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4x Outdoor sports to hold on to the holiday feeling

By Lisanne van Beurden
August 29, 2022

Do you want to hold on to that holiday feeling and get in shape? Then practice an outdoor sport in Rotterdam. When you think of holidays, you think of sun, sea, beach and good food, but also to trying new things.

Think of spending time in nature, practicing water sports, having fun with friends and having some me-time. In collaboration with OneFit, I share four fun outdoor sports in Rotterdam below. In return you get a good dose of vitamin D, a relaxed feeling and less stress!


1. Game of padel with friends

Padel is the fastest growing sport in the Netherlands. The racket sport has come over from Spain where it is the second largest sport after football.

Padel can be described as a mix of tennis and squash and is accessible and easy to learn. Also ideal if you’ve never held a racket in your hands before. So sign up with your friends and immerse yourself in that Spanish holiday feeling.


2. Surf like you would in the Portuguese sea

Have you always wanted to learn to surf or take the skills you acquired on holiday to the next level? This is possible on the coast of Hoek van Holland. Here you’ll find a sustainable surf school and meeting place for surfers, nature lovers and people who want to live honestly and consciously.

After a wonderful surf session, rinse off the seawater with heated water and enjoy the tastiest bowls and drinks on the terrace.


3. SUP through the waters

Photo by David Stegenga Fotografie.

SUP, or stand-up paddling, is the perfect full-body workout on the water. SUP is both cardio and strength training and the sessions are the perfect opportunity to get closer to nature and relax.

While you are working on the ultimate combination of a workout and relaxation, the rippling water reminds you of the calm sea of the bays of Ibiza. All gear, of the best quality, is in the SUP 2 GO box. Can’t get more summers than this, right?


4. Play a game of soccer

A game of soccer with friends on an Italian square, isn’t that the ultimate holiday feeling? Nowadays you can do this in the heart of Rotterdam.

You play in teams of five against five or eight against eight and the matches last twice 25 minutes. Everything is arranged, all you need to bring are sportswear and suitable shoes.


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