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Time to dance: 16 great parties in Rotterdam

By Marcella van Bemmel
February 29, 2024

Can you feel it yet? Spring is coming! With the days getting longer and the sun showing up from time to time, everyone is re-energized and eager to get to the first festivals and other fun parties.

Dust yourself off (or not, whatever you feel like), put on your best dancing shoes and hit the road with your friends. It’s time to create unforgettable memories.

Add the events below to your agenda!

Be sure to also check out these great dance spots in Rotterdam.


1. MOMO Festival

Fotocredits: Niek Hage

From April 18 to 20, Rotterdam will be taken over by MOMO Festival! In top locations like Rotown, Worm, Roodkapje, Perron and the Arminius Church you can spend three days of live music, art, performances and tours of the city.

The lineup of Motel Mozaïque is bursting with both new talent and more familiar (inter)national names. Among others, Tom Skinner, Alida Dors, Canadian-Serbian Dana Gavanski and Turkish-Dutch artist Min Taka will fill the stages.

Practical information

Tickets: click here to buy tickets

Location: multiple locations

Date: April 18 – 20


2. Museumnacht 010

Fotograaf Aad Hoogendoorn

On Saturday, March 2, you have the unique opportunity to visit your favourite museums not during the day, but at night! During Museumnacht010, 35+ institutions including Kunsthal, TENT, de Huidenclub, Depot Boijmans van Beuningen and Kunstinstituut Melly will open their doors from 20:00 – 01:00.

A sizzling programme awaits, full of exhibitions, performances, workshops, taste explosions and more. Buy one ticket for Museum Night010, which allows you to visit all participating locations.

Buy your tickets for Museum Night010 here!

Practical information

Tickets: click here to buy tickets

Locations: various museums & art galleries

Date & time : Saturday March 2 – 20:00 – 01:00


3. Binnenstebuiten Fest – Mooie Boules x Jolly Booth

Photo’s by: Nunes dos Anjos – Photographer Hugo Brandwagt

After an unforgettable festival last September, Mooie Boules and Jolly Booth are joining forces once again. On Saturday, March 2, 2024, the roof will once again go off at the winter edition of Binnenste Buiten Fest! With a Silent Disco XXL with three music channels as well as a Speaker Stage, there will be as many as four different DJs at the helm simultaneously throughout the evening, so there is something for everyone.

What else can you expect from Binnenste Buiten Fest? A Karaoke Ball pit, Petanque, a Photobooth caravan, Beer pong, Jenga and a whole bunch of other games, a Foodcourt & Cocktail bar and a lot more.

Practical information

Tickets: click here to buy tickets

Location: Mooie Boules Rotterdam – Vijverhofstraat 45, 3032 SB Rotterdam

Date & time: Date & time : Saturday March 2 – 15:00 – 23:00


4. Radio Tornado – Club Centraal

On Friday, March 22, Radio Tornado takes over Club Central again, inviting Berlin collective Disco Noir, residents of Bulbul (former Kreuzberg club Farbfernseher). Disco Noir is known for their dark take on the italodisco genre. Radio Tornado hosts the evening and makes sure the limoncello is ice and ice cold!

Following the familiar recipe, the evening begins with Caribbean and African music and slowly moves into Italo-disco and Chicago house. Also, don’t be surprised if you hear Japanese Citypop or when the synthesizer legends of Kraftwerk make their appearance. Danceable music from all over the world to vibes all night long!

Before the start of the club night, the 2018 documentary Italo Disco Legacy will be screened. The documentary zooms in on the history and development of the Italo Disco genre over the years. Prepare for nostalgic Italo 80s footage and an arsenal of eccentrics. Among others, local hero David Vunk and Intergalactic FM boss I-F are featured in the docu.

Practical information

Tickets: click here to buy tickets

Location: Club Centraal – Westersingel 50a, 3014 GV Rotterdam

Date & time: Friday March 22 – 23:00 – 06:00


5. Glow in the Dark – Maassilo

Foto door Iris van den Broek.

Fans of techno and covering yourself in paint should be at the Maassilo on Saturday, March 30, for the Easter Special of Glow in the Dark. Expect house, tech-house and techno DJs in a beautifully decorated Maassilo and even more beautifully dressed up dancers and acts to entertain you all night long.

Put on your best fluorescent outfit, paint yourself with glow in the dark paint and dance all day to the best beats.

Practical information

Tickets: click here to buy tickets

Location: Maassilo Rotterdam – Maashaven Zuidzijde 1–2, Rotterdam

Date & time: Saturday March 30 – 14:00 – 23:00


6. Yardbird Festival – TR Schouwburg

Fotocredits: Valerie van Vugt

Not finished partying yet after Glow in the Dark? Then you can go straight to the Schouwburg Rotterdam, where Yardbird Festival will keep the party going until 04:00.

Join us on a nocturnal adventure where the boundaries between (live) music, art, dance and performance are blurred. A unique opportunity to discover Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg in all its glory after closing time!

Practical information

Tickets: click here to buy tickets

Location: Schouwburg Rotterdam – Schouwburgplein 25, 3012 CL Rotterdam

Date & time: Saturday March 30 – 23:00 – 04:00


7. Herr Zimmerman – Club Reverse

For true techno lovers, Herr Zimmerman will not be an unfamiliar name. Herr Zimmerman is a party katze from outer space, famous for his great techno parties and a wild variety of partygoers from all over the world.

Herr Zimmerman party katze has built quite a reputation in the Rotterdam underground nightlife scene over the past 17.5 years. With rock-hard names like Fraulein Z, Rakkatack and Tanzman, Herr Zimmerman’s parties are always exuberant and you can go crazy all night long.

