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In these bars they serve the best natural wine

By Alice Eichelsheim
May 05, 2023

Are you, as a real natural wine lover, looking for the best Rotterdam hotspots to enjoy this? Or do you actually have no idea what it is yet, but are you always open to try something new?

Then keep reading, because below I explain what natural wine is and which cafes in Rotterdam are the right place for a delicious glass of natural wine. Whether you surprise your date, round up your friends for a drink or introduce your family to this type of wine, one thing is certain: at these bars you are guaranteed a very pleasant evening.


What is natural wine?

In short: natural wine is made without additions and interventions by the winemaker. In addition, the wine is unfiltered and organic grapes form the basis. This ensures that the taste is often different and somewhat funkier than with a ‘regular’ wine, which can give more pure and earthy tones.

Do you want to know where else you can drink a nice glass of wine? Check out these wine bars in Rotterdam. Or are you looking for another tasty drink? Check out this a nice overview of cocktail bars in our city.

Below you will discover nice places for natural wine in Rotterdam!


Restaurant-Wine bar FOU

For the largest natural wine menu in Rotterdam, you’ve come to the right place at Restaurant-Winebar FOU. This cosy wine bar in West serves no less than 200 (!) natural wines. And with their expertise, they ensure that you are served the perfect (natural) wine.

Do you want to know more about (natural) wine? Then choose their high wine, where you’ll get to try four different wines, whilst enjoying a delicious platter of bites.

Got hungry? FOU has got you! Choose from their extensive menu of fresh and homemade dishes, which focuses as much as possible on local and seasonal products. Whether you come by for some small bites or don’t feel like cooking yourself, FOU has something for everyone. Do you have a little more time? Then make sure to try the Chefmellier menu, where you get all the favourites of the chef, sous and sommelier combined in a delicious surprise menu.

If you want to take one of the delicious wines with you, you’re in luck, because next to their wine bar is also their shop. Here you can purchase your favourite wine at retail prices. Cheers!


2e Middelandstraat 8, 3021 BM Rotterdam (Restaurant-Winebar)

2e Middelandstraat 4c, 3021 BM Rotterdam (Wine store)


Le Nord

Photo by Vivianne Sanderse.

Does an orange wine from Georgia, a rich bubble from Italy or a powerful natural wine from Spain sound like music to your ears? Then Le Nord is the place for you. In addition to special natural wines, this cute bistrot in Noord also serves a wide range of other wines and beers, so there is something for everyone.

Looking for something delicious to enjoy next to the wine? Then put together your own cheese or charcuterie board. In addition, they serve a delicious lunch and have an extensive drink and dinner menu, giving their own twist to French cuisine.

They mainly work with natural and healthy ingredients from an organic farm, which is also located close to Le Nord. So super local!

Don’t feel like making decisions? The perfect wine suggestions are indicated for each dish on the dinner menu. So all you have to do is order and enjoy.


Proveniersstraat 33A, 3033 CH Rotterdam



Photo by Vivianne Sanderse.

L’Ouest is by the same owners as Le Nord and is located on the Van Oldenbarneveltstraat, within walking distance of Rotterdam Central. The menu features wines from many different countries and categories, including delicious natural wines.

For example, taste their Portuguese orange wine, which is made in traditional large earthenware pots, also called Talhas. Can’t choose? Then their wine flight is definitely something for you! Here you get to taste a cava and three wines, with accompanying amuse-bouches. Perfect for a drink with friends or to give as a gift.

At L’Ouest you enjoy shared dining. These are again based on French cuisine and are made with local and healthy quality products. Here too, wine suggestions are given with each dish and the sommelier can always provide some explanation about the wine-food combination, guaranteeing you a special experience.

All wines served at Le Nord and L’Ouest are also available at their wine shop in Le Nord, next to Bistrot Le Nord. This way, you can also put a nice (natural) wine on the table with your home-prepared dinner. In addition, they have an open tasting in the store every first Saturday of the month, where all kinds of wine can be tasted from conventional to natural. Freely accessible between 13:00 and 17:00. A perfect Saturday activity!


Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 139, 3012 GT Rotterdam


Café Verward

This delightful café in the Hoogstraat is the perfect place to have a drink. Tasting is key here, which is why many of their wines are also available by the glass. For advice on (natural) wines, sommelier Ward or one of his colleagues will be happy to help you. Take a seat at the expansive bar and be served a wine that perfectly matches your wishes.

Are you sitting comfortably and don’t feel like cooking anymore? That’s a good thing, because next to delicious (natural) wines, Verward also serves various high-quality bites. Go for a duck rillette, a chicory with beetroot cream or a cheese board. And of course the perfect wine can be recommended!

