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The best jewelry designers from Rotterdam

By Julia Den Outer
April 05, 2023

Rotterdam is full of creative people of all shapes and sizes. I’m always a little bit proud when I see what kind of talents live in my beautiful city. We have makers in all kinds of different fields. A group that I find amazing are the jewelry designers. That is why I would like to introduce you to the best jewelry designers from Rotterdam.

These designers create and design their own jewelry. This is real craftsmanship and that’s why it’s extra cool that we have such talented people in Rotterdam. Supporting your locals is always more fun than buying something from a big shop. So be sure to check out the webshops to score a special piece of jewelry.


Fleur Kassels

I have been following Fleur Kassels on Instagram for quite some time, because besides the fact that her jewelry is incredibly beautiful, she also has a very romantic and inspiring feed. She often presents her designs in a dreamlike setting on miniature furniture. This gives her jewelry an extra dimension.

The jewelry is made from recycled gold and silver. Fleur makes them herself with the old tools of her father and grandfather. These are very special tools, because they are old dentist tools! This only makes the story behind the jewelry even more special.

The piece of jewelry that is still on my wishlist is the gold necklace with the freshwater pearl on it: The Perfect Pearl Necklace. This one is minimalistic and at the same time a real statement. She also has a whole collection of rings, earrings and other necklaces. And make no mistake, the jewelry may seem feminine, but men also wear the pearl necklace!

Fleur’s studio is located in the Wasserij, this is a breeding ground for fashion designers, so it’s a very nice place to visit anyway.

Please note: you can only visit by appointment.


Sint-Agathastraat 54, 3037 SH Rotterdam


Galerie PUUR

Do you want to propose to your favourite person? You should definitely score a ring at Galerie PUUR. They specialize in wedding rings and engagement rings. Here you can choose a piece of jewelry from the collection or have one designed. You can be sure that you’ll find a unique piece of jewelry here that suits your person.

Do you have an old heirloom that you would like to transform into a new ring, for example? You can have your own design made at this gallery. Of course one of the designers will help you with the design so that you know for sure that your design is possible.

Gallery PUUR works with silver, yellow gold, red gold, white gold, zirconium and titanium. You can also choose Fairtrade gold here, they are a registered Fairtrade Goldsmith.


Zwaanshals 255 a, 3035 KE Rotterdam


Lisette Keyser

A friend of mine received a beautiful silver ring with white mother-of-pearl from her boyfriend, made on commission by Lisette Keyser (see photo above). Ten years ago, Lisette started her training as a goldsmith at the Schoonhoven vocational school and has been making jewelry ever since.

Lisette makes beautiful experimental rings, earrings and necklaces. She tries to apply traditional forging techniques in her designs in a contemporary way. For example, she recently entered the art of glass processing and makes beautiful combinations of silver and glass. The organic shapes of her silver jewelry are combined with fine details such as pearls, charms and other items she encounters on the second-hand market and shops. So each piece of jewelry is completely unique.

Nice to know is that Lisette also delivers custom work and is open to the craziest commissions. You can see on her Instagram that she recently made a piece of jewelry with a tooth. She works a lot in silver, but gold is also possible!

Please note: you can only visit by appointment.


Coloniastraat 8, 3024 TB Rotterdam



I first came into contact with a work by LYNN because a friend wanted a ring from her, the Liquid Ring; a silver statement ring with a very special shape. And what an amazing piece it is. Lynn Somers’ works are sturdy but subtle at the same time. They have a special workmanship that gives them a unique look.

The smithy trade was taught to her from an early age on, because her family has also been working in this for years. She also uses her parents’ tools and her grandfather’s workbench.

Lynn’s work is often made of gold or silver and she also often works with recycled gold which she transforms into her own special designs.

Please note: Lynn Somers is currently on a short hiatus and will be back in 2024. Until then it is therefore not possible to purchase her jewelry (unfortunately!).


Papa et moi

The jewelry of Papa et moi is, as the name suggests, made by father and daughter. This duo consists of father Piet-Hein and daughter Madelein. Piet-Hein has more than 50 years of experience in the goldsmith business. Together they make a collection of elegant designs where you can certainly find a beautiful ring, earring or necklace.

Papa et moi is the place to be for chic, golden, handmade jewelry. All jewelry is made of 14K yellow gold, which gives the jewelry its characteristic colour. I totally imagine that you get such a piece of jewelry and that it will last from generation to generation. Just like I’m wearing my mother’s gold ring. So you invest in a piece of jewelry that will last for a long time.


STOOK Jewelry

This work is something completely different, as the jewelry of STOOK are made of porcelain. This is of course very special, the jewelry immediately looks modern and extraordinary. I think the ‘Marble’ rings are very cool. These are sturdy rings in light colours that flow into each other as if the ring is made of marble.

STOOK was founded by Mianne de Vries. Porcelain is of course a fragile material that you have to handle with care. So wear it with love, says Mianne. She makes rings, necklaces, earrings, brooches and pins. In addition to jewelry, Mianne makes other porcelain objects such as cool candlesticks and photo frames.


The Boyscouts

The designs of The Boyscouts make you very greedy. The jewelry is timeless and does not simply go with the trends of the day. They are divided into ‘Classics’, ‘Essentials’ and ‘Particles’. The Classics are designs that are truly iconic for the Boyscouts, the Essentials are minimalist designs that always match your outfit and the Particles consist of earrings that you mix and match yourself.

The elegant jewelry is made of sustainable materials such as recycled gold and silver. They often have geometric shapes which makes them simple and timeless. They don’t always work alone, The Boyscouts also often collaborate with other brands. This means they have a special collection with a lot of choices.

This Rotterdam label was founded in 2011 by Zelda Beauchampet and has become a true household name in the jewelry scene.


Diergaardesingel 60A, 3014 AD Rotterdam


Charlotte Wooning

At Charlotte Wooning you can just drop by the store at Hoogstraat 8A. The jewelry is handmade in the studio. Charlotte’s designs are girly and contemporary. She has very cute earrings with small pearls or hearts. The collection is huge with a choice of all kinds of jewelry, so you will find something that suits you. Oh yes, there are designs for men too!


Hoogstraat 8a, 3011 PN Rotterdam



Merrel Westhoff, the founder of Monocrafft, is inspired by ethnic peoples and old patterns, which you can see in her designs. The designs have geometric shapes but in an unexpected way. I think the jewelry has a cool look, I am especially a fan of the Loop choker.

The sleek jewelry is made of gold and silver and the collection has pieces for men and women. I definitely recommend stopping by the Monocrafft shop on the Binnenweg to admire the jewelry in real life.


Oude Binnenweg 108a, 3012 JG Rotterdam


Marjan Leeuwesteijn

Marjan’s jewelry is often made from old jewelry from customers. The gold or silver is deformed or fused, forming a whole new piece of jewelry, but with the emotional value still in it.

Marjan’s work stands out because they are often made of mixed materials. She combines silver and gold, thick and thin, and straight lines with curved ones. So every work is unique.


Paulien Schipper

Photo by Michael Anhalt.

Paulien Schipper makes true works of art. She does not have large collections but a few special items. The works are therefore truly one of a kind and an expression of Paulien’s creativity. They have a classic look in the sense that they wouldn’t look out of place in a modern Victorian drama.

Many of the works consist of old jewelry that has been transformed into new jewelry. Paulien also restores old jewelry and has been in the goldsmith’s business for 20 years. Paulien’s studio is also located in the Wasserij.


St. Agathastraat 54, 3037 SH Rotterdam


So we have plenty of special makers in Rotterdam! Which jewelry designer appeals the most to you? 

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