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New in Town: 50 new hotspots in Rotterdam

By Lisanne van Beurden
February 22, 2024

Of course you like to stay informed about all the new hotspots in Rotterdam, so we always keep this list up to date. Below you can read about new places that you can already visit, but also places that will open their doors soon (write it down in your agenda)!

Read on for new restaurants, hotels, shops and clubs in Rotterdam.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. For more information please check our Disclaimer page.


1. Madame Saigon

On March 1, authentic Vietnamese restaurant Madame Saigon will open its doors in a side street of the Witte de Withstraat. The interior of the restaurant is to die for and the dishes of Vietnamese cuisine are finger-licking good.

The menu at this family-run restaurant features dishes prepared according to well-kept family recipes. Madame Saigon serves authentic Vietnamese food prepared with love. From starters like spring rolls and Vietnamese baguette to main dishes like Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) and delicious rice dishes to share.


Schiedamse Vest 56, 3011 BD Rotterdam


2. O’Pazzo Schouwburgplein

Lovers of Italian cuisine will probably know O’Pazzo on Mariniersweg. Since 1999, pizza after pizza has been baked here in the imposing stone oven in the middle of the establishment. For fans there is good news, because on February 8 the all-day Italian opened a second branch right in the center at Schouwburgplein!

In a new, contemporary look, but still with the same Italian hospitality as you have come to expect from O’Pazzo. On the menu you find the well-known classics like the Pizza O’Pazzo, Valpolicella, Tiramisu, Negroni and much more. Just in the mood for an Italian espresso or a delicious Negroni? More than welcome! Drink it at the bar, like a true Neapolitan.


Karel Doormanstraat 34, 3012 GJ Rotterdam


3. Station Bergweg

Photocredits: Michèle Margot

Since mid-January, Rotterdam has gained a new foodhall! And at a very special location, in the former station on the Bergweg in Rotterdam North. Station Bergweg is a collective of 12 well-known catering entrepreneurs, who together have now created a vibrant establishment.

With among others Le Petitjean, Bar Pekel, Stooges Diner, Eurobrouwers, Chez Jan and Guerrillah Tacos there is something for everyone and it is the perfect place for a nice lunch, drinks or dinner. Station Bergweg is open from noon to 11 p.m. on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, and on Fridays and Saturdays even until midnight, so this is also the place to be for (the start of) your night out.


Bergweg 335, 3037 EP Rotterdam


4. Café Restaurant Erasmus

Since December, the iconic semicircular building on Coolsingel that used to house Buvette and later Floryn has a new purpose! Café Restaurant Erasmus has the appearance of a grand café thanks to the large windows and the use of natural colors and materials, creating an approachable and serene atmosphere.

You can go to Erasmus for coffee, breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner. Besides grand café classics such as a 12-hour, Ceasar salad, boeuf Bourguignon and the Erasmus burger, there are also more refined dishes on the menu, such as a tuna tartare, dorado fillet and oysters.

With 17 beers on tap and more than 25 canned or bottled beers, there is something for every beer drinker and wine lovers will also enjoy themselves at Erasmus. Enough choice and with the large terrace on the Coolsingel it is also a good place to be in the summer.


Coolsingel 104, 3011 AG Rotterdam


5. Pizza Beppe

At the end of December, Pizza Beppe opened its doors in Rotterdam at 52 Westewagenstraat, in the side street near Dudok. After already 13 locations in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Hilversum, among others, pizza lovers can now also enjoy “the real Neapolitan pizzas” in Rotterdam.

Pizza Beppe is a “fast casual dining” restaurant where culture, music, lifestyle and food come together and no concessions are made to the quality of ingredients.

In addition to a menu full of classics (the Margherita, the Capricciosa and the 4 Formaggi), the restaurant also has a vegan pizza selection. And, of course, the famous homemade Tiramisu is also served.


Westewagenstraat 52, 3011 AT Rotterdam


6. Duke of Tokyo

On December 16, the third location of karaoke bar Duke of Tokyo opened at Hofplein in Rotterdam. After the success of the previously opened locations in Amsterdam and Utrecht, it is time to introduce Rotterdam to a 3.0 version of the well-known karaoke concept.

Besides singing in eight private karaoke rooms and sipping on the tastiest cocktails, the food in the accompanying restaurant ‘Izakaya DUKI’ will make your evening complete. Imagine yourself in a world full of neon, murals, light boards and 3D art inspired by the world’s coolest city: Tokyo.


