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15x Pet stores in Rotterdam

By Lisanne van Beurden
September 23, 2023

Animals are special. They are a best friend, a ‘child’, a lifesaver, a comfort during hard times and the one who always brings a smile to your face. Whether your pet has fur, feathers or scales or is completely bald, every animal deserves a comfortable and loving life.

Fortunately, you will find several pet stores in Rotterdam where you can buy the best food, products and accessories, so that you can give your four-legged friend, fluff ball, flying rainbow or clean swimmer the best care every day.

My obsession with animals (especially dogs, but all animals are cute and sweet) means that I have to point out each animal with a description in a high voice. As if the people around me have no eyes and don’t know what animals are, of course I have to prove that to them very clearly. That is why I am happy to write this article about pet shops in Rotterdam, so that everyone with a pet knows exactly where to go if they want to shop for their animals.


1. Pets Place

In Rotterdam West on Vierhavenstraat (the large street opposite the Keile area with an outdoor shopping center with XL stores) you will find Pets Place.

This is a gigantic branch where you can buy almost everything for your animal. From (special) food, collars, leashes, cages and accessories such as running wheels, decorations for a fishbowl to treats/sweets and chew toys.


Vierhavensstraat 101, 3029 BB Rotterdam


2. Dierenspeciaalzaak Blijdorp

There is an animal special on a corner on the Stadhoudersweg in Blijdorp, recognizable by the black facade. The shop window is always completely packed with products, so you know you’ve come to the right place if you are looking for a scratching post or cage. From Monday to Saturday you can find dog and cat food, accessories and products for rodents, birds, fish and horses.

You’ve also come to the right place if you are looking for items for hobbies that have to do with animals, such as fishing. And this pet shop will clip your rodent’s nails, if you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself.


Stadhoudersweg 84A, 86A, 3039 CH Rotterdam


3. Dierenspeciaalzaak Discus

This pet shop on Zwart Janstraat is not to be missed. The bright green facade screams nature. Pet shop Discus is centrally located in the Rotterdam Noord district and sells products for four-legged friends, fish, rodents and birds.

If you live in the area, it is possible to order online and your package will be delivered to your home for free.


Zwart Janstraat 79-81, 3035 AM Rotterdam


4. De Rimboe

De Rimboe is a pet shop located on West-Kruiskade, near Central Station. It is a small shop with a cheerful shop window, the store exudes ‘animal’. From Monday to Saturday you can buy anything and everything for your animal here and you can always contact the owner for advice about care and education.


West-Kruiskade 85, 3014 AN Rotterdam


5. Zaad- en Voederhandel Naturel

In Rotterdam West, just over the Mathenesserbrug (towards Schiedam), you will find Seed and Feed Trade Naturel. Not necessarily the most attractive pet shop, but you’ve come to the right place if you are looking for pet food.


Grote Visserijstraat 5-A, 3026 CA Rotterdam


6. Dierenspeciaalzaak Monria

Do you live in the Overschie area? Then Dierenspeciaalzaak Monria is the place where you do your animal shopping. This pet shop is open from Tuesday to Saturday and is recognizable by its green facade. Here you can buy houses for your rabbit, scratching posts for your cat or animal toys, among other things.


Duyvesteynstraat 5, 3042 BA Rotterdam


7. Faunaland Corry’s Pet

In Hillegersberg-Zuid, about a 10-minute walk from Monk Bouldergym and Rotterdam Noord Station, you will find the pet shop Faunaland Corry’s Pet on Bergpolderplein. This animal specialist has been open for a long time and sells everything you need for your loyal four-legged friend, rowdy cat or other cute pets. Corry’s Pet regularly has offers and promotions, which can be seen on the Facebook page.


Bergpolderplein 2-3, 3051 GA Rotterdam


8. Yardic

When you exit the Maastunnel, on the South (Charlois) side of De Maas, you will find the Yardic pet shop, a five minute bike ride away. This store is open seven days a week and has been around since 2005.

Yardic is a pet store where you not only shop for food, products and accessories for your best friend, but where you can also go to have your dog washed, if you need services from a veterinarian and where you can have medals engraved.


Wolphaertsbocht 43, 3082 AC Rotterdam


9. Rob’s Dierenshop

Past Charlois, in Slinge, you will find Rob’s Dierenshop. A – as they say – a huge fun pet shop! This pet shop is open seven days a week and even until 8:00 PM during the week. The store has been around for 25+ years and the owner and employees love to share their advice for your animal.


Slinge 550, 3086 EW Rotterdam


10. Dierenspeciaalzaak Pretoria

Pet shop Pretoria can be found in the Afrikaanderwijk in South Rotterdam, on Pretorialaan. Fish and bird lovers can buy everything they need for their sweet animal friends here, but owners of cats and rodents are also in the right place.

However, it is the unique fishbowl decorations that make this pet store special, you will not find them anywhere else. The aquarium sculptures are exclusively for sale at Dierenspeciaalzaak Pretoria and are based on pieces from the collection of Museum Boijmans van Beuningen.


Pretorialaan 22/24-A/26-A, 3072 EN Rotterdam


11. Vigor & Sage

Vigor & Sage is a trendy pet store that sells natural pet food. It is ‘delicious food with herbs’ for dogs and cats. The food is hypoallergenic, with functional herbs, ensures fresh breath and compact stools.

Vigor & Sage food is sold in pet stores throughout the Netherlands, but the head office is in Rotterdam Center on the Weena. On the website you can look up which pet stores in Rotterdam offer these products, but you can also order the food directly online. Free delivery from €15 and always free returns.


Weena 505, 3013 AL Rotterdam


12. Discus Wesdijk

Near the Spinozapark in South Rotterdam you will find a second Discus store: Wesdijk. Also recognizable by the green facade. In addition to products for all kinds of animals, you can buy everything here for fishing, such as fishing rods, reels, fishing lines, floats and more.


Molenvliet 125, 3076 CJ Rotterdam


13. Beestenspul

Animal stuff has been around for 40+ years and is a household name among animal lovers. It is an (online) store with many exclusive quality products for dogs, cats, rodents, horses and birds, among others.

In addition to products for animals and animal sports, Beestenspul also sells gift items. Think of: Christmas clothes and collars and Christmas toys for dogs and cats.


Tennisstraat 48, 3078 ZK Rotterdam


14. Big Dog Company

Big Dog Company is a pet store in Kralingen. Contrary to what the name would lead you to believe, they do not only sell products for dogs here. It is a specialty food store for dogs and cats.

It is possible to collect the frozen food, but Big Dog Company also delivers itself, you can have your order delivered to your home by a delivery service (useful if you do not live in Rotterdam). Not sure what to purchase? Then request customized nutritional advice for your dog or cat.


Oudedijk 229B, 3061 AG Rotterdam


15. Milan’s Dierenvoeding

In the Schiebroek district you will find Milan’s Dierenvoeding, a pet shop filled with (natural) food and natural products for dogs, cats, rodents, fish and birds.

This pet store works together with veterinarian Dr.Woof, this veterinarian comes to the store three times a year to vaccinate, chip and treat kennel cough for a friendly price. This is possible for dogs, cats and rabbits.


Peppelweg 17-19, 3053 GA Rotterdam


Do you have a sweet, loyal friend at home? Hopefully this list of pet stores in Rotterdam will be of some use to you. If you don’t already have a local store on speed dial, of course. Hopefully this makes it even easier to give your pet the love and care that you also receive from your animal. Here’s to many more beautiful days!

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