Verward is cosy and has an intimate atmosphere. In addition, the café has a lovely terrace outside, which is perfect for the upcoming summer evenings. In short, the ideal place for a nice evening of wine with friends or a nice date.


Hoogstraat 69A, 3011 PH, Rotterdam


RAISIN the bar

At this cool new hotspot in Delfshaven, the focus is on natural wine. The wine bar therefore only serves natural wines and champagnes. They have over 100 different bottled varieties. Don’t feel like a whole bottle, or do you want to taste different wines? Don’t worry, because many wines are also served by the glass at RAISIN.

With a glass of wine in hand and some delicious bites on the table, you can enjoy their cosy living room atmosphere. Among other things, the disco ball on the ceiling, the vintage furniture throughout the store and the carpet on the floor make this bar unique. But you can also sit outside and enjoy those first rays of sunshine on their terrace.

The events at Raisin also make this place so special, from ‘Rosti & Riesling’ and ‘Wines & Movies’, to ‘Sushi & Champagne’ and ‘Orange Wine & Sjoelen’. In addition, vinyl sets are regularly played, art is exhibited, tastings are organized and you can attend their champagne breakfast every Sunday. On their instagram you can keep an eye on what’s on the agenda and which new wines can be tasted!


Willem Buytewechstraat 143H, 3024 XD Rotterdam


Blije Wijnen

Blije Wijnen is an importer of natural wines and works together with about 25 winemakers in Europe, each of whom makes wine with their own story. This passion can certainly be tasted and is reflected in a wide range of special wines. Do you have something to celebrate or just want to organize a nice dinner soon? Then you can order your wines online.

Would you like to come and taste on location? Then you’re in luck, because in 2020 Blije Wijnen opened their first wine bar in Fenix ​​Food Factory on the Kop van Zuid. Here you can go to the bar for advice about their different types of natural wines, score a bottle to go in their shop or of course come and drink a delicious wine.

Downstairs in Fenix ​​Food Factory there are also other shops where you can order a matching snack to go with your wine. Are you complete? Then take a seat at one of the tables downstairs or at the Blije Wijnen bar. There are also plenty of tables and various (board) games upstairs, so you can turn it into a game afternoon. When the weather is nice, it is certainly advisable to find a spot on the extensive terrace of Fenix, so that you can enjoy your wine in the sun.


Nico Koomanskade 1025, 3072 LM Rotterdam


Café Prêt à Boire

If you can’t get enough of Blije Wijnen, then this place is definitely something for you! This fine wine bar in the Afrikaanderwijk is run by Maud van Berlo, the owner and wine importer of Blije Wijnen. With lots of natural light inside and a lovely terrace outside, you’re always in the right place here. In the evening the candles are lit, which creates a cozy atmosphere.

Take a seat at the bar for a glass of wine with your date, grab a table downstairs for a drink with friends or have dinner at one of the tables on the mezzanine.

The menu is based on an Asian fusion, with dishes such as shrimp croquettes, kimchi, Peking pancake and a delicious twist on eggplant. The ingredients are local from the farm, which is grown organically or biodynamically. And you can taste that! The dishes are affordable and there are many vegetarian and vegan options, so there is something for everyone.

In addition to delicious natural wines, natural ciders and tasty specialty beers are also served. There are also games available, ideal for a nice game of chess or aggravation with your friends. Finally, the winemakers’ dinner is organized monthly, where a four-course menu is served with matching wines.


Bloemfonteinstraat 78C, 3072 HK Rotterdam



Located in the lobby of Hotel Supernova, is the special wine bar of Thomas and Lukas. Its name is pronounced “enoteca” and used to be a repository of wine. Now, in addition to wine itself, NOTK also stores an enormous knowledge and passion for wine. With their enthusiasm and years of experience, the gentlemen tell you everything about the different aspects of wine.

Here you can taste wines made with respect for nature, but in a conventional and classic style. There is a choice from an extensive selection by the glass, bottle and a daily changing selection of wines outside the menu. Quality is paramount at NOTK, which is not only reflected in their fantastic wines, but also in their dishes. Join them for a drink or dinner, where the dishes are composed with local ingredients based on the wines.

Do you want to be surprised? With the sommeliers menu, three exclusive wines are chosen for you and paired with matching dishes. In addition, the men also offer tastings and master classes and events ranging from a winemakers dinner to a real Fruits de mer Feast.


‘S-Gravendijkwal 68, 3014 EG Rotterdam



In 2022 Kim and Kelly, the owners of Weelde, started a new business in Rotterdam-West. Amore is a great restobar with an extensive terrace, which you can enjoy from Wednesday to Saturday. The menu includes various natural wines by the glass and bottle, in the categories sparkling, white, orange, red, vermouth and dessert. In addition, they serve natural ciders and sakes and they have changing wines outside the menu.

