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10x photogenic spots in Rotterdam Noord

By Marion Rault
May 17, 2021

Rotterdam Noord is full of hidden gems. That’s why I think it’s time that this area gets its own article. There are plenty of things to discover, from the beautiful oldest buildings of the city to amazing street art. 

Below you can find my favourite 10 photogenic spots in Rotterdam Noord. You can easily make a day out if it. So take your camera and some friends and have fun!


1. Noordplein

Photo by @marionro.cks.

Noordplein is one of my favourite places in Rotterdam Noord. This is a lovely area, with several nice bars and cafés.

Located next to the Rotte, this is a nice spot to take pictures. While you are here, I would advise to rest along the canal and enjoy a coffee break. Or drink a glass of wine. 😉

TIP: Every Saturday there is an outdoor market on Noordplein, called the Rotterdamse Oogst market. If you want to have more information about this market and others, check out this article.


Noordplein, Rotterdam


2. Street art by Amok Island

Photo by @marionro.cks.

Just next to Noordplein, in the Erasmusstraat, you will find a beautiful mural. This piece is made by the artist Amok Island and is called ‘Zeus Faber’. It was made during Sober Walls, an art project by Sober Collective.

Love street art? Check out these cool murals in Rotterdam.


Erasmusstraat, Rotterdam


3. Hofbogen

Photo by @marionro.cks.

If you walk along the former railway viaduct, named Hofbogen, you will discover great photography spots. Not only is the architecture itself quite interesting, there is also a lot of colourful street art to discover, which make a lovely backdrop for you portrait photos!

There are stores and restaurants located in the restored viaduct, which has given a new life to these buildings.


Vijverhofstraat and Voorburgstraat, Rotterdam


4. Luchtpark

Once you arrive to the Hofbogen, don’t miss the Luchtpark, located on the roof of the Hofbogen! Its roof has also been renovated, and a part of it became a green area!

The roof of the Hofbogen is the longest roof in the Netherlands. The first section of the roof has been made into a park. For that reason, it makes it an amazing spot for photography, but also a nice place to chill out.

Please be aware: the Luchtpark is currently closed due to the government regulations. Keep an eye on their website for more information.


Luchtsingel, Rotterdam


5. Zwaanshals

Photo by @marionro.cks.

The Zwaanhals is a charming street, with many photo possibilities thanks to the mix of architecture and cute shop facades.

I like the atmosphere of the street, as it’s filled with nice boutiques. It will especially please vintage lovers, as you can find second-hand clothes, interior decoration and vinyls.


Zwaanshals, Rotterdam


6. Noordsingel

Photo by @marionro.cks.

Another photogenic spot is the Noordsingel. Here, you will find the former courthouse. A masterpiece of a building with an architectural style completely different from what can be seen in the city of Rotterdam. It has been built in 1899 in a neo-Renaissance style.

Noordsingel is also worth a visit for its beautiful street with a canal and historic houses. Moreover, the canal is bordered by weeping willow and is crossed by lovely bridges. For all those reasons, it is a good spot to wander and take pictures.


Noordsingel, Rotterdam


7. Spoorsingel

Photo by @marionro.cks.

When crossing the Central Station of Rotterdam, it’s surprising to see how much different it is from the area in front of the station. It’s completely the opposite.

On the front side you have busy streets with tall and modern buildings. But once behind the station, you completely forget that, and arrive in a calm street, with old houses with beautiful architecture with in the centre a canal.


Spoorsingel, Rotterdam


8. Proveniersstraat and Molenwaterweg crossing

Photo by @marionro.cks.

As I just mentioned, the northern part of the station is a lovely area. There is another hidden gem, located at a crossroads at the Proveniersstraat, which which is surrounded by very charming cafés and restaurants’ terraces.

In addition, the old classic Dutch architecture makes it a truly unmissable spot, and definitely a great spot for photography.


Proveniersstraat & Molenwaterweg, Rotterdam


9. Street art by Tymon De Laat

Photo by @marionro.cks.

The Noord of Rotterdam is home to beautiful street art, such as this one located in Oude Noorden in the Bergweg.

This impressive street art is named ‘Madre Tierra’ and has been created by Tymon De Laat.


Bergweg, Rotterdam


10. The square of Pijnacker plein

Photo by @marionro.cks.

Still in Oude Noorden, there is a true hidden gem. You will find it in a beautiful square, surrounded by characteristic 19th century buildings. There, you will also discover a notable structure in the centre of the square, an old bandstand from the last century.

This square is a great photography spot!


Pijnackerplein, Rotterdam


Have you already spotted all these photogenic spots in Rotterdam Noord? It is time to go and discover them. 

Do not hesitate to share your best photos of these spots with us! If you do, don’t forget to use #WeekendsinRotterdam. 


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