Hofplein 19, 3032 AC Rotterdam


7. Izakaya Duki

On December 29, Izakaya DUKI opened its doors on Rotterdam’s Hofplein. The restaurant is part of the recently opened karaoke bar Duke of Tokyo. When visiting both the karaoke bar and Izakaya DUKI, visitors will immerse themselves completely in Japanese atmospheres.

The brand new restaurant is “hidden” in the bar and accessible through a door of supermarket 7Eleven. Through this door you enter the cozy izakaya and step straight from Rotterdam into a completely different world. The menu features homemade dishes prepared according to traditional Japanese recipe, sake, beers and, of course, signature cocktails.


Hofplein 19, 3032 AC Rotterdam


8. Gieterij ‘t Swaentje

Do you prefer cozy old brown pub atmosphere? Then Gieterij ‘t Swaentje is probably the best choice for you for drinks in Rotterdam. The building on the corner of Zwaanshals had been vacant for a while, but has been restored to its former glory by the new owners. The authentic details of the pub have been preserved, and reopened under the (self-styled) term Gieterij.

At ‘t Swaentje you can hang out at the bar with your favorite drink until the wee hours, and parties are organized regularly. Are you looking for us know us but in a city atmosphere? Then ‘t Swaentje is your new hangout!


Zwaanshals 260B, 3035 KM Rotterdam


9. Gastrovino

Wine and delicatessen lovers can indulge themselves at the newly opened Gastrovino. On the Nieuwe Binnenweg, where Vermeyden was located for more than 100 years, you can still find fine wines, tasty snacks, gifts and much more.

Planning a drinks evening? Then this is the place to be. The staff will gladly advise you to make a nice selection.

Next to the store is a workshop area, where regular tastings are organized or you can book a wine course. There are also special winemaker dinners planned, where a winemaker, while enjoying dinner, tastes the matching wines himself and gives explanations.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 335A, 3021 GJ Rotterdam


10. Buero Bobo

Buero Bobo, Ulli Heckmann’s new coffee shop, has been on Coolhavenstraat since late September. As an architect, Ulli has transformed this place into a unique mix of office, store and cozy coffee corner. Enjoy the focus on espresso and filter coffee, with beans from specialty coffee roasters such as Schot Coffee Roasters and Sprout Coffee.

Also explore natural wines to buy for home or the homemade treats like cookies, scones and granola. Buero Bobo is not just another coffee spot; it is an inviting creative hub where Ulli works, brews coffee and talks passionately about architecture and natural wine.

Visit the smallest and most charming coffee spot in Rotterdam! The buero is open Tuesday to Friday from 8:15 am – 4:00 pm and on Saturday from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.


Coolhavenstraat 3, 3024 TD Rotterdam


11. Club Sandwich

Club Sandwich, formerly located in the Weelde area, will open a pop-up on Wednesday, Nov. 1 at Tiendplein 1. Club Sandwich is a café, bar and sandwich shop, where you can have a good lunch and a nice drink.

Think of the well-known sandwiches with tarragon egg salad and asparagus, the BLT sandwich or the mackerel salad with chips. You will also find filter coffee, natural wine, homemade soft drinks and sweets on the menu. On Sundays they organise a brunch buffet, where you can have unlimited bites and fill your glass during a running buffet, including mimosas.

Club Sandwich will be open weekly Wednesday through Saturday from 10:00-17:00 a.m., starting Wednesday, November 1, at least untill December.


Tiendplein 1, 3014 BH Rotterdam


12. OX.Space

When walking in the city near Binnenwegplein, you can’t miss it: the brand new OX.Space on the corner of Lijnbaan pops out! OX is a place where soon everything will come together: events, lectures, performances, art, workshops, exhibitions, film, music, dance, fitness, yoga, wellness and shopping.

OX No.0 is an exciting “preview” of OX.Space – which will open in 2024 at the same Lijnbaan location. OX No.0 gives Rotterdammers a taste of what is to come. OX Nº0 offers 6 months of non-stop, ever-changing, cross-cultural programming. From early in the morning until late at night, right in the heart of Rotterdam.


