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Omringd door het Kralingse bos, is deze plas dé plek waar de Rotterdammer heengaat tijdens een zomerse dag. Als de zon schijnt staat het vol met barbecuende mensen, spelende kinderen en vrienden die genieten van een drankje.

Nature in Rotterdam: 15 green spots in our city

By Lisanne van Beurden
May 15, 2021

Even a city dweller sometimes needs some nature. It’s not necessary to especially leave the city for this, because there are enough green spots to be found in Rotterdam. Beaches, parks, gardens and waters, Rotterdam has it all.

Did you know that it’s very beneficial to your health to spend a few hours in nature? It lowers your stresslevels and often you can sleep better after. In Japan there is even such a thing as ‘forest baths’. Now I wonder if it counts if you just spend an afternoon with friends in the Vroesenpark, but I bet it will help a little bit against the stress of the daily hustle and bustle of city life!

Below I share beautiful green spots in Rotterdam and the surrounding area. Whether you feel like going for a walk, a picnic or just hugging a tree. Enjoy!

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1. The Park

The Park is located at the foot of the Euromast, west of the center of Rotterdam. It is a real green oasis, where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city center.

It is a very well-known park in Rotterdam, but I still find it surprisingly quiet here. That makes it an excellent place to organize a picnic or to go for a walk (or a combination of the two).

The park has many lush trees and extensive lawns. Due to the shade of the trees, it is often nice and cool here. Ideal during a hot summer day.

TIP: In the Park you can also sit down at Parqiet, a wonderful place for an extensive breakfast, brunch or lunch.


Baden Powelllaan 2, 3016 GJ Rotterdam


2. Historical Garden Schoonoord

Een verborgen parel dichtbij Het Park in Rotterdam: Historische tuin Schoonoord Rotterdam.

Historische Tuin Schoonoord (Historical Garden Schoonoord) can be found near the Euromast Park. Despite its central location, it is a quiet oasis where you will not meet many other people. A nice place to walk around and enjoy all the greenery.

Schoonoord has been designated a protected national monument due to its unique location, historical elements and special plants. In the garden you can find a rich collection of flora and fauna. There are also benches, bridges, a lush pond and various old trees. Really worth a visit if you are looking for a piece of nature in Rotterdam!


Kievitslaan 8, 3016 CG Rotterdam


3. Kralingse Bos and Plas

Omringd door het Kralingse bos, is deze plas dé plek waar de Rotterdammer heengaat tijdens een zomerse dag. Als de zon schijnt staat het vol met barbecuende mensen, spelende kinderen en vrienden die genieten van een drankje.

A place in Rotterdam that cannot be missed in this list is the Kralingse Plas. Surrounded by the Kralingse Bos, this is the place where the people of Rotterdam go during a summer day. It is a good nature spot with lots of green!

When the sun is shining it is full of people barbecuing, children playing and friends enjoying a drink. There is always enough space here and you can sit by the water. You can of course also go for a walk, skating or cycling.

It is always fun here on sunny days! But you can also walk or play sports here on colder days. And of course it is an excellent place to watch the sunset in Rotterdam.


Langepad 9, 3062 CJ Rotterdam


4. Ons Park

Vanaf Ons Park op Noordereiland heb je, zoals je hierboven kunt zien, een prachtig uitzicht op de Willemsbrug. Hier kun je zeker mooie kiekjes maken.  Het is een klein parkje en het is hier meestal lekker rustig, met een paar wandelaars en hier en daar een groepje sporters. Het is fijn om hier te genieten van het uitzicht, van het groen en van de konijntjes die vrij rondlopen. Een mooi tijdstip om het te fotograferen is tijdens de zonsondergang. 

A piece of nature on Noordereiland. The former construction site of the Willemsspoort tunnel has been transformed into a beautiful green park with the (temporary) name Ons Park!

It is a real city park, as you have a beautiful view of the Willemsbrug from Ons Park. What you do not see in the picture is that you also have a nice view of the Hef on the other side.

It is a small park and it is usually nice and quiet here, with a few pedestrians and a group of sportsmen here and there. It is nice to enjoy the view here, the greenery and the rabbits that roam free.

Bring a blanket and some snacks and gather your best friends to have a nice picnic here. A good time to visit it is during the sunset, but it is also good to stay here during the day.


Feijenoordstraat, 3071 LN Rotterdam


5. Eiland van Brienenoord

You can find a beautiful nature reserve under the Van Brienenoord bridge. As soon as you set foot on the island you will discover a beautiful piece of nature where you can take a quiet walk. Quiet, in the most literal sense, because you don’t meet many people there.

On your path you will find wooded areas, grassy plains, small pools, open waters, allotments and a nature playground. In addition, there are 40 different bird species, plants and butterflies that live in the nature reserve. Perhaps the most surprising are the Scottish Highlanders who roam freely and graze the grass briefly all year round. Enough to see!

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Van Brienenoord, 3077 AE Rotterdam


6. Dakpark Rotterdam

The unique Roof Park in Rotterdam-West is one of the largest roof parks in Europe. Located at a height of nine meters, the park offers a beautiful view of the nearby harbor and high-rise buildings.

