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12 New Year’s Eve parties in Rotterdam

By Julia Den Outer
November 29, 2022

It’s almost 2023 (!) and we can finally celebrate it big again. Enough reason to read this article with the coolest New Year’s Eve parties in Rotterdam. Whether you like techno, r&b, house or hip-hop; there’s a party for everyone! One thing is certain: we are going into the new year with a bang.

Please note: the tickets go fast, which means that the prices below may differ or have become more expensive.


1. Wild, Wilder, Weelde!

As we are used to from them, Weelde takes goes big again! At Wild, Wilder, Weelde you can go crazy in one of the many rooms. They invite the coolest DJs, so you don’t have to worry about the music. From 10 o’clock in the evening on New Year’s Eve to 8 o’clock in the morning on New Year’s Day, this party will keep you going for a while! The Early Bird and Regular Bird tickets are already sold out, so buy a ticket quickly if you want to be there.

Buy your tickets for Weelde now.

Late Bird ticket: €46.00 + €1.00 service charge.


2. Nhow Year’s Eve Midnight Party

At Nhow you can close the year in a very special way! Book a room during New Year’s Eve at Nhow and enjoy the best view of the National Fireworks. Afterwards you can dance the night away in the hotel during the Nhow Year’s Eve Midnight Party, before falling into bed.

Check out the details for Nhow Year’s Eve now.


3. New Year’s Eve – Perron

The New Year’s Eve party in Perron starts at 11:00, so you’ll dance in the dark cellar into 2023. Together with Stranger and a room hosted by Bound45 you will start the new year off right.

Buy your tickets for Perron now.

Before 00:00 inside: €20.00 + €1.50 service costs.

After 00:00 inside: €30.00 + €1.50 service costs.


4. Better Together – BIRD

At BIRD you can enjoy “groovy Hiphop, RnB and POP tunes to the warmest Afro, House and Disco” during New Year’s Eve in no less than three halls. Rewind to music from the past to the present with BIRD. The early BIRD tickets are currently already sold out, but if you’re quick you can still buy the normal pre-sale tickets!

Buy your BIRD tickets now.

Very Early BIRD: €30.00 + €2.00 Service costs.


5. Let’s Go – NEW YEARS SPECIAL – Now&Wow Club

The Now&Wow Club is a super cool room on the 10th floor of the Maassilo. With a view of the Rotterdam skyline, you will certainly start 2023 in a special way. Expect house and techno music from national DJs.

Buy your Now&Wow tickets now.

Early Bird ticket: €20.00 + €2.50 Service costs.

Normal ticket: €25.00 + €2.50 Service costs.


6. Oud & nieuw in Annabel

Good old new years eve in Annabel. Here you dance into 2023 with the best hip-hop, r&b and hits. Buy an “early peak” ticket for only €20. Then you have to be in before 12 o’clock.

Buy your tickets for Annabel now.

Early peaks – be in before midnight: €20.00 + €1.50 Service costs.
Early : €25.00+ €1.50 Service costs.
Regular: €30.00+ €1.50 Service costs.
Late: €40.00+ €1.50 Service costs.


7. Toffler NYE 2023 (12HR Rave)

For all our techno butterflies there will be another grand party in Toffler this year. You can party here for 12 hours until 1 in the afternoon. The line-up includes Benny Rodrigues, Michel de Hey, Anderdox and Chris Stussy.

Buy your Toffler tickets now.

Regular ticket: €36.50 + €2.50 service costs.

Late ticket: €39.50 + €2.50 service costs.


8. TIKTAK New Years Eve – Maassilo

At Tiktak you are provided non-stop with hits with well-known artists such as Antoon, Bilal Wahib and Kris Kross Amsterdam. TIKTAK is one of the biggest New Year’s Eve parties in Rotterdam. Is it something for you? Then be quick, because the Early Bird tickets are already sold out!

Buy your tickets for TIKTAK now, check all the details on their website.


9. Poing XXL: New Years – Poing Club

You will start the new year with a bang at Poing. Continue dancing in 2023, the party lasts until 6 p.m. the next day. You can also arrive in the morning with a separate ticket. During this party, a new space will be unveiled in addition to the other 3 rooms. So enough time and places to dance!

Buy tickets now via Poing.

Standard: €29 + €1 service charge.

Late Release: €34 + €1 Service costs.

Morning Ticket: €17,- +€1,- Service costs.


10. New Tears – WORM

Start the new year crying with happiness at WORM. As you are used to from WORM, the program is very diverse: from live bands and ambient sets to works of art and VJs. Expect electronic DJ sets to guide you into 2023. For the first time ever, all 6 halls are open, so enough to get lost. The pre-sale tickets for 17 euros are still on sale so be quick.

Buy tickets now via WORM.


11. Olieboulen NYE – Mooie Boules

At Mooie Boules you never have to be bored, so it’s the perfect place for New Year’s Eve. During this all-inclusive party (yes you read that right, everything included) you can go crazy on hits and sing ABBA hits at the karaoke room. Also pretty nice: you start early here with a buffet and dance into the night.

Buy tickets now via Mooie Boules.

Early Birds: €65.

Regular: €75.


12. Super Rich Kids – NYE – MUNCH

At MUNCH you can go outside at 12 o’clock to check out the National Fireworks. Expect a classy party with r&b hits and danceable house. At MUNCH you can start partying at 9 am and cheers to the new year there.

Buy tickets now through MUNCH.

Early Night, entrance between 21.00-22.00: € 27.50 + € 1.00 Service costs.

Late Night, entrance between 10:00 PM and 11:45 PM: € 39.50 + € 1.00 service charge.

After midnight, entrance between 00.15-02.00: € 49.50 + € 1.00 Service costs.


And that was me! With these parties you have enough inspiration for a successful New Year’s Eve in Rotterdam! Did we miss some cool parties in Rotterdam? Let us know :). Whatever parties you go to, you will in any case already be celebrating in the most beautiful city in the Netherlands. Happy new year in advance!


That was it! Did we forget some cool New Years eve parties in Rotterdam? Let us know :). And remember, no matter what party you decide to go to, you’re already celebrating in the most beautiful city of the Netherlands. Happy New Year!

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