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Buiten sporten in Rotterdam doe je bij The Social Club! Met een prachtig uitzicht over de Maas werk je hier in een groep aan een sterk en gezond lichaam.

5x The best outdoor training classes in Rotterdam

By Vladana Vulevic
March 27, 2021

The gyms may be closed, but these Rotterdam entrepreneurs haven’t given up and have come up with creative ways to keep moving. And with the start of spring and the sun shining in all its glory, there’s really no excuse left to stay on your couch.

So, pull out your yoga mat or boxing gloves and let’s get moving!


1. The Social Sportsclub – Erasmusbrug

Buiten sporten in Rotterdam doe je bij The Social Club! Met een prachtig uitzicht over de Maas werk je hier in een groep aan een sterk en gezond lichaam.

Training and socializing; that is the motto of The Social Sportsclub. A place where people come together to exercise and get to know others. Something that is not always easy, especially in these times. Founder Alon Nativ lost his job in the hospitality industry last year, but his passion for people and sports gave him this idea. With the drive to make the world a healthier place in times of sitting indoors, the concept of an outdoor gym arose. The Social was born.

At The Social you train in groups of a maximum of 12 people (of course at an appropriate distance) and you work on fitness and strength in the form of circuit training, bootcamp and HIIT. The great location at the foot of the Erasmus Bridge and the positivity of Alon ensure that you walk away full of energy and with a smile on your face.

Want to relax after exercising? The men of Ketelbinkie serve their barista coffees every weekend to provide you with a cup of energy (including discount for members).

A single class costs € 10 and a subscription (10 lessons) costs € 85. Sign up for a (free) trial class via Instagram DM. As soon as the rules allow it, The Social will also expand with boxing classes, so keep an eye on the socials!


2. LouZen Yoga & Booty – Vroesenpark

Voor een lesje yoga in Rotterdam moet je bij LouZen zijn! Lekker buiten tot jezelf komen terwijl je werkt aan je lichaam.

For a nice lesson (power) yoga you have to go to Malou Zuur – also known as LouZen (Lou as short for Malou and Zen because that is what you will be after yoga). This primary school teacher and ski & snowboard teacher (Malou does not like to sit still) her goal is to let people experience the value of yoga and to support them in this demanding society. Especially in times like these it is nice to completely empty your head while standing on your bare feet with the sun on your face in the Vroesenpark. After a yoga class from Malou you are so energetic and charged that when you close your eyes, you even feel like you are in a Bali.

Do you want to alternate yoga classes with a spicy booty burner? No problem! Malou has started with Peachy Bum classes (on Monday evening) and Power Yoga (on Tuesday evening). Depending on the weather and the enthusiasm for the lessons, the (weekend) schedule will be expanded.

All communication is via Instagram and the class is canceled in bad weather. You can register for a lesson via DM. A single class costs € 10 and a subscription (5 lessons) € 47.50 and (10 lessons) € 90 (valid for 3 months and can be used for both classes).


3. The Walk by WOD Culture Club – City center

Een uniek concept in Rotterdam dat buiten sporten nóg leuker maakt. Bij The Walk beweeg je door heel de stad en zie je de tofste plekken.

In November, Steve Riddm opened the underground pop-up gym in the club basement of Fontein. Since all clubs are empty, he came up with the idea to use this space for something else and in this way combine his two passions (crossfit and music). Unfortunately for a short period of time, as the new measures forced him to close the doors. Fortunately, The Walk replaced it!

This unique city walk has become a true concept in Rotterdam with challenging workouts along the way. During this city walk you walk (in pairs) past a number of real Rotterdam icons and you perform the workouts at various stations. At each station you will be met by a trainer with dumbells and kettlebells and guided through the execution of the exercises.

And there is more! At the stations, headphones from the Silent Rave are ready, so that you get the real experience! The total walk takes a maximum of 2 hours and ends again at The Culture Club.

The walks vary per week and are therefore announced weekly via Instagram. A single class costs € 9.50 and registration is done via the website.


4. LUCIE with the six punches – Weena 103

Op zoek naar een uitlaatklep maar tegelijkertijd een training die je motiveert en waarmee je resultaten boekt? Zoek dan niet verder en probeer een les bij LUCIE with the six punches

Looking for an outlet but at the same time a training that motivates you and with which you achieve results? Then look no further! At LUCIE with the six punches you can leave the daily hectic behind for a while, while you are punching your frustrations out!

Founders Errol and Bas met about 10 years ago at the Marine Corps – both looking for a physical and mental challenge and the desire to see a lot of the world. They turned out to have many similarities and with an iron discipline and great perseverance they opened the first Boutique Boxing Gym in Rotterdam. The way Defense operates across borders, that is exactly what they do at LUCIE; pushing limits!

LUCIE offers HIIT training sessions in the parking lot behind the Schiestraat, based on the boxing discipline in which you train together (without physical contact) for 50 minutes using the Six Punches formula.

A single group lesson costs € 15. First timer? Then you pay € 8. Lucie offers various credit packages and subscriptions. Check the website for all info.


5. Workoutclub – Rooftop Wijnbar Janssen en van Dijk

Het uiterste uit jezelf halen doe je bij de Workoutclub. Inclusief een fantastisch uitzicht over Rotterdam natuurlijk.

Do you want to get the most out of yourself in a way that feels good, but is a HITT training not for you? Then you’ve come to the right place! The Workoutclub always looks at what suits you best and inspires and motivates without drilling. Small Group training with a personal approach, the right exercises and strength/cardio combinations ensure the desired result. Train with equipment and kettlebells in a calm but effective way with an extensive schedule, including classes at 7 am for the early risers.

And that’s not all! At the Workoutclub you train at the highest level with a view over the entire city. Training on the rooftop of Wijnbar Janssen en van Dijk while enjoying the best view of Rotterdam. The Workoutclub gets the most out of you and the training!

At the Workoutclub you train unlimited for € 85 per month. A subscription (5 lessons) costs € 60 and (10 lessons) € 150 (both valid for 3 months). It is also possible to book a class via Onefit and Classpass!


What are you waiting for? Book a class at one of these Rotterdam initiatives and put that body to work!

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