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Foto door Gundega Melberga.

Buy nice Mother’s Day gifts at these shops in Rotterdam

By Kim Longwood
March 15, 2024

Mother’s Day is coming and that is reason for celebration. Do you want to pamper your mother with a little something or a beautiful gift? These shops in Rotterdam have exactly what you are looking for. Buy your Mother’s Day gifts here and put a smile on your mom’s face.

Also discover these artistic gifts. And you already know these gift shops in Rotterdam?



What do you buy at this cheerful store on the Witte de Withstraat? That’s right, gifts! In other words: gifts that will drive your mother wild. Think, for example, of trendy vases, nice lamps, fluffy pillows, socks and books.


Witte de Withstraat 5, 3012 BK Rotterdam


2. Slowdown Store

Foto door Gundega Melberga.

In Rotterdam West, you can find the Slowdown Store. A store focused on sustainable living. You can buy both second-hand and sustainable clothing and accessories here. Perfect for the conscious mom!


Burgemeester Meineszplein 13a, 3022 XB Rotterdam


3. Alles in Wonderland

Everything you never thought you’d need but still want to have, can be found at Alles in Wonderland. Besides finding the very largest collection of Christmas ornaments here (yes, all year round!), they sell all kinds of fun, crazy gifts.

The kitschy and over the top cheerful shop in Blijdorp sells stuff that is always just a little different from what you are used to from less outspoken shops. From games to crazy socks and doormats to vases, for a unique and eye-catching Mother’s Day gift, you’ve come to the right place at Alles in Wonderland.


Bergselaan 295A, 297D, 3038 CG Rotterdam


4. Danny de Cactus

Danny de Cactus is well known to many Rotterdammers. This colourful shop full of Eastern design is perfect for bohemian mothers. Here you will find beautiful lamps, coloured rugs, fashion accessories, jewellery and dream catchers.


Schilderstraat 63A, 3011 ER Rotterdam


5. Sluijter & Meijer

This store sells second-hand items that will make you greedy. Here, you can make both small and large purchases, such as jewellery, clothing, home accessories and paintings.


Witte de Withstraat 48-A, 3012 BR Rotterdam


6. Swan Market Store Rotterdam

The well-known Swan Market has a very nice store in the centre, where you can score all kinds of gifts.

Make your mother happy with nice cards, artwork or jewellery, accessories for the home or around her neck or buy a trendy bag. The items are all artisanal products from small creative entrepreneurs.


Oude Binnenweg 137, 3012 JD Rotterdam



KKEC is a fun gift shop in the Koopgoot. You will find items such as quirky gadgets, funny mugs, colourful socks, crazy trinkets and trendy gifts, in addition to some Rotterdam-specific souvenirs.

But what sets KKEC apart is their range of prints, art and frames. Choose from a large selection of original photographs and art reproductions, wooden wall decorations, prints, canvases and posters. For a truly personal gift, it is possible to print your Mother’s Day photo on canvas.

You must have a cool photo with your mother. Or, for example, a picture with all siblings together? Super fun to print that out as a gift for your mother!


Beurstraverse 186, 3012 AT Rotterdam



8. In ‘t Wild

This Rotterdam concept store sells nice candles in all colours of the rainbow, colourful birds and insects (made of paper) for decoration and paper in all shapes and sizes (from loose sheets to craft kits).


Herenplaats 33, 3011 LP Rotterdam


9. Het Rotterdams Warenhuis

Is your mom a true Rotterdammer(s) at heart? Then you will surely make her happy with a typical Rotterdam gift. At Het Rotterdams Warenhuis in Kralingen, you will find a wide range of purely Rotterdam products.

With items such as Rotterdam Champagne, Lego versions of Rotterdam icons like the Euromast and the City Hall, beautiful posters, books and calendars, clothing, Rotterdam sweets and Ome Cor’s beer, you are guaranteed to find a unique Mother’s Day gift from your own city.


Frits Ruysstraat 46D, 3061 MG Rotterdam


10. De Bonte Koe Chocolade

Chocolate is always a good idea! And if we say chocolate, you say De Bonte Koe. This iconic chocolate shop sells beautiful chocolate artwork and delicious bonbons. Pick your mom’s favorites and surprise her with a box full of chocolate love.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 112, 3015 BE Rotterdam


11. Mystiek

You will undoubtedly make mothers who are crazy about spirituality happy with a gift from Mystiek. Here, you can buy books, tarot cards, jewellery, minerals and gemstones, incense, crystals and much more.


Schiedamse Vest 79, 3012 BE Rotterdam



VOORLOPIG is an ‘eccentric department store’ as they put it nicely. They have two locations: one in West and one in North. A store with unique items that are perfect for gift giving.

Shop here for products from small businesses that rent a shop-in-shop space in the store. From jewellery to green, baby clothes and bags, but also books and postcards and even ceramics and mini works of art. The assortment changes weekly.


Kleiweg 111B, 3051 GL Rotterdam

Nieuwe Binnenweg 165, 3014 GK Rotterdam


13. WAAR Rotterdam

WAAR Rotterdam is a gift shop with honest, fair trade and sustainable products. All products you buy here have a beautiful story and are made with love and care. From fashion accessories and skin care to fun items for the home.


Oude Binnenweg 116, 3012 JG Rotterdam


14. Basecamp

This cute little place in Rotterdam North is a coffee bar and shop in one. You can buy nice vintage items and gifts that will undoubtedly brighten up an interior. And while you are there, you might as well order a nice cup of coffee.


Bergselaan 291A, 3038 CG Rotterdam


15. Keet Rotterdam

KEET is a bright concept store/mini-department store in one of the side streets of the Meent. The store has products from small business owners and local brands for both children and adults and men and women. This makes it a top place to score gifts, also for Mother’s Day!

In the store you will find smaller accessories that give your home more atmosphere, such as mugs, cushions, candles, paintings and plaids. Or buy beautiful dried flowers or air plants for your mother!


Oppert 2A, 3011 HV Rotterdam


16. Lotus Gift

This specialized gift shop on the Schiedamseweg sells beautiful items from different cultures. Influences from India are very present, there are Buddha statues for sale and they have a lot of gold. But you are also in the right place for fantasy items such as figurines of elves.


Schiedamseweg 120-C, 3025 AH Rotterdam


If you can’t score a great Mother’s Day gift at one of these great shops in Rotterdam, we don’t know where you will! We wish you lots of shopping fun and of course we hope that your mother will absolutely love the present.

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