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10 Museums in Rotterdam that you can visit online

By Lisanne van Beurden
April 06, 2020

Would you love to admire art in a museum right now? Of course, all museums in Rotterdam are currently closed, so this is a bit more difficult than it used to be. But instead of admiring art in a physical museum, it is also possible to do this from home. In this article we share the fun online initiatives of various Rotterdam museums and art galleries!

This means you can still admire the most beautiful paintings and art objects in the virtual world. A lot of museums also started with a lot of artsy assignments and creative activities that you can do online. By the way, have you already read our article with fun and productive things to do at home?

Have you spotted any other fun online initiatives from Rotterdam art institutions that deserves a spot in this article? Send us an e-mail or leave a comment and we will add it to this list.


1. View the digital collection of the Mariniers Museum

The Mariniers Museum has a digital collection with special places, events, persons and facts that deepen the understanding of the history of the Marine Corps. A good way to enjoy yourself and learn something.


2. Watch the live program at the Nieuwe Instituut


The Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam continues the activity program in digital form as much as possible. They have an online section on their website where you can view or listen to a varying selection from their online publications. Here they have an audio library and a digital collection.

For instance, they have the online publication The 24/7 Bed with interesting stories such as the Bed-In for Peace with John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Definitely worth a read!


3. Experience the virtual tours of Boijmans Online

Binnenplein museum met ‘Apollo’ door Olaf Nicolai en Thonik (floor painting), 2008, Foto: Maurice Boye.

Museum Boijmans van Beuningen has started Boijmans Online. Here you can view 45,000 art objects from Boijmans, read their file catalogs and enjoy 360-degree virtual tours.

Through the tours you can still enjoy various exhibitions, such as ‘The collection as time machine’ and ‘The Design Collection’.

In addition, the Instagram account of Boijmans is currently dominated by a contemporary experiment. Namely a drawing relay inspired by the Cadavre Exquis / Exquisite Corpse.


4. Follow the Masterclasses of Kunsthal Rotterdam


The Kunsthal also offers great online initiatives. For example, they give us the opportunity to stay creative with the Kunsthal LIVE Masterclasses via their YouTube channel. In addition, they share all kinds of highlights and creative assignments via their Instagram and Facebook.


5. Fun online series and tours at the Nederlands Fotomuseum

The Nederlands Fotomuseum has also been closed due to the measures. That is why you can now visit the Nederlands Fotomuseum from your home!

Watch the series ‘Archive Dive’, in which Martijn van den Broek and restorer Katrin Pietsch extract special collection pieces from the main collections. In one minute they tell about the collection piece. You can also admire their collection online, take an online tour of the exhibition ‘Sterke verhalen uit de rijke collectie van het Nederlands Fotomuseum’ (or  ‘Strong stories from the rich collection of the Nederlands Fotomuseum’) and more (most is in Dutch)!


6. Museum@Home of the Belasting & Douane Museum

At the Belasting & Douane Museum (Tax & Customs Museum) they started with Museum@Home (in Dutch). Now you can still visit their museum in the virtual world. For example, admire their employees’ favorite museum objects or enjoy some of the fun home activities they made up. In this way they ensure that people stay creative!


7. Watch the vlogs of FutureLand

Als grootste havenstad van Europa, maakt de haven een belangrijk deel uit van Rotterdam. Het zorgt voor 385.000 directe en indirecte banen bij bedrijven in Nederland en strekt zich uit over een lengte van maar liefst 40 kilometer. Uniek in z'n soort en daarom een essentiële bezichtiging tijdens je bezoek aan Rotterdam.

FutureLand is also currently closed. This means that tours, activities and business events are not currently taking place. Until this is possible again, they will keep you informed via their social media channels about the ins and outs of the port. For example, watch the video tours of their Vlogging Information Officer (only in Dutch).


8. Listen to the audio tours of the Maritime Museum

Een activiteit die leuk is voor alle leeftijden. Het Maritiem Museum Rotterdam bevindt zich in één van de grootste en oudste museumhavens van Nederland en hier leer je meer over het verleden én heden van de Rotterdamse haven. Met tentoonstellingen, activiteiten en een collectie aan historische schepen en kranen ben je hier wel even zoet. Ideaal voor bijvoorbeeld een regenachtige dag of als je op pad bent met kinderen. 

Listen to the audio tours of the Maritime Museum from home (only in Dutch)! Their employees talk about their favorite object from their collection, which according to experts belongs to the world top.

It is possible to listen to fragments about the offshore experience, masterpieces, dealing with drugs, sea monsters and the museum harbor.


9. Take part in the worldly activities of the Wereldmuseum

You won’t be bored with the worldly activities of the Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam! Every week they post a new activity on their website. From making an exotic dish to playing the best games.


10. Admire the beautiful collection of Museum Rotterdam online

Museum Rotterdam has a beautiful collection with more than a hundred thousand objects of the most diverse nature. Currently, more than 48000 items can be found on their website and this will continue to grow in the near future!


How do you make sure that you stay a bit creative? Let us know in the comments below!

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