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Uiteten gaan met kinderen vraagt voorbereiding. Maar gelukkig zijn er in Rotterdam genoeg restaurants waar je met gemak een hapje kan gaan eten. Lees hier over de kindvriendelijke restaurants van Rotterdam.

10 Kid friendly restaurants in Rotterdam

By Melissa Moncada Castillo
June 18, 2020

Every parent knows: eating out with children requires some preparation. For starters, kids don’t feel like sitting at the table for hours on end, so the restaurant must have toys. And it is also nice if you can change your kid’s diapers! And how about kid friendly food?

All these are things that you have to take into account if you want to have a successful lunch or dinner away from home! But, don’t worry, in this article I share with you my top 10 (in no particular order) of kid friendly restaurants in Rotterdam where plenty of attention have been paid to the wishes of the little ones. Because as you know, if your kids are having fun, you are having a good time too!


1. Mamamo

Photo by Melissa Moncada Castillo.

In Nesselande you can find Mamamo. Here they offer coffee, tea, pastries and lunch. This restaurant is not only a restaurant, it is also a toy store.

While you enjoy your lunch, your kids can have fun in the play corner equipped with a kitchenette and various toys.

On the menu you will find delicious varied and healthy dishes, such as bread with grilled vegetables and parmesan cheese. There is also plenty of choice for your kids, such as a sandwich or a box of raisins.

Corsicalaan 35, 3059 XX Rotterdam


2. Juffrouw Van Zanten

Juffrouw van Zanten in West by Prisca Visser.

In Rotterdam West and in Kralingen you will find Juffrouw Van Zanten. The restaurant is open for breakfast, brunch, lunch, drinks and dinner and is equipped with a play corner and various toys for the kids.

Does your kid like to play outside? At the Rotterdam West branch they also have an answer to this: there is a courtyard with toys and a sandbox. The menu is responsible and delicious, try the chicken salad for example!

Kralingen: Lusthofstraat 27, 3061 WB Rotterdam
West: 2e Middellandstraat, 3021 BL Rotterdam


3. De Kleine Kapitein

De Kleine Kapitein is a small restaurant in a children’s gift shop. Kids who love vehicles can indulge themselves here: there is a large motorway with cars and trains. The toys are very beautiful and sustainable and there are also plenty of toys for kids who don’t like cars.

The menu of the restaurant is small but contains delicious dishes and there is also plenty of choice for the little ones. Have you forgotten the baby food? No problem, the restaurant even has fresh organic cold-pressed baby food!

Botersloot 173, 3011 HE Rotterdam


4. Parqiet

De zon schijnt en gelukkig zijn er in Rotterdam genoeg plekken om ervan te genieten! Wij delen daarom de beste terrassen - m?t een goed uitzicht - in Rotterdam om een hapje te eten of een drankje te drinken.

Parqiet is a unique restaurant because of its location. In the middle of the Park you will find an oasis of peace at Parqiet in the heart of Rotterdam. When the sun is shining you can sit outside at a table or settle in a beach chair.

And your kids? They have fun with the toys that are there. Inside there is a play corner with books and blocks and in the summer various water toys such as water guns are placed outside. On the menu you will find healthy choices and there are separate options for kids.

In the summer Parqiet is a great place for lunches that turn into drinks while the kids run around in the grass. Read this article for more sunny terraces in Rotterdam!

Baden Powellaan 20, 3016 GJ Rotterdam


5. Yoghurt Barn

Photo by Melissa Moncada Castillo.

Yoghurt Barn is a cozy place where you can go to work, have a high tea with friends or lunch with your children. There is a relaxed and casual atmosphere and the restaurant is equipped with a play kitchen and various toys.

The menu mainly has many sweet yogurt dishes, but there are also several savory options.

Oude Binnenweg 117-119, 3012 JC Rotterdam


6. Supermercado

Nachos, empanadas, mini taco's, burrito bowl, zoete aardappel friet... Klinkt dit als een droom? Dat is het dus niet! Dit, en nog meer, kan je allemaal eten bij de Mexicaan Supermercado. In dit artikel kun je nog meer leuke Mexicaanse restaurants in Rotterdam vinden!

Are you looking for an accessible and trendy place where you can eat with your offspring? Then Supermercado is the place for you. At this restaurant you can enjoy all the delicacies that South American cuisine has to offer.

From Argentinian steak to Peruvian ceviche: Supermercado has it all.
For the kids there are some tasty options such as salmon fillet with fries and salad. And when they have finished eating they can enjoy themselves in the “Minimercado”, a mini market with a kitchen!

Schiedamsevest 91, 3012 BG Rotterdam


7. De Machinist

De Machinist is not only a special restaurant because it is located in a building with a lot of history (from 1949 to 2005 the Shipping and Transport College was located in the building of the restaurant), but it is also special because a lot is happening in the restaurant building.

For example, rooms are rented for salsa lessons and business events, but there is also a day care facility in the building. And the latter makes the monthly event D.A.T. possible (Dining Apart Together). In collaboration with the day care facility, families with young children up to the age of 5 can come for dinner. Mom and dad will have a nice dinner together and the
kids can play together. Isn’t that a great idea?

But you can also come there with your kids on regular days: the restaurant offers kid friendly dishes and there is also a fun corner where the kids can play. The restaurant’s building also gives access to the playground Het Kleine Avonturenpark, so if you have finished your meal you can visit it with your kids!

Willem Buytewechstraat 45, 3024 BK Rotterdam


8. Mr NonNo

Photo by Melissa Moncada Castillo.

Mr NonNo is quite the hidden gem in Rotterdam West. You can go here for breakfast, American style pancakes and smoothies. The menu does not contain separate kid’s options, but this is not really necessary with their pancake specialty.

Which kid does not like pancakes? Exactly. While you wait for the pancakes, the children can have fun in the cozy play corner.

Middellandplein 18a, 3021 BT Rotterdam


9. Little V Rotterdam

If you like Vietnamese food and shared dining, stop by Little V Rotterdam. It is difficult to choose with so many delicious dishes on the menu, but take a surprise menu and be surprised by the choice of the chef.

There is no special kid’s menu, but there are plenty of options that are suitable for children, such as spring rolls and fried rice. What makes the restaurant especially kid friendly is the play corner where they can have fun while you and your table mates have a nice dinner.

Grotekerkplein 109, 3011 GC Rotterdam


10. Jordy’s Kralingen

Jordy’s is of course known for the delicious bread. On the menu you will find all kinds of dishes with bread, but also salads.

For the children you can order a kid’s sandwich with different spreads, for example apple syrup. You can go to Jordy’s for breakfast, lunch, brunch and drinks. And of course this restaurant also has a nice play corner where children can go crazy!

Vlietlaan 52, 3061 DZ Rotterdam


That were 10 kid friendly restaurants in Rotterdam! Do you have a favorite restaurant to go to with kids? Let us know in the comments below. 

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