Lijnbaan 150, 3012 ER Rotterdam


13. Savor&Nosh

Right in the center of Rotterdam you’ll find Savor&Nosh, a restaurant with a unique vibe and design. Whether you feel like a coffee with homemade sweets, a killer brunch, delicious cocktails and beers or a fantastic dinner; Savor&Nosh is the place to be! The menu brings together flavors from all over the world.

In addition to great food and drink, you can also spend a productive workday at Savor&Nosh on the second floor. Every day of the week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. you can book a workspace here for yourself, with another person or with a group up to 10 people.


Westewagenstraat 66, 3011 AT Rotterdam


14. The Cakery

Lovers of sweet can indulge themselves at the new patisserie ‘The Cakery’ on Karel Doormanstraat. With a delicious selection of homemade cakes, brownies, baklava, ice cream and special drinks like the Crème Brulée cappuccino, this is the right place for your portion of sugar.

Not only the sweets, but also the interior is a feast for the eyes. With a fresh beige look, soft furniture and the impressive arches of light, the patisserie definitely stands out on the street.


Karel Doormanstraat 376, 3012 GR Rotterdam


15. Club Sahara

For those who love a good party, we have great news: there is a new club in town! On Schiestraat, Club Sahara opened in September, a place where you can dance until late at night to rhythms from the African and Caribbean diaspora, hip-hop and electronic sounds.

Sahara encourages new ideas and nurtures long-standing communities. The focus is on innovative concepts, community-driven projects and emerging sounds. Fueled by Rotterdam’s rich heritage of cultures, Sahara blends innovative concepts with dance floor-filling beats in a cozy nightclub in the heart of the city.


Schiestraat 18, 3013 AH Rotterdam


16. Club Centraal

More fun club news in our city! Club Centraal on Westersingel also opened its doors in September, at the location of the old Vibes. Club Centraal is all about celebrating the diversity and richness of electronic music, with a focus on the eclectic sounds of disco and house. The venue is designed to create an intimate connection between the DJs and the dance floor.

Experience the artists up close as they create sonic stories that move your body and soul. Lose yourself in the rhythm surrounded by like-minded people who share your passion for music and dance. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or new to the scene, everyone is welcome to come and groove.


Westersingel 50a, 3014 GV Rotterdam



I always like it when a new vintage store opens in Rotterdam! And in this store you’ll definitely find something you like, because REJOES is a store of no less than 600 square metres. There are racks full of second-hand clothing. There are also various accessories, such as bags, shoes and scarves.

The store looks fun, with a gigantic tree in the middle, to which all kinds of clothing and accessoires. You will find the store on the corner of the Oude Binnenweg, in the same building as the Xenos and Blokker.

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Oude Binnenweg 34, 3012 JE Rotterdam


18. Basecamp

Are you familiar with Pleur in Rotterdam Noord? Owners Florian and Nadia have opted for a complete rebranding, with the new name Basecamp!

The name refers to the fact that their store is a home base for the two owners. A place where they can share all their stories from their many travels. Basecamp is a sustainable concept store and coffee bar, where you can buy local products and gifts and sit down for a cup of coffee and something tasty.


Bergselaan 291A, 3038 CG Rotterdam


19. Bakkit

From a young age, Mercedes and Melissa cherished the dream of starting a company together. With Bakkit, this dream has come true!

You may have already met Mercedes from her participation in Heel Holland Bakt; she took first place in the tenth season. So it’s clear that it all tastes good here!

In the charming building on the Zwaanhals, Bakkit offers a delicious assortment of baked treats, accompanied by a nice cup of coffee to enjoy on the spot or to take away.

It is also possible to take your own baking skills to a higher level through workshops and masterclasses.


Zwaanshals 299, 3035 KH Rotterdam


20. machi machi

Great news for bubble tea lovers!

On July 25, machi machi officially opens its doors in Rotterdam. machi machi is a world famous Taiwanese bubble tea brand known for their high quality bubble tea and their special panna cotta boba.

Their menu includes fresh tea, milk tea, lattes, fruit drinks and drinks with cream cheese foam. Also nice: it is possible to indicate how sweet you want it, with Extra Sugar, Regular Sugar, Lite Sugar or No Sugar.

After their opening, they are open every day from 12 noon. We can’t wait!

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Hoogstraat 117A, 3011 PL Rotterdam


21. Morgan & Mees

Morgan & Mees is a new hotel, housed in a beautiful historic building on the Mathenesserlaan. Just like in their first hotel in Amsterdam, guests here are treated to an unforgettable experience with good service, an inspiring environment, good food and comfortable hotel rooms.

