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New in Town: 23 new hotspots in Rotterdam

By Lisanne van Beurden
May 20, 2022

Of course you like to stay informed about all the new hotspots in Rotterdam, so we always keep this list up to date. Below you can read about new places that you can already visit, but also places that will open their doors soon (write it down in your agenda)!

Read on for new restaurants, shops and clubs in Rotterdam.

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On the 8th of July a modern, cosy Japanese tapas bar and matcha café in izakaya style will open at the Rodezand in Rotterdam: SHIN Rotterdam. Visit this hotspot for Japanese cocktails and whisky’s and various delicious Japanese dishes, just like you can the typical laidback izakaya bars in Japan.

Next to that, matcha lovers can indulge themselves at SHIN. Because here they serve real Japanese matcha, from the Japanese town of Shizuoka and made by a company of tea farmers who have been in the business for more than 100 years.

What can you expect from the matcha menu? For example, various matcha desserts, such as the Matcha Parfait, a popular dessert in Japanese cafes, and home-made matcha ice cream to (warm) drinks with matcha, such as the matcha latte.

You can order the matcha at different levels, both for the drinks and the desserts. The higher the level, the stronger and purer the matcha. Are you trying matcha for the first time? Then it is best to go for a slightly less strong variant. Are you already familiar with matcha and do you want that extra spice? Then go for the highest level. The staff can of course help you with this.

Want to know more? Read our article about this new Japanese tapas bar in Rotterdam.


Rodezand 23B-25, 3011 AM Rotterdam

2. Amore

A new exciting resto bar where life is celebrated has opened up on Tiendplein: Amore. The founders are Kim Pieters and Kelly Vincent, the team behind Weelde.

Amore invites you to explore with shared dining and an extensive drinks menu. There is also a small dance floor where things can get a bit out of hand…

Owner Kim about Amore: “We are ready to sit on the terrace all day, stay long after dinner and go dancing. Together with the people you want to have around you. Everyone is looking forward to it, even the staff makes it a party. ”

“It will have the casual feel of a bar open late, but with the quality products of a restaurant without actually being a restaurant.”

Read more about this new gem in Rotterdam West.


Tiendplein 1A, 3014 BH Rotterdam


3. Bar Simon

Bar Simon is a nice new hotspot on the Middellandplein in Rotterdam West. Visit this bar-bistro for their large terrace with evening sun, extensive beer and wine list and great food.

Bar Simon’s dishes are inspired by French-Dutch cuisine and are made with high-quality ingredients. Think of special starters such as homemade lentil pate with mushrooms and artichoke in vinaigrette. Three classics have been chosen for the main courses: steak béarnaise, monkfish and a tartelette ratatouille.

You can also have a drink at Bar Simon. In addition to delicious snacks, they have five beers on tap, an extensive wine list and five beautiful cocktails. There is also a wide choice of soft drinks, if you prefer non-alcoholic.


Middellandplein 16A, 3021 BT Rotterdam


4. Izao Jewelry in Kralingen

An artisan goldsmith and jewelry shop has opened in Kralingen: Izao Jewelry. Customers can come here for custom jewelry and the melting of gold into new design. Or browse the store and score a completely new piece of jewelry!

Jewelry designer Nastasia is the face behind Izao. She loves colour and organic shapes and this is reflected in the designs. She often uses precious stones in silver and gold jewelry.


Waterloostraat 176a, 3062 TX Rotterdam


5. Pesca

In September 2022, a fish restaurant on the Botersloot in Rotterdam will open: Pesca. After a location on the Rozengracht in Amsterdam, it was time for a spot in the port city.

Pesca is a concept with an innovative view on the experience and business model of a seafood restaurant. Their mission is to still be able to sell fish 100 years from now. That is why they have a foundation that supports causes that are committed to clean drinking water, healthy fish stocks and a plastic-free ocean.

The restaurant is located on the Botersloot, in the former Spaarbank.


Botersloot 25, 3011 HE Rotterdam


6. Dikke Mic

Do you love karaoke? Then you will be over the moon about the newest addition to our city: Dikke Mic, an authentic Japanese karaoke bar. In the basement you can discover the various karaoke rooms, each with its own theme and inspired by the small Asian streets and alleys. In total there are eight private karaoke rooms that can be booked from four to 30 people.

