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10X Enjoying the late summer in Rotterdam

By Julia Den Outer
October 14, 2022

It’s actually a bit cold already, but this makes the autumn sun all the more lovely. Especially in the late summer in Rotterdam it is wonderful to catch a ray of sunshine.

I like to grab a good book to enjoy a coffee or one of the first red wines of the year somewhere in the fall sun. To trick myself and act as if it’s still summer, because I’m not quite ready for the colder days. 

Below you can discover ten places that are ideal to enjoy the late summer days!


1. Het Nieuwe Café

Het Nieuwe Café. Photo by Johannes Schwartz.

Grab a coffee at Het Nieuwe Café in between museum visits. They have a lovely terrace on the water, where the sun often shines. The Nieuwe Instituut itself is of course already a very cool building, but it is also quite special that you have a first-hand view of the large, shiny Depot. Check out our article on museums in Rotterdam.

The cafe is run by Manuela Goncalves Tavares (you might remember her from Coco or Toko Trash) who likes to cook with different flavours from different cultures. For example, think of purple sweet potato soup with coconut milk, lime and plantain or a bowl with mushrooms, bok choy, colored noodles and seaweed flakes.


Museumpark 25, 3015 CB Rotterdam


2. Westerpaviljoen 

The Westerpaviljoen is a lovely old-skool cafe with a living room vibe. I love to watch people here whilst I’m enjoying a beer. You’ll find all kinds of Rotterdammers here, from day visitors to old bon vivants. The best part is that they have a windshield on the side here, which makes the autumn sun feel like 25 degrees. Also a tip to work inside at the reading table and then take a break on the terrace.


Mathenesserlaan 157, 3015 CJ Rotterdam


3. Parqiet 

De zon schijnt en gelukkig zijn er in Rotterdam genoeg plekken om ervan te genieten! Wij delen daarom de beste terrassen - m?t een goed uitzicht - in Rotterdam om een hapje te eten of een drankje te drinken.

Parqiet is the perfect place to settle down after a short walk in Het Park. There is actually always, when it shines, a nice spot to sun. They also call it a place where Rotterdammers escape the city for a while and I certainly agree with that. It is always relaxing to have a little greenery as a view. Have you seen our article on the prettiest gardens and parcs in the city?


Baden Powelllaan 20, 3016 GJ Rotterdam


4. Terrace Lantaren Venster 

So going to the movies is really one of my hobbies. I think it’s best to catch a movie on a Sunday afternoon where you can dream away. To relax, it is always great to drink a cup of tea (or wine) after the movie. At Lantaren Venster you have the perfect place for that, that is the terrace. The terrace is a good place to enjoy the autumn sun after a movie (or just whenever you want). You have a wonderful view over the water at the Rijnhaven.


Otto Reuchlinweg 996 (Wilhelminapier), 3072 MD Rotterdam


5. Fenix Food Factory 

When the weather is good, it’s a shame to sit inside. Get those last sun rays! At the Fenix ​​Food Factory you can get a good natural wine or Rotterdam beer inside and then sit outside on the quay. I could stay here for hours as you have tons of yummy drinks and snacks to try. Tip for when you are alone, buy a nice book at the Bosch&De Jong bookshop in the Fenix ​​Food Factory. Read more about bookshops in Rotterdam.


Nico Koomanskade 1025, 3072 LM Rotterdam


6. The Vroesenpaviljoen 

The Vroesenpaviljoen is located in the always vibrant Vroesenpark. I often settle here after a morning of swimming or yoga. The cosy tables against the building protect you from the cold, but you can often still enjoy a little ray of sunshine. Grab a coffee and the weekend newspaper and your whole Sunday is filled.


Vroesenlaan 60, 3039 DZ Rotterdam

7. Vessel 11

I think Vessel 11 has one of the most special terraces in Rotterdam. Because be honest, how often are you on a boat?! The terrace of Vessel 11 has 2 floors, so you will always find a place where you can drink a beer in the last rays of the sun.

A beer also should include a snack. At Vessel 11 you can order snacks such as Vegan nachos, a cheese board and pulled pork. The main menu is inspired by British cuisine. If you stick around long enough at Vessel 11, you might also be able to catch a concert in the basement.


The Red Ship, Wijnhaven 101, 3011 WN Rotterdam


8. Nine Bar 

Nine Bar biedt een verscheidenheid aan eten en drinken, zoals zelfgemaakte smoothies, een continentaal ontbijt, avocado-toast, een BGLT-sandwich en gebak. Omdat één van mijn favoriete ontbijt opties een continentaal ontbijt is, was mijn keuze gemakkelijk gemaakt. Voor degenen die niet weten: een continentaal ontbijt is een licht ontbijt in tegenstelling tot bijvoorbeeld een Engels ontbijt.

At Nine Bar you have delicious coffee, which tastes even better in the sun. You will often find other coffee lovers here who are reading a newspaper or book. A good spot to rest after shopping on the Blaak market. Be sure to check out their menu too!


Botersloot 44A, 3011 HH Rotterdam


9. Kula 

Photo by Sophia van den Hoek – Studio Unfolded

Rotterdam West is a sometimes chaotic and busy place, so Kula is the perfect place to relax. Inside is of course also very beautiful, but you can also enjoy a cup of tea outside. I think it’s fantastic to have breakfast here with, for example, an Acai bowl or fluffy pancakes, so you start the day with a very good start. Rotterdam has a lot of amazing breakfast spots, make sure to try them all. 

Besides that, Kula is a cafe that you can visit all day, but it is also a yoga studio and they give various workshops. They offer a lot of different types of yoga such as Yin, Vinyasa and Yoga Nidra. So you will always find a lesson that you’ll like. 


Abraham Tuschinskistraat 54


10. Mecca 

Een prachtige oase in Rotterdam: Mecca op de Noordsingel.

Mecca immediately catches the eye on the Noordsingel, the terrace is surrounded by cosy plants and also enjoys the sun. When I’m here I can’t resist ordering some food from the fantastic menu. I especially like the Labneh with eggs and a piece of pistachio rose cake for dessert. When the weather is really nice, iced coffee is also highly recommended.


Noordsingel 39, 3035 EJ Rotterdam


I say: visit these places quickly before it gets really cold. Do you know any good spots?

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