The hotel has a total of twenty beautiful rooms, ranging from the Cute Rooms to the spacious penthouse with an outdoor terrace and a beautiful view of the Rotterdam skyline. Each room has a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere and is equipped with all the luxury products guests could wish for.

The hotel also offers something for the people of Rotterdam: a restaurant and bar with an inviting terrace. You are welcome here seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu is diverse and offers something for everyone. There is also the option of private dining, ideal for organized parties, work drinks or launches.

View prices and availability here.

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Mathenesserlaan 145, 3015 CJ Rotterdam


22. Côte du Cool

A few years ago, entrepreneurs Rick van Laar and Joyce Cornelissen started importing wines from small wineries, with a preference for organic wines. In the past year they reached a new milestone with the opening of Côte du Cool, an lovely wine bar and wine shop, located in Little C.

Côte du Cool is a big nod to France on the coast of Coolhaven in Rotterdam. Come here to enjoy a refined glass of wine, accompanied by a well-stocked snack platter. Do not expect a three-course menu, but bread from a real French baker, small snacks and a new cheese board every week to match the wines of the week.

You can buy all the wines you taste here in the wine shop afterwards! They import about 90% of the wines themselves, so they really know the winemakers and know that they work with respect for nature.

Tip: they often organize tastings with special themes, a nice experience with a group of friends!


Abraham Tuschinskistraat 53, 3015 GK Rotterdam


23. 1NUL8 Basement

In the basement of the popular restaurant/bar 1NUL8 you can now once again enjoy the tastiest cocktails and bar bites in a luxurious setting! Under the new name 1NUL8 Basement a bright, fresh cocktail bar has opened here, where the wavy interior is inspired by the water of the Delftsevaart that you see through the round portholes.

At 1NUL8 Basement you drink original cocktail creations at the impressive 3D printed bar or enjoy Mediterranean shared dining dishes with your company.

1e Westewagenhof 1, Rotterdam


24. Eurobrouwers

For this new hotspot we leave Rotterdam and head to Schiedam, where you will find Eurobrouwers. This is Schiedam’s first brewpub and the largest beer garden in the region with a terrace that covers no less than 2000 m2.

Eurobrouwers is an innovative brewery and restobar concept on the glass factory site in Schiedam. This raucous location is in the middle of the Distillers District, where major gin and beer brands used to be produced. Now Schiedam beer is brewed here in a raw industrial hall with a mega terrace and indoor and outdoor kitchen.

The beer is combined with a varied selection of large and small dishes. During the summer, the BBQ is central, with dishes such as Polish Kielbasa sausages, BBQ Chorizo, Chicken Kiev (proceeds from this dish go to Ukraine), grilled white asparagus, BBQ watermelon and grilled clams, razor clams and mussels in wine with French fries and sour mayonnaise.

Also nice: every Sunday Eurobrouwers serves Zeeland oysters for one euro, in combination with beers. This is a nod to the Rotterdam sister of Eurobrouwers, Café Marseille, where every Sunday is oyster day.


Buitenhavenweg 142, 3113 BE Schiedam


25. Crave

The new hotspot CRAVE, a Specialty Coffee Bar & Plant-based Bakery, recently opened in a side street of Rotterdam’s MAHO Kwartier.

At CRAVE you can enjoy homemade vegan pastries. The range includes delicious almond croissants, dark chocolate babkas, cardamom rolls and red velvet cake. Soon they will also add cruffins and cookies to their vegan menu!

In addition to all the delicious pastries, you can drink a nice cup of coffee from local roasters Giraffe Coffee and A Matter of Concrete. Order a nice cup of slow coffee or cappuccino. The default here is oat milk, but other types of milk are also available.

Prefer something else to drink? Then order a lemonade or, for example, an iced matcha latte.

CRAVE’s mission is to show that you really don’t have to miss anything if you eat plant-based. A more sustainable choice with just as much flavour is  definitely possible.

Owner Yunlai Ye, known for The Tea Lab and BACKYARD, wants to make the Rotterdam food&drink landscape more sustainable step by step: “I believe in a future in which it will become even easier and more normal to opt for plant-based. A sustainable world in which my two-and-a-half-year-old daughter can also still have a good life.”

Discover even more great vegan places in Rotterdam.