There is plenty to do at the Dakpark! There are large lawns and handy picnic tables, so you can enjoy a barbecue or picnic here. There is also an herb garden, Mediterranean garden, community garden and pergolas. Children can play in the playground and on the water stairs.


Vierhavensstraat 79, 3029 BB Rotterdam


7. Lage Bergse Bos

For a beautiful green area in Rotterdam you have to go to the Lage Bergse Bos. Lage Bergse Bos is located between Hillegersberg and Bleiswijk.

This forest is about 150 hectares and is part of the recreation area Rottemeren. There are several walking trails here to follow, both forest trails and paved walkways.

Scottish Highlanders walk around here, so don’t be surprised if you suddenly see one popping up!


Rottebandreef 50, 2661 GR Bergschenhoek


8. Trompenburg Tuinen & Arboretum

Dit pareltje van Rotterdam is een botanische tuin gelegen in Kralingen. Het is prachtig aangelegd en gevuld met bomen, struiken en de meest unieke bloemen. Of je nu van flora houdt of gewoon wat rust en stilte wilt, je bent welkom om alleen of met een gids langs te komen en rond te lopen.

This hidden gem of Rotterdam is a botanical garden located in Kralingen. It is beautifully landscaped and filled with trees, shrubs and the most unique flowers. Enough nature to enjoy!

Whether you like flora or just want some peace and quiet, you are welcome to drop by and walk around alone or with a guide. You simply buy a ticket for the gardens at the entrance.


Honingerdijk 86, 3062 NX Rotterdam


9. Voedseltuin Rotterdam

Momenteel kun je in de Voedseltuin Rotterdam ook een aantal sculpturen van 'Let's Get Physical' door Atelier van Lieshout zien. Zo ook het beeld 'Weltmeister'.

‘Weltmeister’ in de Voedseltuin Rotterdam.

Last, but not least: a green spot with a mission, namely Stichting Voedseltuin Rotterdam. This foundation was established with the aim of providing healthy and fresh food for everyone. With the help of volunteers, they grow sustainably grown seasonal vegetables and fruit for the Food Bank in Rotterdam.

You can find Voedseltuin Rotterdam at Keilehaven in the Vierhaven area.


Keilestraat 9, 3029 AC Rotterdam


10. Park Rozenburg

A beautiful place for a walk in Rotterdam is Kralingen. This district is close to the center of the city, but is still a place where you can completely unwind. Whenever I walk here I love admiring all the beautiful historic buildings and enormous houses.

In addition, you will also find a lot of green places in Kralingen, such as Park Rozenburg. It is only a small park, which makes it very cozy. Some ponds with ducks and lots of lawns and trees make it an oasis in the city.


Waldeck-Pyrmontlaan 10, 3062 BV Rotterdam


11. Schollebos

The Schollebos is located in Capelle aan den IJssel, so for this spot you have to drive or cycle a little bit out of Rotterdam.

Together with the ‘s-Gravenweg area, the Schollebos forms the green heart between the districts of Schollevaar, Middelwatering and Oostgaarde. In this forest you can spot all kinds of birds, and here you will also find different types of trees, shrubs and plants.


12. Vroesenpark

Vroesenpark cannot be missed on this list, as it is one of the most popular parks in Rotterdam. This park is located in Blijdorp between Vroesenlaan and Stadhoudersweg.

When the sun is shining, this park is often full of groups of people enjoying barbecues and picnics. In addition, you can also walk and go skating here.


Stadhoudersweg, 3039 MC Rotterdam


13. Weelde

There are so many unique hotspots in our city, but one that stands out is Weelde. This creative, utopian free state is a place where music, art, performance, food and drink come together. It is a place where young and old can have fun.

It is also an incredibly green place, with lots of beautiful (wild) flowers, grass and there is even a piece of beach at the Zandbar! A wonderful place to be to enjoy nature and the sun.

Discover more unique hotspots in Rotterdam.


Marconistraat 39, 3029 AG Rotterdam


14. DakAkker Rotterdam

A bit of green up high? Everything is possible in Rotterdam. DakAkker is a garden on a roof. It looks like a green courtyard, but then 20 meters in the air. In addition, it’s the first green rooftop in the Netherlands where fruit and vegetables are grown and honey bees are kept.

Want to discover more rooftops in Rotterdam? Be sure to read Fatima’s article with hidden rooftops in Rotterdam.


Schiekade 189, 3013 BR Rotterdam


15. Ackerdijkse Plassen

Ackerdijkse Plassen is a beautiful nature area between Delft and Rotterdam. So you have to leave Rotterdam for this spot (20 minutes by car from the center of Rotterdam), but it is definitely worth a visit, especially if you want to escape from the city.

The nature reserve is a popular place for cyclists, hikers it’s a true bird watchers paradise. From the De Tureluur observation tower you can see how different birds, such as Redshank and Black-headed Gulls, fly and breed. You also have a beautiful view of the Rotterdam skyline!


That were the beautiful nature spots in Rotterdam. Do you have a (green) tip? Let us know in the comments below and we can get back to exploring!

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