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10 Luxury chocolate shops in Rotterdam

By Kim Longwood
May 10, 2023

Whether you love chocolate yourself or find chocolate a gift that always scores well, you will never walk away empty-handed from these 10 luxury chocolate shops in Rotterdam. All the special chocolates, delicious chocolate bars and other tasty creations are far too tempting for!

Discover fun gift shops in Rotterdam!


1. De Bonte Koe Chocolade

Rotterdam’s most iconic chocolaterie originates from Schiedam: De Bonte Koe. Besides a branch with a chocolate kitchen on the Schiedamse gracht, this particular bonbon seller has several branches in Rotterdam and even a chocolate shop in The Hague.

In addition to bonbons, you buy the most beautiful chocolate creations here, often adapted to the season or a holiday.


Lange Haven 54, 3111 CH Schiedam
Nieuwe Binnenweg 112, 3015 BE Rotterdam
Lusthofstraat 33A, 3062 WB Rotterdam
Korte Poten 57, 2511 EC Den Haag


2. Olala Chocola

In the always cosy Rotterdam Noord is Olala Chocola, a luxury chocolate shop that can be found in many cities in the Netherlands.

This chocolate shop not only sells delicious chocolates, you can also attend workshops here. That means making your own chocolates, of course. Yummy!


Zaagmolenkade 194, 3035 KC Rotterdam


3. Chocoholic

In The Industry Building on the edge of the city centre, you’ll find Chocoholic. The name says it all: here they are addicted to chocolate!

At Chocoholic they make artisanal chocolates and chocolate bars, always with a lot of attention and love. They have a changing and fixed assortment.


Goudsesingel 212, 3011 KD Rotterdam


4. Coco & Sebas

At Coco & Sebas you can buy the most beautiful chocolate presents. If you are looking for a really beautiful chocolate heart, like you sometimes see them in impressive Instagram or TikTok videos, this chocolate shop is the place to be.

Also, the chocolates are very beautiful and all the packaging does not undermine the look of the treats.


Stationsplein 7B, 3013 AJ Rotterdam
Beurstraverse 63, 3012 AT Rotterdam
Poolsterstraat 94, 3067 LX Rotterdam


5. Florentina Chocolates

Deze hippe en luxe chocolaterie op de Witte de Withstraat verkoopt onder andere chocola, bonbons en koffie.

Maar wat maakt Florentina Chocolates uniek? Ze hebben een groot assortiment vegan chocola. Heel fijn voor mensen die vegan zijn of een lactose allergie hebben.

Lees ook mijn handige vegan guide vol met fairtrade en vegan winkels!


Witte de Withstraat 9a, 3012 BK Rotterdam


6. Leonidas Bonbons

Pralines, chocolates with filling, whatever you want to call them…. Leonidas has them! This classic has been around for a long time and is familiar to everyone.

When you say luxury chocolates you say Leonidas. There used to be a Leonidas Bonbons in the Koopgoot, but it closed. You can still find this chocolate shop in the Markthal, though.


Grotemarkt 2, 3011 GZ Rotterdam


7. Chocodesign

At Chocodesign you buy, well you guessed it, designer chocolate. Not just any bonbon or chocolate bar…. but chocolate pebbles, luxury dragee mixes, fruit-flavoured dragees and more.

The chocolates are handmade and you’re also at the right place here for personalised chocolates.


Frits Ruysstraat 61A, 3061 MD Rotterdam


8. Confectionery Chocolaterie Green

On Katendrecht, you can also buy delicious and luxurious chocolate at Rotterdam’s chocolate shop with the longest name: Confectionery Chocolaterie Green. But you can also just say Banketbakker Chocolaterie Groen, which doesn’t necessarily roll off the tongue more easily but is smoother.

Monique Kegel – the chocolate specialist – makes the most unusual chocolate creations, such as cars, pianos and breasts. No request is too much to ask, she can do it all.


Katendrechtse Lagedijk 288 A, 3083 GL Rotterdam


9. Love You Berry Much

Not really a chocolate shop, but definitely a luxury chocolate supplier. Love You Berry Much provides sweets like chocolate-covered strawberries, cupcakes and full ‘sweet tables’ during your special days.

Birthday? Baby shower? Wedding? They are ready for you!


Zevenkampse Ring, 3068 GV Rotterdam


10. Chocolate Company

It may be a chain, but that doesn’t make Chocolate Company any less delicious. This is the place to be if you want a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate ánd you buy chocolates, chocolate truffles and more goodies.

Did you know you can visit them for a high chocolate? Read more in this article about high teas in Rotterdam.


Oude Binnenweg 109A, 3012 JB Rotterdam
Dominee Jan Scharpstraat 298, Unit 66-68, 3011 GZ Rotterdam


Do you love milk, dark or white (not actually chocolate, though)? Or do you prefer a bonbon with filling or a bar with nuts? And where in Rotterdam do you buy your favourite chocolate treat?

If you frequent one (or more) of the above chocolate shops in Rotterdam, we would love to hear from you!

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