Vogelenzang 6, 3011 LN Rotterdam


26. Regina

A new hotspot has opened its doors in Crooswijk: Regina. A real asset to the neighbourhood!

Regina is one of those places where you just stick around, enjoying their dishes and delicious drinks.

Order tasty snacks from the menu with a glass of natural wine. Once in a while they also have specials, such as pizza night. Then you get pizza made with fresh ingredients and natural wine or beer for a nice price.

Be sure to visit this new hotspot this summer. It is wonderful to relax on their terrace.


Exercitiestraat 2b, 3034 RA Rotterdam


27. La Soirée

Sssst, this cocktail bar is top secret! An evening at La Soirée is a complete experience full of mystery, from finding the secret location to discovering the surprises inside the bar.

Award-winning bartender Ben Lobos and partner Loesje Tieleman (owner Louise Petit Restaurant) opened this special evening bar in April 2023, inspired by other major world cities what they were still missing in Rotterdam.

The chic, romantic atmosphere takes you back to a timeless French ambiance, while you enjoy cocktails that you won’t forget. Try one of their nine signature cocktails, each with their own story, or opt for classic cocktails with a La Soirée twist.

Secret location in Scheepvaartkwartier, reservations possible via Whatsapp on their socials.


28. Plaisier AvantGarde

Are you familiar with Plaisier Interieur in Ridderkerk? That is a design home store that celebrates its 125th anniversary this year. Recently, a little sister of this large store opened in Rotterdam: Plaisier AvantGarde.

The concept for this dynamic design boutique was conceived by interior designer Robert Plaisier, the fourth generation of the family business. The idea arose a few years ago while participating in Object on the ss Rotterdam. After the concept started to take shape, the perfect location was found on Mariniersweg.

In the Plaisier AvantGarde boutique you will discover inspiring furniture and items from the Plaisier collection. Think of sustainable brands, such as Muuto, Vitra, Arco, Luceplan, Artifort, Pode, Fritz Hansen, Gelderland and Cor Unum. The emphasis is on new work by designers from the Rotterdam region, as well as iconic design classics by Gispen, Rietveld, Eames, Jacobsen, Paulin, Prouvé and Castiglioni, among others.

But, you don’t just come here to score beautiful design. Art exhibitions are organized throughout the year, as well as talks and workshops on architecture. There is always something interesting to experience in Plaisier AvantGarde.


Mariniersweg 84A, 3011 NT Rotterdam


29. The new Euroscoop

There is nothing new about the Euromast. All locals are familiar with this iconic tower.

However, something has changed to the building, namely the renewed Euroscoop! As you are taken on this exciting ride, you will see the city and its surroundings from all sides. But that’s not all: the brand new, intelligent glass floor goes from matt to transparent. This makes the experience extra special.

In addition, other cool elements have been added, including a light show, sound effects and music, until you reach the top at 185 meters.

During this 7-minute ride you will see Rotterdam in a 360-degree perspective. Meanwhile, a voice-over tells you more about the city, its inhabitants, the diversity and the impact of the enormous port area.

Even if you have taken a ride with the Euroscoop in the past, it is now a completely new experience.

We have already taken a ride with the new Euroscoop. Check out our TikTok to see what it was like!

TIP: Buy your tickets up front to go on the Euromast. The ticket price is higher if you buy entrance tickets on the day of your visit. Don’t forget to choose the Euroscoop tickets!


Parkhaven 20, 3016 GM Rotterdam


30. Krozant

Since 17 June you can visit the new hotspot Krozant. This special bakery is a girl’s dream come true for owners Yvette Jansen and Nadia Stam. The croissant workshop is something they’ve been working on for years.

So what can we expect from Krozant? Special croissants of course! At the Krozant bakery, they give the croissant a completely new look. For lovers, the timeless classics are available, such as the chocolate or coffee roll, but there are also a lot of unique creations.

Think of a croissant with chicken thigh and mango chutney or a croissant BLT with lemon mayo. In addition, the menu also offers other sweet and savory pastries, but also sandwiches and coffee from Rotterdam Giraffe Coffee Roasters.

Krozant can be visited in the Groot Handelsgebouw, unit AK.207 floor -1.


Stationsplein 45, 3013 AK Rotterdam


31. The Rooftop

Another new hotspot in the iconic Groot Handelsgebouw! At the end of June, a vibrant new place will open on the roof: The Rooftop.

