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New Hotspot Vegitalian: Enjoy the vegetarian Mediterranean cuisine

By Lisanne van Beurden
June 11, 2024

Are you looking for a great new restaurant in Rotterdam? Then the new hotspot Vegitalian is recommended. Where the entrance to Tech Noir used to be, there is now an all-day restaurant with a sunny terrace. From June 12 you can go here for coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between.

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Never Ending Food Festa

The Vegitalian concept is inspired by vegetarian Mediterranean cuisine. Everything is prepared with high-quality, fresh ingredients and as much local and/or sustainable as possible. From Neapolitan pizzas and sandwiches, vegan pastries and richly filled pastas to colorful salads, organic wines and cocktails.

For people who cannot choose and want to taste everything and share it with friends, there is also a choice of ‘shareables’. Think of ricotta gnocchi, eggplant ravioli and burrata with roasted asparagus. With the best flour from Italy, Vegitalian takes its dough to the next level. The pizzaiolos make the dough fresh on location every day and let it rise for 24-48 hours before serving the tastiest pizzas and Neapolitan sandwiches.


Foto door Athena Gronti.


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Now also in Rotterdam

With two restaurants in Utrecht and one in Amsterdam, it is now time for Rotterdam. Co-owner Sippien Baarsma says: “We are looking forward to doing business in Rotterdam and are convinced that Vegitalian fits well with the plans and developments of the city. The beautiful building on the Schiedamse Vest is a prime location to welcome everyone. What we find important is to inspire our guests to eat healthier and thus contribute to a healthier planet and themselves.”


Perfect date/drinks spot

In addition to being a restaurant, Vegitalian is the perfect spot for dates and drinks. The drinks menu includes carefully selected organic (natural) wines, Italian spritzers, cocktails and a wide choice of non-alcoholic options. Take a seat at the bar or on the terrace, where you can enjoy delicious cocktails such as Amaretto Sour, Negroni di casa or Espresso Martini. In addition to regular suppliers, Vegitalian works with local entrepreneurs. The menu includes beers from Cape brewers, Bobby’s Gin and bread from Harvest Café & Bakery.


Foto door Max den Hartog.


Colourful Italian vintage vibes

The interior of Vegitalian Rotterdam is a mix between colourful and modern, combined with Italian vintage elements. The building is characterized by its high ceilings, raw look & feel and beautiful light.

The details are in the green marble tiles, the antique wooden doors and not to mention the vintage furniture that has been carefully chosen for this location. To create a warm atmosphere, the colours red and pink are often used in the tiles of the open kitchen, the upholstery of the chairs and cushions and the lamps.

What makes this establishment extra authentic is the art of Rotterdam talents on the walls. Illustrator Xaviera Altena kicks off the opening month and her work can be admired until the end of July.


Foto door Athena Gronti.


Make an impact

The vegetarian-inspired Vegitalian was created by Sippien Baarsma and Wichert van Rijn (both known for The Streetfood Club Breda/Utrecht, Carmel Market, Rum Club and Ruby Rose) and Joep van den Bersselaar (also a well-known catering entrepreneur in Utrecht) .

In 2020, Vegitalian opened its doors for the first time in the centre of Utrecht, quickly followed by the pizza bar, Vegitalian Deli and catering. After the success in Utrecht, Vegitalian opened its doors on Bilderdijkstraat in Amsterdam in October 2023. The fourth branch at Schiedamse Vest in Rotterdam will open on June 12. The ambition is to expand in the coming years with the mission to make an impact and inspire as many people as possible to eat vegetarian or plant-based (more often).


Will you visit Vegitalian soon?

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