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6 Best ramen bars in Rotterdam

By Lisanne van Beurden
November 24, 2022

After a visit to Japan, you’re bound to be addicted to this very popular Japanese dish: ramen. Even if you haven’t been to this amazing culinary country, there’s a very big chance you’ve already tasted the famous Japanse noodle soup.

Are you craving this comfort food right now? Fortunately, you don’t need to book tickets to Japan, because there are a few spots in Rotterdam that have mastered this dish quite well.

In this article you can find 6 amazing ramen bars in Rotterdam. And as a bonus, a ramen bar just outside Rotterdam.


1. Ajisan Authentic Tokyo Ramen

Bij AJISAN ramen bar op de Coolsingel in Rotterdam heb je een super leuk interieur en heerlijke ramen.

Do you already know Ajisan Authentic Tokyo Ramen on the Coolsingel? It’s an atmospheric restaurant with a great interior. The first thing you see when you walk in is the cool mural by Telmo Miel.

But what makes Ajisan really unique is that they make Mukacho ramen, which is without the use of chemical additives. The ramen of Ajisan are made as healthy as possible with only natural ingredients.

In addition, the staff is very kind and show that everyone is welcome at Ajisan. Whether you eat halal meat or no meat at all. Tell the staff about your dietary requirements and they will make something delicious for you!


Coolsingel 123, 3012 AG Rotterdam


2. Tensai Ramen

One of the best spots to get an authentic bowl of Japanese ramen is Tensai Ramen. This restaurant is located on the Schiedamsedijk, right in the centre of the city.

What makes Tensai Ramen stand out from the other ramen bars in Rotterdam is that the noodles are homemade, right in the middle of the restaurant. And you can really taste this. The noodles have a good texture and delicious flavour.

On the menu you will find different types of ramen, with a difference in broth, toppings and noodles. You can choose from the Tonkotsu Ramen, Black Tonkotsu Ramen, Karashibi Miso Ramen, all prepared with pork broth. Or the Tori Miso Ramen and Tori Paitan Ramen, made with chicken broth. Do you prefer spicy? Then the Tan tan men is for you.

In addition, there are soupless ramens and there is a vegetarian option, the Creamy Veggie Miso Ramen.

The interior of Tensai has had a makeover in 2020, making it a lot more cozy now. You used to come here mainly for the food, but nowadays also for the ambiance!

TIP: choose extra toppings, such as a delicious egg or nori. Getting extra toppings is possible at most ramen bars!


Schiedamsedijk 1, 3011 EB Rotterdam


3. Takumi Tonkotsu ramen

Takumi in Rotterdam is an excellent spot for delicious ramen! If you're looking for a great ramen bar when it's sunny, Takumi is a great spot because they have a nice terrace. If you're looking for comfort food during colder, rainy days, Takumi is also a great pick because of their great interior!

The owners of Takumi started with a very successful restaurant in Düsseldorf and eventually decided to open a location in Rotterdam as well. Lucky us!

There are several Takumi locations in Rotterdam. At the West-Kruiskade location they serve Tonkotsu broth ramen. This ramen broth is made with pork bones and is prepared by boiling the pork bones in water for quite some time.

Takumi’s menu is extensive and there are a few vegetarian and even vegan ramen options. Takumi has specially developed vegan ramen noodles, because there was a lot of demand for this. These ramen noodles have the same chewiness as the original. The vegan ramen is available at almost all Takumi locations in Europe!

Usually you have to wait a while at Takumi for a table, which is of course a sign of good quality. The restaurant is filled with fun lights and other decorations, making it feel super cosy.


West-Kruiskade 9B, 3014 AJ Rotterdam


4. Hinoki

Bij ramen bar Hinoki moet je vaak wachten op een tafeltje, maar het is zeker de moeite waard!

You can find this cute little ramen restaurant near the Markthal. There’s often a (short) waiting line for Hinoki, which is why there’s a little bench for the people to sit on. But it’s worth the wait!

The interior of Hinoki is simple, the focus is really on food. On the menu you can find over ten different ramen bowls. Usually they also have additional dishes on their chalk board, such as the ramen bowl you see pictured above: 100% Vegetarian Spicy Veggie Tan Tan with vegetarian minced meat. On their menu you can also find vegetarian miso ramen.


Keizerstraat 52, 3011 GH Rotterdam


5. Sapporo Ramen Kitchen

De ramen bij Sapporo worden vooral gemaakt met kippenbouillon en op het menu staan meer dan twaalf soorten ramen. En er zijn ook twee vegetarische opties, namelijk de Spicy Veggie Ramen en de Veggie Miso Ramen.

Close to Takumi on the West-Kruiskade, you can find Takumi Sapporo Kitchen. The name isn’t a coincidence, because both restaurants have the same owner. So isn’t it basically the same ramen bar? No, it isn’t!

The concept is the same in many ways, but there is definitely a difference between the restaurants.

The samen bowls at Sapporo are mostly made with chicken broth, while Takumi mostly uses pork broth. On the menu you can find over twelve ramen bowls all made with chicken. For the vegetarians they have two vegetarian options: the Spicy Veggie Ramen en de Veggie Miso Ramen.


Aert van Nesstraat 22, 3012 CA Rotterdam


6. Takumi Ramen and Yakisoba

And then the last Takumi branch in this list. This location of Takumi can be found in the Markthal, right in the centre of Rotterdam.

In addition to their famous ramen, they serve yakisoba here. This is a stir fried dish with wheat flour noodles. You will also find vegetarian and vegan options at this location.


Grotemarkt 178, 3011 PA Rotterdam


7. Yokohama Ramen Saito

For this ramen place you have to leave Rotterdam and travel to Schiedam. Luckily not that far!

You will find this ramen bar in a corner building on the Parkweg in Schiedam. You really come here for the food. The noodles are made with the flour from the mill that you look out on while eating.

The menu here is a lot less extensive than at the other ramen bars in this article. This is often a good sign, of course. Choose from their signature Tonkotsu ramen or Tsukemen. There are also miso or salt based ramen and there is even a vegan option. Choose the toppings you like and on the table there is standard pepper oil, soy sauce, fried onions or pepper that you can use as you wish.

Please note: during my visit to Yokohama Ramen Saito (on a Wednesday night) I had to queue for quite a long time. So keep in mind that you might have to wait a while for a table at this popular ramen bar in Schiedam.


Parkweg 406, 3119 CV Schiedam


Hopefully this article will help you find that perfect bowl of ramen in Rotterdam. If you know a fantastic place in Rotterdam where you can find this amazing comfort food, let us know in the comments below!

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