Practical information

Tickets: click here to buy tickets

Location: Club Reverse – Schiestraat 40, 3013 AH Rotterdam

Date & time: Saturday April 6 – 23:00 – 05:00


8. Kingsday – different festivals

On Saturday, April 27, we celebrate the birthday of our Dutch King! Throughout the city there are various markets, live music performances and fun things to do. A day strolling through Rotterdam is therefore already a big party, but for those who prefer a festival there are also more than enough options.

With among others Oranjebitter at Roel Langerakpark, Kroonjuweel Festival at Keile District, Kingsland festival at Zuiderpark, Kralingse Bos festival at Kralingse Bos and Sweetkingsday Festival at Spinozapark, there is a nice King’s Day festival for everyone to find in Rotterdam.

Practical information

Location: Different locations

Date: Saturday April 27


9. Basshall – Club Sahara

On Friday, May 3, things will get hot again at Club Sahara. Basshall is a cultural movement that unites different influences through music. This dynamic fusion, a rhythmic composition of Dancehall, Afro, Hip-Hop, Latin and more, creates an experience beyond the ordinary party vibe. Join the movement; where they break boundaries and cultures come together on the dance floor.

Practical information

Tickets: click here to buy tickets

Location: Club Sahara – Schiestraat 18, 3013 AH Rotterdam

Date & time: Friday May 3 – 23:00 – 04:00


10. Bevrijdingsfestival

On Sunday, May 5, we celebrate our freedom in Het Park near the Euromast. During this free event for young and old you will enjoy performances by different artists on three stages, but there are also other special activities to do.

For example, engage in conversation with veterans during the veterans speed dating programme. Or discover different NGOs working for a better world. A special day, for a special event in our history.

Practical information

Tickets: no tickets required, free admission

Location: Het Park – Baden Powelllaan 2, 3016 GJ Rotterdam

Date & time: Sunday May 5 – 12:30 – 23:00


11. Festival TREK – Vroesenpark

For all foodies among us, TREK is probably the festival you have been looking forward to all winter. From May 9 to 12, various food and beverage trucks descend on the Vroesenpark, serving up the most delicious snacks and drinks.

During TREK the park will be transformed into a culinary mecca for four days, where everything revolves around good food, drinks, music and theater. Besides eating and drinking, you can also watch performances and shows, and every evening you can dance in the Silent Disco at De Tropische Vogelkooi!

Practical information

Tickets: no tickets required, free admission

Location: Vroesenpark – Stadhoudersweg 181, 3039 MC Rotterdam

Date & time: May 9 to 12 – Thurday – Saturday 14:00 – 23:00, Sunday 14:00 – 21:30


12. Toffler festival

Toffler festival kicks off the festival season on May 25, where technolovers can dance all day in the Roel Langerakpark. With big names like Len Faki, Benny Rodrigues and Michel de Hey, it is guaranteed to be a smashing party that you can hear all over town.

Practical information

Tickets: click here to buy tickets

Location: Roel Langerakpark – Roel Langerakweg 25B, 3041 JK Rotterdam

Date & time: Saturday May 25 – 12:00 – 23:00


13. Vroeg Pieken – Annabel

Do you love to party, but don’t necessarily need to make it through the night anymore? Then Annabel has the perfect event on the agenda: Vroeg Pieken! At Vroeg Pieken the party starts at 20:00 and (if you don’t go somewhere else afterwards) you will be back in bed at midnight, so you will be fresh and fruity the next day! Ideal for the 30+ people among us.

Also fun: you can decide which songs will be played at Vroeg Pieken. Not by requesting (shouting) them to the DJ on the night itself, but by easily submitting your favourite tracks via this page.

Practical information

Tickets: click here to buy tickets

Location: Annabel – Schiestraat 20, 3013 AH Rotterdam

Date & time: different dates


14. Ferry

Foto door Roffa Archive.

At Ferry you are welcome for an LGBTQ+ night out, full of great music, a warm and fun atmosphere and the company of great people.

Our blogger Masha previously wrote about parties on Mondays at Ferry. Unlike many clubs in the Netherlands, the bar is also open on Mondays for their weekly drag show Manic Monday. Every week, fabulous queens perform live on Ferry’s stage, showcasing their talents through mesmerizing dance and song.

In addition, there are many other fun parties on the agenda at Ferry during the weekend!

Practical information

Tickets: click here to buy tickets (most of the time the entrance is free!

Location: Ferry – Westblaak 127, 3012 KJ Rotterdam

Date: different dates – there are parties every week


15. Now & Wow

Foto door Roffa Archive.

Now & Wow is located in a former silo building. With ceilings 40 meters high, Now & Wow consists of a main room where they remix popular hits, and two smaller rooms with genre music.

Several cool parties are held every weekend at Now & Wow, check out their website for all the events!

Practical information

Tickets: click here to see all events and buy tickets

Location: Maassilo – Maashaven Zuidzijde 1, 3081 AE Rotterdam

Date: different dates – there are parties every week


16. Perron

Perron is Rotterdam’s one and only real techno bunker. Inside you have no idea what time it is, but that doesn’t matter at all.

Every weekend there is a party going on here. Check out their scheduled events and find your fave!

Practical information

Tickets: click here to see all events and buy tickets

Location: Perron – Schiestraat 42, 3013 AH Rotterdam

Date: different dates – there are parties every week


Those were all the cool parties and festivals in Rotterdam for March, April and May. Which dance floor are you going to hit?

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