The dishes follow the concept of shared dining and are prepared with a nod to Italian cuisine. For example, you can enjoy a burrata, gnocchi, oysters or affogato.

And what could be more fun than drinking natural wine? Drink natural wine and dance! On Fridays, hit the dance floor after dinner and enjoy some good shots. One thing is certain: you absolutely want to spend your (early) weekend in this cool place. Check their insta @amorerotterdam for the agenda.

TIP: every first Wednesday of the month is pita day, where two delicious types of pitas are served. Perfect for a nice natural wine.


Tiendplein 1, 3014 BH, Rotterdam



Still in need of natural wine? Then you will find the café Marseille opposite Amore. As the name suggests, Marseille is a southern French eatery, but right here in Rotterdam. Expect checkered tablecloths, good (natural) wines and classic French delicacies.

For lunch, Marseille serves various baguettes, croques and sweets. Would you rather come and have a drink the French way? At Marseille you can enjoy a delicious Burgundian fruit de mer, a cheese board or an oyster during the apéro.

A bottle of natural bubbles is highly recommended! On Sunday oysters are only one euro (!) each, while stocks last. Reservations for this are no longer possible from now on, so be on time if you want to get a spot.

In the afternoon the sun shines on the spacious terrace, making you feel as if you are in the South of France during the summer months. With a vin naturel in hand you can enjoy a delicious dinner, where you can choose from, among other things, a Marseillan fish soup, pulpo or steak frites. Health and bon appetit!


1e Middellandstraat 16B, 3014 BD, Rotterdam


Bar Cult

You may already know Cult as a pop-up at Weelde, but it has had its own place in the creative West for a few months now. Pink neon letters welcome you to Bar Cult, which is located on the Oostkousdijk, near RAISIN the bar. You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to feel at home here, everyone is welcome!

Behind the fantastic bar, owner Rutger serves you a delicious natural wine. He has gained a lot of knowledge over the past decade, which is reflected in the entire experience at Cult. There is no menu, so the choice is tailored to what you feel like. They have bubbles, white, orange or red and the wine cellar still has about 1500 bottles from all over the world.

The food menu is kept simple, because the natural wines play the leading role. But think of bread from the bakery with homemade butter, cheese from the cheese farm and sausage from the market. So come and toast to the weekend from Thursday to Sunday from 15:00 at Bar Cult!


Oostkousdijk 29, 3024 CL, Rotterdam



A place that should not be missed from this list is Restaurant Rotonde. A cosy place near Oostplein with nice service, great natural wines and fantastic food. With their cool vision and quality products, Rotonde is guaranteed to give you a special evening!

The progressive kitchen cooks with a wood oven and local vegetables. This creates special combinations that work surprisingly well, so that every dish brings a new taste sensation. In addition, all dishes are vegetarian or vegan, which fits perfectly with their progressive vision.

In addition to the delicious food, they offer a wide range of natural wines of different types and origins. Nice for your dinner, but you are also welcome at Rotonde to just come and drink a glass of wine at the bar.


Goudsesingel 230, 3011 KE, Rotterdam



As the name suggests, this wonderful new hotspot is located in Rotterdam Noord. Diepnoord is characterized by vinyl, seasonal dishes and natural wines. The brown pub vibe provides an atmospheric and relaxed environment, where you can enjoy a good conversation with friends or your date with a cozy candle.

There is a bar menu with bites for drinks, such as olives, oysters and charcuterie. In addition, there is a dinner menu, which changes regularly and is based on local seasonal ingredients. The dishes are of different sizes, but no distinction is made between starters, main courses and desserts. These are nice to share!

Once in a while the tables are pushed aside and you can dance. Keep an eye on their instagram @diepnoord for this.


Bergweg 80, 3036 BD, Rotterdam


Kaapse Maria

You mainly know Kaapse Brouwers from their delicious home-brewed beers, but what you may not have known is that Kaapse Maria also serves a new menu of natural wines every week. This way you have a new experience every week, from bubble and white, to orange and red. Check at the bar which wines you can choose from this week!

In terms of food, they serve exactly what you feel like in addition to a natural wine: an olive with lemon, a cheese or charcuterie board, a sandwich with butter or some nuts. Do you have a bigger appetite? You can also dine at Kaapse Maria.

With the taproom downstairs, a beautifully light upstairs space and a lovely terrace with evening sun, you will always find a nice spot at Kaapse Maria. There are also regular parties and art exhibitions, so keep an eye on @kaapsemaria on Instagram for the events.


Mauritsweg 52, 3012 JW, Rotterdam


Here they were, wonderful bars for natural wine in Rotterdam. I hope you found what you’re looking for. Did we forget our favourite spot? Let us know below!

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