Here you can enjoy culinary dishes, refreshing cocktails and the beautiful terrace with a view of the centre of Rotterdam. In addition, there are also fun activities to experience. Play fun arcade games, table football, mini golf and get lost in a life-sized maze. There is also a photobooth to capture all the memories.

Read more about The Rooftop here.


Stationsplein 45, 3013 AK in Rotterdam​


32. The Villy

Foto door Konstantin Sonnenkind.

You will find the impressive Terraced Tower residential tower on the Boompjes. This is where The Villy opened last May, a hotspot for good food and drinks, but also a co-working place for studying, meeting or renting one of the many meeting rooms.

It is possible to book an individual workplace in the co-workspace. At the community table, in one of their boots or a sit-stand desk with a view of the catering area. You always pay per minute here.

Are you just coming to relax? That is also possible. Join Villy for a delicious breakfast or lunch and order, for example, the pancakes, bagel or a Dutch bouncer. In addition, they all offer tasty sandwiches and sandwiches, such as the vegan Muhammara or Kimchi Toastie.

You are also in the right place for a drink here, with different beers, wine, cocktails and lemonades, there is something for everyone.

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Boompjes 60, 3011 XC Rotterdam


33. Sarang Chicken

Korean cuisine is gaining popularity and Rotterdam is no exception. Discover the newest addition to the Korean restaurants in Rotterdam: Sarang Chicken in Kralingen.

With the same owners as Mori Sushi Bar, Sarang Chicken provides fresh products and own recipes. The focus of the menu is on the Korean Fried Chicken, but they also have Mandu (Korean dumplings), Kimbaps (Korean seaweed rolls) and various other sides.

Sarang Chicken’s Korean Fried Chicken is halal and for vegetarians they have vegetarian Mandu on the menu.

Also nice: they make freshly made kimchi every month!


Oostzeedijk Beneden 207B, 3061 VT Rotterdam


34. Wolly aan de Waterkant

On Monday 27 March Wolly aan de Waterkant opened their doors! You are welcome here seven days a week from 08:00 to 16:00 for an all-day breakfast, good coffee and tasty pastries.

Think, for example, of delicious cinnamon rolls and matcha cookies with white chocolate. In addition, they serve various sandwiches (for example with crayfish), pancakes, eggs and bowls.

You can find Wolly closer to the sunny corner of Noordplein, where Lof der Zoetheid used to be.


Noordplein 1, 3035 EA Rotterdam


35. Nice

Nice is a new coffee spot located on the Hoogstraat in a beautiful light corner building. It’s a cool neighborhood restaurant with excellent coffee and food. Their interior is minimalist, with eye-catchers such as the large mirror wall (where you will also find the secret door to the toilet) and stainless steel bar where you can order all the goodies.

Nice is a great place to catch up with friends, sitting at the large table inside or on the windowsill. Outside is also a great option on sunny days.

On their menu you will find different types of (ice) coffee, juices and kombuchas. Pick up something to eat from their small changing menu of sandwiches, granola bowls and more. In addition, their homemade pastries are really worth it!


Hoogstraat 42, 3011 PR Rotterdam


36. Sound Kitchen

This new hotspot is the place to be for music and coffee lovers!

Sound Kitchen is a cosy new espresso bar, located in Little-C in Rotterdam West. What makes this place special is that it is an espresso bar and a headphone shop.

In the espresso bar you can enjoy local products. Think of high quality coffee from Manhattan Coffee Roasters, delicious tea from Twenties Tea and Jing Tea and refreshing lemonade from Loopuyt Lemonades. There is also something for the appetite, namely pastries from Harvest Cafe and Bakery and sweets by Francois Geurds.

In the store you will discover an extensive range of headphones. There is a wide choice of brands, available in every price category. Specialists are also present to advise you on your choice.


Samuel Soesmanstraat 52, 3015 GL Rotterdam


37. Studio Le Beau

Are you familiar with the cosy wine shop Wine at Henk in Blijdorp? And do you love beautiful vintage interior gems? Then I have good news for you.

Because since a week Studio Le Beau is located in the cellar of Wijn bij Henk. That means you can score vintage gems here as well as beautiful natural wines! Think cool interior items and design classics from beautiful brands such as Vitra, Knoll, Herman Miller, Flos and more.

The shop is open Wednesday to Sunday. Not convenient for you? You can also make an appointment.


