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Discover padel courts in and around Rotterdam

By Kim Longwood
October 06, 2022

Padel has become an integral part of the casual sports world. Many Rotterdammers take out their rackets on a weekly basis for this cross between tennis and squash.

A few years ago you still had to look for a padel court, but nowadays the locations are slapping you in the face. Or is it the ‘padelers’ who serve up the balls with a mean punch? In any case, you can find the fanatics at the padel courts in Rotterdam mentioned below.


1. Padelclub Rotterdam Feyenoord

Padelclub Rotterdam has several locations. You will find three of the locations in Rotterdam and one in Vlaardingen. Location Feyenoord of the Padelclub is worth a visit because of its location in an industrial factory building. Sport and industry come together flawlessly here.


Korte Stadionweg 109, 3077 ME Rotterdam


2. Padelclub Rotterdam Victoria

Padelclub Victoria is the outdoor location of Padelclub Rotterdam. Multi sports park Victoria is located in Kralingen and has three padel courts. This padel court has been active since 2016 and is very popular.


Kralingseweg 226, 3062 CG Rotterdam


3. Padelclub Rotterdam Terbregge

Do you live on the edge of the Kralingese plas, in Hillegersberg or Ommoord? Then you can easily reach Padelclub Terbregge, the third Rotterdam location of Padelclub Rotterdam. This location is located in an old tennis stadium and has four padel courts.


Ommoordseweg 34, 3056 JP Rotterdam


4. Padel-Only Academy

At Padel-Only Academy you participate in a padel lesson, clinics or an activity in the Rotterdam (and Breda) area. The lessons have been specially developed to create more complete and better padel players. You can follow weekly lessons in a fixed group, on a fixed day and at a fixed time.


Heemskerkstraat 3b02, 3038 VB Rotterdam


5. Club Padel Rotterdam

Students get a 20% discount at Club Padel Rotterdam during off-peak hours, how nice is that? Go for a budget padel game with your friends, before ya’ll open up the chilled beers. Are you ready to rumble?


Rivium 3e Straat 7, 2909 LH Capelle aan den IJssel


6. Padelclub Blijdorp

Padelclub Blijdorp has yet to be opened. It will be the largest outdoor padel club in all of Rotterdam. You will soon be able to play padel in Sportpark Blijdorp on the edge of the Vroesenpark, but you can also play tennis, go boxing and work out here.


Vroesenpad 1, 3039 MC Rotterdam


7. Sportplaza Zuiderpark/Feyenoord

Sportplaza Zuiderpark is a public sports field with free access to open-air sports accommodations. You will find here, among other things, four tennis courts, two football fields, two padel courts, a handball field and a basketball court.

As of June 1, 2022, this location is called Sportplaza Feyenoord. This is the epicentre of social activities and projects in the Charlois district.


Oldegaarde 21, 3084 AA Rotterdam


8. Brasserie L’Oeuf

For these padel courts you have to go to Capelle aan den IJssel, but it is more than worth it!

At Brasserie L’Oeuf they have six padel courts. These are all outside and there is lighting. Prefer to play tennis? That’s possible here too! They have six clay courts and six artificial grass courts.

Got hungry after a game of padel or tennis? Then take a seat in the brasserie. Here you can enjoy lunch, dinner and various bites, such as nachos and shrimp croquettes. This way you can recharge after the game of padel!


Groenedijk 48, 2904 LB Capelle aan den IJssel


9. Padelclub 7

The name says it all… this padel club is located just outside Rotterdam, in Zevenhuizen. Padelclub 7 is part of Lake Seven, a gigantic sports area on the water. The location alone is worth hitting a padel ball for. Fresh air guaranteed!


Strandweg 23, 2761 DM Zevenhuizen


10. Racket Sport Schiedam

Indoors or out, rent a court now and then or play padel with a membership. Schiedam has got you covered. At Racket Sport Schiedam you can paddle on colourful (indoor) courts that come straight from a 90s series. Saved by the bell? More like saved by the padel.


Zoomweg 4, 3123 EP Schiedam


11. Padelife

At Padelife in Bleiswijk you can paddle all day ánd night. And during Easter, Pentecost, Christmas ánd on New Year’s Day. Why? No idea. But you can. This padel court is open 24/7.


Kooilaan 1a, 2665 KR Bleiswijk

Have you gone and hit a padel-ball yet? If not, grab those friends of yours and take them out for a nice game of sweating your asses off. There are enough padel courts to go to, so what’s holding you back?

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