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8 Photogenic winter spots in Rotterdam

By Marion Rault
December 17, 2021

Winter is just around the corner! This is the perfect season to take some beautiful pictures of Rotterdam.

Rotterdam is beautiful at any particular time of the year, but during winter it’s definitely unique (especially if it snows!). The sun sets early, giving way to the beautiful lights of the city, offering the opportunity to take some fantastic pictures.

Last winter we were very lucky and could enjoy several days of snow and frozen canals. It was the first time for me to see Rotterdam covered in snow. I’ve got really excited and decided to go outside to capture this. Of course I want to share the best spots with you guys!

So put on your warm clothes, take your camera and discover 8 photogenic winter spots in Rotterdam!


1. Aelbrechtskolk, Delfshaven

Photo by @marionro.cks.

The historic part of Delfshaven is an amazing place, and without hesitation, one of my favourite spot for photography. Whether you come during the day, at sunset or at night, there are hundreds of photo opportunities.

This is why the first photogenic spot I can recommend in Rotterdam is Aelbrechtskolk. This is an iconic location that offer an amazing view on one of the oldest buildings of Rotterdam.

If we are lucky this winter again, we will be able to see it covered in snow, which offers a unique cityscape to capture. For me, old dutch building and snowy street are the best match.


2. Piet Heynsbrug, Delfshaven

Photo by @marionro.cks.

While you are in Delfshaven, walk few meters more to photograph this second spot. From the bridge named Piet Heynsbrug, you will be able to capture fantastic pictures.

During the winter nights, Delfshaven offers a magical spirit, what makes it a great and photogenic winter spot, with the city lights, old ships and all that reflecting in the canals.


3. Spoorsingel, Provenierswijk

Photo by @marionro.cks.

Spoorsingel is a beautiful street, starting just behind the Central Station. I am always amazed how, by just crossing the Central Station, you arrive in a completely different area in both atmosphere and architecture.

Although I appreciate the modern part of the city, I am still a big fan of typical old buildings that we can find in some specific areas of Rotterdam. One of those spots is Spoorsingel, this is why I strongly recommend you to have a walk there along with your camera.


4. Bergsingel and Noordsingel

Photo by @marionro.cks.

I couldn’t write this article without mentioning these streets. Bergsingel and Noordsingel are two streets close to each other, crossing a part of Oude Noorden, which is one of my favourite areas of Rotterdam.

It is a residential area, with beautiful old houses, alongside the canal which is a superb photogenic winter spot. Last winter, when the canal froze, I had a great time walking on it and took some amazing and unique pictures. It was also a delight to see families enjoying the snow, and ice skating on the frozen canal.

Be sure to read my article about photogenic spots in Rotterdam Noord.


5. Kralingse plas

Photo by @marionro.cks.

If you are looking for a nature break, Kralingse Plas is the right place. As the biggest park of Rotterdam, it offers many possibilities of nature photography. To me, this is definitely a great photogenic spot to take gorgeous pictures of Rotterdam during winter.

Do not hesitate to climb to the top of the lookout watchtower which will offer you an amazing point of view on the entire lake.

Again, if we are lucky this winter, we could find this lake completely frozen. This is where magic happens. You will be able to capture quite a unique landscape, with a huge expanse of ice and windmills in the background.


6. Beurstraverse or Koopgoot

Every winter, the city centre of Rotterdam is embellished with Christmas lights. The passage to access the Beurstraverse, which is also nicknamed the Koopgoot, is one great example of it. It is definitely a photogenic spot where you can capture the Christmas and winter spirit of Rotterdam.

Around this passage, you will also find other buildings covered with light garlands, which give you other opportunities to take beautiful photos.


7. Lusthofstraat, Kralingen

Photo by @marionro.cks.

In the district of Kralingen, you will find a cute street with little shops called Lusthofstraat. This a street that I love in Rotterdam, with plenty of nice stores that have lovely facades.

Every winter, you can see lights all along the street, which makes it a great spot to take photographs.

Check out Kim’s guide about Kralingen for more information about this amazing area in Rotterdam.


8. Stationsplein

Photo by @marionro.cks.

This is a well-known square in Rotterdam, and a great spot for architecture lovers. The modern and high buildings all around the central station are offering great possibilities of pictures, specifically in winter with the city lights.

Moreover, when the snow settles in the city, you will be able to do some great compositions with white streets and high buildings. It personally makes me think a little bit of New York City.


So who is hoping for a white winter this year in Rotterdam? Personally, I do! In any case, Rotterdam offers nice surprises during winter season and the photogenic winter spots I mentioned will give you amazing opportunities of photography.

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