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More is more at this new gem in Rotterdam West

By Lisanne van Beurden
June 16, 2022

A new hotspot will open on Tiendplein in Rotterdam on 17 June: Amore. In this exciting new restobar you can celebrate life. The founders are entrepreneurial duo Kim Pieters and Kelly Vincent, who are also the owners of Weelde. They missed a distinctive bar for a full night out in Rotterdam.

This resulted in the brand new Amore concept. You will find this restobar in the building of the former Holy Smoke. Amore invites you to explore with shared dining and an extensive drinks menu. There is also a small dance floor. “It can get out of hand,” according to Kim. We spoke to her about this new gem in Rotterdam West. Read the interview below!

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What was your inspiration for Amore?

Kim: “A brand new bar in Rotterdam, a place that is inspired by Italian life and where enjoyment comes first. It is not only a bar, but also a place to celebrate life and eat good food. After two years of frugality and crisis, it’s time for a counter voice of excess and more. And at Amore we know: more is more.”

“We are ready to sit on the terrace all day, stay long after dinner and go dancing. Together with the people you want to have around you. Everyone is looking forward to it, even the staff makes it a party. ”

“It will have the casual feel of a bar open late, but with the quality products of a restaurant without actually being a restaurant.”


It can get out of hand at Amore. What do you mean with this?

“Life should be celebrated and we prefer to make every day a party. So it can get out of hand every now and then. When it does, we push the tables aside to start dancing. We missed a place in Rotterdam where you can dine, drink beautiful drinks and also dance. We provide fun playlists. Now and then there will also be a DJ and there is a small dance floor in the basement.”



What’s on Amore’s menu?

“In terms of drinks, we leaned more towards experimental drinks, without it becoming too experimental. It has to remain tasty and accessible, otherwise it’s just too difficult. That is why we have opted for various conventional wines and natural wines, from sparkling to red. And we offer a number of Japanese sakes, which are delicious as an aperitif or digestive. There is also a small cocktail list including a variant of the Scroppino, which is really very tasty. For beer, we opted for Birra Moretti to stay in the Italian atmosphere.”

What about food? “Amore’s menu consists of uncomplicated dishes, made for sharing. The aim is to use local and organic products as much as possible with a Mediterranean twist. The regularly changing menu is partly determined by which ingredients are at their best right now.”


Can you say something about the interior?

“We collaborated with ONIOMANIA for the interior. Together with these two ladies, we looked at what best suits the concept and the location. We arrived at a minimalist, sleek interior with many elements of retro-futurism and a big wink to the 90s.”

“To achieve this, much of the original interior has been stripped. We choose timeless neutral colours and high-quality materials, such as glass, stainless steel and plexiglass. The walls and ceiling are sand-coloured and there is a lot of neon light in the restobar, so, despite the minimalism, the place still feels warm.”

“Furthermore, ONIOMANIA has arranged a special work of art by artist Wouter van de Kuijt. This and the striking neon-lit bar will certainly become the eyecatchers of Amore.”


The eyecatcher, made by artist Wouter van de Kuijt.


“The whole is a bit sleeker than we are used to at Weelde, so we started looking for ways to make it a bit more wild. I expect that the interior will take shape over time, especially by adding nice accessories and other details.”

Get a small sneak peek of Amore’s interior below.



What does the opening of Amore mean for the future of Weelde?

“Amore is a step towards the future and a dream come true. For this place we have a permanent contract with a clear vision of the future. Weelde will continue to exist for a while, but will remain temporary.”

“Weelde is extremely important to us and that is why we will continue to do this as long as we can. We are working hard to ensure the future of Weelde.”


Anything else you’d like to say?

“We are really looking forward to welcome everyone in the new restobar. Only love. More is more!”


Wij kijken er ook naar uit. Bedankt voor je tijd, Kim! Bezoek Amore vanaf 17 juni op Tiendplein 1, 3014 BH Rotterdam.

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