Got an appetite? Enjoy Asian street food at the street food bar, composed by star chef Ron Blaauw. Order at the bar or order individual snacks for while singing.

The karaoke club was actually created out of sheer necessity, according to entrepreneur Daan van Hal: “We have a karaoke room in our adjacent establishment, Mooie Boules, but it is so popular that it is bursting at the seams. Because we don’t like to disappoint people, we decided to open an authentic Japanese karaoke bar, which has become Dikke Mic. The atmosphere and quality of bites and drinks that you are used to from Mooie Boules, but with an Asian twist.”


Vijverhofstraat 47, 3032 SB Rotterdam


7. Spazio

Imagine yourself in Italy at the new hotspot SPAZIO. With a view of the runway of Rotterdam The Hague Airport, this restaurant has a very special location.

The menu contains pure, honest dishes of Italian cuisine with influences from America. Visit SPAZIO for lunch, drinks, dinner and business events.

Nice to know: every Friday from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM you can enjoy yourself here with friends or colleagues at Andosh! @ SPAZIO. Then the Italian music sounds from the speakers, refreshing drinks and delicious Italian bar bites are served. And yes, those Bar Bites are off the house during these hours!


Malpensabaan 3, 3045 AL Rotterdam


8. Wintage

Photo by Annelies Schouten – Anne Lisa fotografie

A new vintage shop always makes me happy. And in this list you will find two new ones!

First up we have Wintage, a beautiful vintage showroom that is located on the Oude Dijk. In order to offer customers a personal experience, they have opted for shopping on appointment. It is a mecca of unique vintage designer items from, among others: Cees Braakman, Marcel Breuer, Thonet. With prices from 10 to 2500 euros, there is something for everyone to find there, from classic vintage mirrors to sleek designer chairs.

In addition to offering vintage furniture, a ready-made photo studio is located on the first floor of the showroom. This photo studio can be rented at minimal rents, in order to remove the obstacles for young entrepreneurs. While renting the photo studio, all available vintage furniture, home accessories and the garden can be used.

I definitely want to visit soon!


Oudedijk 223B, 3061 AG Rotterdam


9. Restaurant Rotonde

Photo by Ruth Nije Bijvank.

If there’s one thing that can make me happy, it’s a vegan-friendly restaurant. And with Restaurant Rotonde there is one more in our city!

Restaurant Rotonde is a progressive restaurant with a vegetarian menu, where seven out of ten dishes are vegan. The dishes are made from local vegetables and plants and they cook everything over a wood fire.

Need a nice drink? They serve delicious natural wines.


Goudsesingel 230, 3011KE Rotterdam


10. Kula

Rotterdam entrepreneurs Annemijn van der Vorm and Berend Romijn have launched a completely new, magical and playful concept to make wellbeing accessible to everyone: Kula. After attending a yoga class you can stay here to have a beer!

Kula offers a place for everyone who needs to relax and recharge – at any time of the day. Whether you drop by the all day cafe for coffee (to go), breakfast, lunch or pre-yoga dinner, plop down under ‘the Kula tree’ or attend a yoga class or workshop.

Together with professional breathwork coaches and yoga teachers, Kula organizes monthly events and workshops in the Kula Studio, such as New Moon Women’s Circles and Breathwork classes. The workshops can be booked via the Kula website.


Abraham Tuschinskistraat 54, 3015 GK Rotterdam


11. Vague vintage

A new gem has opened at the Zwaanhals!

Vague started out as an Instagram shop, but they have been open as a physical store since the end of November. Here you will find the most beautiful vintage clothing for men, women and unisex. Each item is carefully selected and this gives the store more of a boutique vibe.

The webshop remains open and there are regular Instagram story sales with different offers than in the store. So it’s definitely worth checking out both the Instagram page and the store.

Also check out these vintage shops in Rotterdam.


Zwaanshals 301, 3035 KJ Rotterdam


12. Hotel Not Hotel

Since November 15 2021, Hotel Not Hotel has been the ideal place to stay during your weekend in Rotterdam.