Bergselaan 317A, 3038 CH Rotterdam


38. Hoy Kitchen

Since recently you can find Hoy Kitchen, an Asian food court, on the Mariniersweg. Here you will find several Asian restaurants under one roof, including Korean, Chinese and Japanese cuisines. Order Korean Fried Chicken, Donburi or dumplings here, everything is possible!

Enjoy authentic street food dishes that tickle your taste buds in an attractive space full of street art from Lastplak, among others. Do you always find waiting in line so annoying? You don’t have to at Hoy, becausse you can order via a QR-code at your table. Nice and easy.

Also good to know: there are vegan dishes available, so there is something for everyone!


 Mariniersweg 34, 3011 NP Rotterdam


39. Bar Cult

Good news for (natural) wine lovers! Pink neon letters welcome you since February 2023 in Bar Cult, located on the Oostkousdijk. You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to feel at home here, everyone is welcome!

Owner Rutger has gained a lot of knowledge about natural wine over the past ten years and is happy to pour it for you from behind the bar. Cult has no menu, so the choice is tailored to what you feel like. They have bubbles, white, orange or red and there are still about 1500 bottles from all over the world in the wine cellar.

The drink menu is kept simple, because the natural wines play the leading role. But think of bread from the bakery with homemade butter, cheese from the cheese farm and sausage from the market.

So come and toast to the weekend from Thursday to Sunday from 15:00 at Bar Cult!

Discover more natural wine tips in Alice’s article!


Oostkousdijk 29, 3024 CL, Rotterdam


40. CÉNO classics

A new vintage clothing store slash record store has opened on the Zwaanhals. CÉNO Classics and Offbeats Records share the same building. An asset to this awesome street in Rotterdam Noord!

Follow the orange stairs to the basement for the Offbeat Records vinyl collection. Here they sell second-hand records in all kinds of different genres. Though there is a focus on DJ material in the broadest sense. Think for example of 90’s west coast electro and detroit techno, 80’s wave and boogie 12’s, 70’s disco and soul, 60’s post bop and modal jazz and under the radar 7” cosmic disco.

In the rest of the store you will find vintage clothing and accessories by CÉNO CLASSICS. Expect high quality vintage clothing, sunglasses and shoes. On the vide you will find racks with beautiful items from Italy, curated by Esile vintage.


Zwaanshals 283-A, 3035 KH Rotterdam



In mid-April, Set est Prêt, a second-hand children’s clothing shop opened on Zwaanhals. Here, owner Hanna sells second-hand children’s clothes made by elderly people from Enfantique.

The shop’s mission is to make the children’s clothes market more sustainable and to show that second-hand items are just as beautiful as new ones. In this shop, you will find a beautifully curated collection.


Zwaanshals 344, 3035 KS Rotterdam


42. River Bar Rotterdam

Photo by Studio Unfolded.

A new hotspot opened on March 22 at a beautiful location on the Westerkade: River Bar Rotterdam. This restaurant describes itself as a long vacation through Europe. Ingredients and recipes are therefore inspired by European rivers.

Come here for drinks snacks, hot and cold dishes and a fine wine list. Looking forward to trying it!


Westerkade 8, 3016 CL Rotterdam


43. No10 Coffee

It’s always nice when a new coffee shop opens in Rotterdam! Recently No. 10 is opened up, a cute coffee spot on the Hoogstraat. The name No 10, or Number Ten, stands for Rotterdam. No 10 is also decorated in the Rotterdam colours, namely green.

In this new shop you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or treats. In addition to (specialty) coffee, they serve various sandwiches here, such as burrata avocado, spicy tuna melt and various healthy bowls, such as an acai bowl. Choose from several tasty pastries from their display case.


Hoogstraat 47A, 3011 PG Rotterdam


44. On Other Drugs

Have you heard of On Other Drugs? This new concept is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Michelle van Woensel and Dave Grosjean. The idea of ​​On Other Drugs was born from the coming together of two dreams, years of hard work, experience and a good dose of guts.

For example, Michelle’s dream is to combine catering with a form of wellness and Dave would like to combine catering with sports. That is why they are busy creating a place where people feel comfortable and inspired to work productively.

On Other Drugs is located in Tim’s Lemonade Factory (formerly Kitsch & Kunst), a huge building of 1000 m2. This location is currently for rent for parties and parties, but they also organize various events themsleves.


