasmus bridge or in the Kralingse Bos, you can finally relax when the sun sets.

In this article you will read 6 picturesque sunset spots in Rotterdam. Did we not mention your favourite place? Share it with us in the comments!


1. Erasmusbrug

Photo by Menno Verheij of @roffalove.

Perhaps the most beautiful place to watch the sunset and a classic spot in Rotterdam, the iconic Erasmus Bridge. View the bridge, skyline and colourful sky from dozens of different perspectives. Walk along the river and take a sunset walk on the Maaskade and Wilhelminakade.

Do you want a spectacular view from above? Visit the seventh floor of the Nhow hotel in De Rotterdam. On the terrace you can enjoy a drink overlooking the Erasmus Bridge and sunset.


2. Kralingse Plas

My favourite sunset spot in Rotterdam: the Kralingse Bos! The Central Park of Rotterdam. Nature is behind you and the skyline is in front of you. The view from the pier on the skyline is breathtaking. You can easily spot all the famous buildings and bridges in Rotterdam. When the sun comes down, you only hear the wind and a bird choir. Tranquility stretches across the park like a blanket. Near the city, but far enough to unwind. For me this is the sunset spot that you will never get tired of.


3. Delfshaven

Delfshaven does not have the impressive skyline of Rotterdam, but is certainly worth a visit. In Delfshaven you can imagine yourself back in time. The architecture contrasts with modern Rotterdam architecture.

During the sunset, Delfshaven turns into a lively painting. On a beautiful day, the blue sky and water change into a color palette of pink and orange. This makes it the ideal place for a romantic sunset walk.


4. Euromast

Of course the Euromast must be included in this list. The panorama view makes it the most logical place for a sunset. Your eyes will pop out at the highest observation tower in the Netherlands. Watch the famous skyline, impressive buildings and bridges light up as the boundary between day and night fades. It is magical how the cityscape changes slowly. At the top you have the most spectacular sunset view of Rotterdam.


5. Lührs Viewpoint

I actually want to keep the Lührs viewpoint a secret, but the view is too beautiful! Lührs is special, because you are on top of a 40-meter high hill and you won’t find those easily in Rotterdam. It is a bit of a climb before you reach the top. You will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the Rotterdam skyline and, if the sky is clear, the skyline of The Hague! You escape the busy city and enjoy the nature, while the sun slowly hides behind the horizon.


6. Rotterdam Central Station

Rotterdam Central Station is not the first place you think of at a sunset, but it is certainly not the least place! Running people, moving trams and busy roads. You are in the middle of the city where the pointed Central Station and modern skyscrapers towers above you. When the golden light breaks through the clouds and buildings, the light rays create a beautiful play of light and shadow. After a long day at work I often stand still on the square of Rotterdam Central Station. While the hectic world passes by, I enjoy the sunset.


Those were 6 beautiful sunset spots in Rotterdam! Have you also read my article about the hidden roof terraces of Rotterdam? In that article you will also find beautiful spots to take photos.

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