Why is this hotel so different? Various (local) artists have set to work here to make it an experience: it feels like an artistic village, with squares, houses and hidden front doors.

The hotel contains 36 rooms, something you wouldn’t think when you step inside. The rooms are so hidden that it seems that there are only a few rooms. Some doors have been transformed into bookcases or mirrors! Each room is in a different area, located on the two courtyards. For instance, you have a Hansel and Gretel house, a mirror house, a castle, an Italian house and more.

Of course, the hotel cannot exist without a matching restaurant. And not just any restaurant: a Mexican restaurant slash cocktail bar. No fewer than 85 guests can enjoy dinner and cocktails here until the late hours. Mexican street food is leading here, such as delicious fresh tacos.

Book your stay at Hotel Not Hotel here. 


Schaatsbaan 83, 3013 AR Rotterdam


13. OX

Gerechten bij OX Rotterdam

OX is a beautiful new restaurant and cocktail bar in one.

OX’s menu is inspired by Malaysian Chinese cuisine. Chef Alexander Wong (known for FG Restaurant, FG Food Labs and The Suicide Club) surprises you with his take on the Chinese tradition. The dishes – think dim sum, steamed oysters and modern variations of Babi Pangang – are meant to be shared.

Combine the delicious food with the refreshing cocktails from Jacopo Di Domenico (known from Dr. Rotterdam) or choose from the extensive wine list.


That’s classified. Book a table and they’ll let you know where it is!


14. Deli Buiten

Hillegersberg has a new restaurant since 7 October: Deli Buiten! You may have heard of this cute spot, since they used to have a location on the Nieuwe Binnenweg.

It’s no surprise that you can eat well here, since star chef Marco Prins is in charge in the kitchen. Come to Buiten for fresh takeaway dishes such as lunch, dinner and snacks.

They also sell all kinds of great products in their shop, such as wine, but also crockery and candles. Check it out!


Freericksplaats 23a, 3054 GK Rotterdam


15. Noonchi

Nieuw restaurant in Rotterdam: Noonchi op de Wilhelminakade.

New in the Foodhallen: Noonchi Korean Street Food. Noonchi (officially written as nunchi) is a traditional Korean concept of consciousness. Nunchi stands for the art of understanding what people think and feel. It is the focus of Korean-American journalist and author Euny Hong’s book, “The Power of Nunchi: The Korean Secret to Happiness and Success.”

At Noonchi you can enjoy affordable, fresh authentic Korean street food dishes. Think bibimbap, mandu (dumplings) and cupdak (fried chicken in a bowl). There are also vegetarian options, such as the Honey butter avocado with fried potatoes and bibimbap Dubu with tofu and vegetables.


Wilhelminakade 58, 3072 AR Rotterdam


16. FEST

A beautiful interior store opened in Rotterdam on October 8, 2021: FEST. This Rotterdam brand store of more than 200 m2 offers an extensive collection of design furniture, home accessories, free interior advice and art by the Rotterdam Elsemarijn Bruys.

Want to work outside the house? This is possible on the second floor of this new store, which is fully furnished as a fully-fledged apartment with flexible workplaces.


Delftsevaart 26, 3011 HL Rotterdam


17. Vegan Pizza Bar

Of course we have been familiar with the Vegan Pizza Bar for a long time, which has been delivering delicious vegan pizzas in Rotterdam since 2020. Since October 2021 you can also visit their restaurant on Hofplein!

What can we expect? New pizzas and dishes, a lunch menu, space for up to 80 people inside and a terrace. And they have also entered into a partnership with Karma Café.


Hofplein 19, 3032 AC Rotterdam


18. Heeren aan de Haven

Photo: Ik ben Leonard

For some relaxing time and delicious food we travel to a beautiful spot outside the city, namely Streefkerk. Floating between the boats in the harbour you will find the new brasserie and wine bar Heeren aan de Haven.

A real hotspot that is worth mentioning, because here you can eat both delicious classics as well as Asian dishes, with of course an extensive wine list. On the menu you will not only find fish, meat and vegetarian, but also well-stocked snack platters and bites.

