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My personal shopping experience at the Bijenkorf

By Olivia De Beukelaer
October 04, 2021

Ever been a little overwhelmed by the rails and rails of clothes on offer at the Bijenkorf in Rotterdam? Yep, me too.

But I always knew there would be a few treasures hidden among all these brands that I was missing out on. So when I came across the Bijenkorf’s personal shopping service, I thought it would be a great way to dive in and make sense of everything that’s on offer. Here’s how it turned out.


What is the personal shopping service at the Bijenkorf?

The Bijenkorf’s personal shopping experience is a free, no-obligation service. Based on your wants, size and style, a personal shopper will put together a selection of clothes for you to try on. They’ll then be on hand to give you advice and fetch alternatives.

This service is perfect for many different needs. You could be looking for an outfit for a special occasion, stepping up your work wardrobe after getting a new job, or looking for help with overhauling your entire style.

Personally, I was looking to add a few new key pieces to my wardrobe for both work and play. I was also keen to get new inspiration on styles, colours and fits that I hadn’t considered before.


First meeting with Personal Shopper Ron

Rotterdam Bijenkorf Personal Shopper Ron Weil

The Bijenkorf’s Personal Shopper Ron Weil.

The first step of the process is to contact the Bijenkorf. The Rotterdam Bijenkorf’s Personal Shopper, Ron Weil, will then get in touch with you. We had a short chat over the phone to discuss my expectations, before arranging a time to meet face to face.

Ron met me at the entrance of the Bijenkorf. He then led me to the personal shopping lounge – a quiet little haven tucked away at the back of the men’s department.

There, we chatted about my style, lifestyle, background and everything in between over a coffee. Simply by looking at the outfit I was wearing that day, Ron already almost perfectly identified my style. He also shared with me how he’s followed certain clients for years, as well as glamourous insights into his regular trips to Paris.

You can also choose to start looking at some clothes during this first meeting. But I preferred to wait for our next get-together, when I had a little more time on my hands.


Time to shop: My personal shopping session

Inside the Rotterdam Bijenkorf’s personal shopping lounge

The Rotterdam Bijenkorf’s personal shopping lounge.

When I returned for my shopping trip, Ron had already lined up around 15 pieces in my size. My very own candy shop, as he called it. As someone who can be difficult to shop for, I was pleasantly surprised at how many pieces I liked right away – and how many outfits I would never have picked for myself, but loved once I tried them on.

The session lasted just over 2 hours in total. During this time, I tried on a number of different clothing combinations, all in the relaxed atmosphere of the personal shopping lounge.

At the same time, Ron was on hand to review the outfits, return to the shop floor to find alternatives, and give me tips on how – and how not – to style certain pieces. He also brought along the tailor from next door, who could adjust any pieces that weren’t yet a perfect fit.

I ended up going for 3 pairs of trousers, 2 jumpers and a beautiful shirt. Although my mind still wonders back to a stunning jacket Ron included in his selection, but for which I hadn’t yet found a suitable occasion. My favourite buy? This cute deep purple jumper from ba&sh.

Jumper from designer ba&sh alongside a Bijenkorf shopping bag

Purchases from my personal shopping session.

Overall review: How did I find my personal shopping experience?

This was the first time I tried such a service. And I really enjoyed it. It helped me discover new designers, new outfit ideas, as well as general style advice. And I’m genuinely excited about the outfits I came away with.

I also found that Ron had a really balanced approach as a personal shopper. For one, he clearly has a lot of knowledge about the different trends, brands and designers. But he also made the whole experience very easy.

There were no forced or overbearing chats, but also no awkward silences. He gave me the space I needed, while sharing expert advice and honest opinions along the way. He was also keen that I always stay true to myself, even if that meant turning down suggestions he personally loved.

Bijenkorf Personal Shopper Ron Weil in the personal shopping lounge

Ron in the personal shopping lounge.


In addition, the whole experience was much more relaxing than a normal shopping trip. No having to browse through all the clothing rails, which can take as much physical as mental energy. No carrying piles of clothes around with you. No having to fully re-dress between every visit to the changing rooms.

One thing to remember of course, is that while this service is free, the Bijenkorf is not a cheap place to shop. So this is also something to take into consideration. As it will be difficult to come away from this personal shopping experience without having fallen in love with several items!


Want to try the personal shopping service at the Rotterdam Bijenkorf yourself? Email to get in touch with Ron.

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