Bergse Rechter Rottekade 1, 3051 AB Rotterdam


45. Matelief

Restaurant Matelief has recently been located in the Oude Haven. With a sunny south-facing terrace, Matelief is a great place to be. Here you are right on the water, where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the ships, the White House and the Willemsbrug.

Visit Matelief seven days a week for lunch, shared dining or drinks. Thanks to the extensive drink and dinner menu, there is something to choose from at Matelief for everyone. On the menu you can spot quality fish dishes, such as roasted halibut with ratatouille and a whole sea bream from the grill.

There are also meat dishes, such as tender beef ribeye with chimichurri and guinea fowl fillet with gnocchi. Prefer no fish or meat? Even then there is a wide choice, such as grilled pumpkin with candied onion cream or jackfruit shawarma.


Spaansekade 34, 3011 ML Rotterdam


46. Grace

A new festive restaurant opened on the Coolsingel on February 18, 2023: Grace! Inspired by the best dining spots in Paris, London, Barcelona and Madrid, Grace is the creation of master entrepreneur Herman Hell and Chef de Cuisine Marco Prins, who conjure up the tastiest dishes from all over the world with his kitchen brigade. Think of Colombian empanadas with an aji dip, Peruvian yellowtail ceviche or the classic Caesar salad with a surprising Japanese twist. For those who want to go all out, there is also an Italian version of lobster on the menu with sage, green asparagus and Parmesan cheese. Or start a dinner in style with Perle Imperial caviar with blinis.

But at Grace you don’t just take a seat to order something from the menu, because there is also room at the bar for ordering small snacks and refreshing cocktails. They ensure that there is something for everyone!

The interior is also worth mentioning. With striking patterns on the floor and warm colours combined in a unique way. The observant viewer will discover many 1920s elements here.

The parent company, Hell’s Kitchen Horeca Groep, is already known for their fantastic restaurants and cafes in the Rotterdam region, and Grace is certainly no exception.


Stadhuisplein 1a, 3012 AR Rotterdam


47. The Grit

And then we come to the second new hotspot in Rotterdam: The Grit. This 23+ club can be found in the basement of Grace on the Coolsingel. So after your dinner or cocktail at Grace, do you feel like extending your evening? Then move quickly to the basement.

Here too you can expect a special interior, with lots of red tones, disco pillars and a dance floor with different visuals.

The Grit has been open since February 3. The dress code? The best version of yourself!


Stadhuisplein 1b, 3012 AR Rotterdam


48. Bistro Diepnoord

A nice new bistro bar in Noord: Diepnoord. Here they serve small dishes that taste excellent. The place is bigger than you think at first sight; right behind the bar are more seats.

There is a cosy atmosphere here with nice music and a lot of buzz from talking visitors. Whether you are looking for a special dinner evening or just a few drinks (there is plenty of choice in natural wines) while enjoying tasty, elegant pub snacks. You’re in the right place here!


Bergweg 80, 3036 BD Rotterdam


49. Motel One

Motel One, the successful budget design hotel group from Munich, recently opened its doors in the heart of Rotterdam. The new hotel can be found on the Hoogstraat, between the Markthal and Laurenskerk.

Characteristic of the hotel are the vibrant, colourful details that can be found in the wall design. But also the design furniture and decoration, inspired by the unique architecture of the Rotterdam Markthal.

Read more about this new budget design hotel in Rotterdam.


Grotekerkplein 70, 3011 GE Rotterdam



Bistrot-Bar Frère is a new addition to Blijdorp. This French bistrot is, in their own words, “a place for everyone who has a taste for French food, groove, funk and hip-hop”. That sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Order something delicious from the snack menu and combine it with a delicious natural wine. In addition to being a wonderful place for a drink, you can also have an excellent dinner here. Choose a menu for Petite Faim or Grande Faim, which stands for small hunger or big hunger.


Statenweg 66A, 3039 JG, Rotterdam



Those are the new hotspots of Rotterdam. Have I overlooked something or are you starting something new in Rotterdam soon? Please contact info @ This list is regularly updated!

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  • Dear Lizanne, thanks a lot for this extensive list. It helps me very much to put together some new eateries, speakeasies and shops for my next reports on Rotterdam in german magazines. I visit Rotterdam quite often, but the time is always too short to discover everything new. Best, Kiki

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