The real eye-catcher is of course the terrace on the harbour, but the inside is also worth mentioning. With an impressive and colourful interior, it is a great place to stay.


Nieuwe Haven 1, 2959 AT Streefkerk


19. Dutch Dukes

Photo by Wendy van Bree.

A new hotspot has opened in the middle of the bustling Witte de Withstraat, namely the first English gastropub in Rotterdam. The hotspot Dutch Dukes wants to introduce the city to the casual British pub atmosphere.

You will be welcomed here by the smell of typical English dishes, such as fish & chips and steak & guiness pie, but you can also opt for appetizers such as avocado fries and beetroot ‘bitterballen’.

The high-quality dishes are freshly prepared daily, the drinks menu is filled with British beers, ciders and gin tonics, of course. But in addition to the food and drinks menu, the interior is also as you would expect from a gastropub. With a burgundy, oak and brass colour palette and stained glass, it will feel like you’re in London for a moment.

Read more about the first English gastropub of Rotterdam!


Witte de Withstraat 81, 3012 BN Rotterdam


20. Remastered Experience

Onder de Erasmusbrug vind je de unieke Remastered Experience, waar je een wordt met kunst en muziek. Toffe projecties brengen je naar een wereld geïnspireerd door Oude Hollandse Meesters.

The newest interactive experience in Rotterdam has opened its doors: Remastered. In this attraction you are taken on an audiovisual journey for an hour and you become one with the art.

Walk under a waterfall, go on an adventure with the unearthly creatures of Hieronymus Bosch, learn to time travel and surround yourself with paintings by Dutch Old Masters such as Van Gogh and Mondriaan. Each time you enter a new world and you don’t know what to expect.

Read more about this unique new attraction in our city. Buy your ticket upfront via this link.


Willemsplein 79, 3016 DR Rotterdam


21. Restaurant and club BIT(TER)

In this building on the Keileweg in Rotterdam West, a former brothel, a techno club and restaurant has opened in September 2021. When the neon letters BITTER are on, you know that you can come here for good food. When the last three letters go out, it’s time to dance…

In Club BIT, located in the area behind the restaurant, you can dance the night away to electronic music. The club is currently only open during the day due to the current measures. Check out their Instagram to stay up to date!


Keileweg 10, 3029 BS Rotterdam


22. Café Roosje

In the summer of 2021 Café Roosje has opened its doors at the old location of restaurant De Jong in the Hofbogen.

The new owners of the building are Richard de Haan and his wife Rosalie, or Roosje, hence the name Café Roosje.

It’s a place where you can go every day of the week from morning to night. There will be five taps, special beer, all kinds of jenever, but also espresso martinis and spritzes. In terms of dishes, you will find something for every moment of the day on their menu. For example, a delicious croissant in the morning and a delicious snack platter in the evening.

Café Roosje has a real living room feeling. They have backgammon and chess games, a large bookcase where you can exchange books and live music!


Raampoortstraat 38, 3032 AH Rotterdam


23. Tech-noir

At the beginning of September 2021, Tech-Noir has opened its doors on the Witte de Withstraat. At this creative location in the center of the city you can expect a large terrace, affordable cocktails, breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner in American style!

Tech-Noir is in an area of 42 Workspace. Behind this new concept are the entrepreneurs Loran Reemer-Brandenburg (known from the former Rauwdouwer) and Bram Spruit (interior builder for Suicide Club).

The inspiration for this hotspot is the location itself, the tech companies that are located there and the 80s. Tech-Noir is the club from the 1984 movie Terminator, where the terminator opens fire on Sarah Conner.

Enjoy Miami Vice like atmospheres, pastel tones and palm trees. In the evening they change course and continue as Noir, where you can go for snacks to share, drinks and good 80’s vibes.

Also awesome: the stage will often be used for events from 42workspace and for game nights, film screenings, 80’s parties and more!


Schiedamse Vest 154, 3011 BH Rotterdam


Those are the new hotspots of Rotterdam. Have I overlooked something or are you starting something new in Rotterdam soon? Please contact info @ This list is regularly updated!

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