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IFFR Young Selectors Marije, Oseno, Yacine en Sofie vertellen over Young Selectors IFFR

Interview with IFFR Young Selectors Marije, Oseno, Yacine and Sofie

By Lisanne van Beurden
December 20, 2017

Perhaps you have seen it around: IFFR Young Selectors. Of course, most Rotterdammers are familiar with the International Film Festival Rotterdam, but who exactly are the Young Selectors? And what do they do?

For our first interview we interviewed IFFR Young Selectors Marije, Oseno, Yacine and Sofie. We ask about their events, favorite films and what their perfect weekend in Rotterdam looks like. They also tell us about their next event at MONO!


Thank you for your time! Who exactly are the Young Selectors?

IFFR Young Selectors consists of four members: Marije, Yacine, Oseno and Sofie. Together we are a collective of young, creative Rotterdammers with a big love for film.


How did Young Selectors come about?

IFFR Young Selectors is an initiative of the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Last year during the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2017, the IFFR decided to hand over part of the work to four Rotterdam youngsters under the name Young IFFR. This was a success and that is why we continued, only with a new name: IFFR Young Selectors.


What exactly is the job of the Young Selectors?

IFFR Young Selectors organizes events for young Rotterdam who are interested in culture and film. We try to make the medium of film more accessible to young people. We select the film, location and programming that we think will appeal to the younger audience. Currently we work with the overarching Citytrippin theme. Our previous event was had the theme Berlin, Germany and the upcoming event has the Timbuktu theme. During planet IFFR in 2018 we have also chosen a very nice destination…

Foto’s door Sandra Zegarra Patow

What is the difference between IFFR and Young Selectors?

Young Selectors is a part of the IFFR, but the focus is on reaching young people. The programming of the IFFR is often very overwhelming and because of this some young people don’t know where to start. That’s a shame of course! IFFR Young Selectors makes a selection for young people and makes it easier for its audience. Because who knows what young people want? Yes, their fellow peers! This way we gradually introduce them to the IFFR. During our events we want to show that experimental film is not something to be afraid of, but something that’s intellectually challenging, entertaining, relevant, compelling and fascinating.

In addition, with our programming we try to make the audience aware of the social relevance of the film. The reaction ‘I did not know that I would like a cult film so much‘ is something we like to hear at the end of the evening.

Actually we try to be the kick in the butt to let the young audience get familiar with arthouse and experimental film. Consider us as the kids pool and IFFR as the big pool.

Foto’s door Sandra Zegarra Patow

What is your favourite movie?

Marije: Tricky question! I often switch from favorite film. At the moment my new favorite is Bar Bahar by Maysaloun Hamoud. I really like portraying women as they really are. In this very controversial film (it’s banned in many countries) they show a clash between the traditional image and the modern Palestinian woman in Tel Aviv. Furthermore, in the film you see that this image needs to be refined, since they are no longer subdued beings but free-spirited, independent persons (who just go out, work, study, drink, smoke and are sexually active).

Yacine: I do not have an absolute favourite. However, I am always a big fan of the Wes Anderson films. They are graphically a spectacle and know how to find a good alternation between humor and drama.

Sofie: That’s always a very mean question, which can not be answered. But if I really had to choose, I would go for Break up – L’uomo dei cinque palloni (1965) by Marco Ferreri. Marcello Mastroianni and Catherine Spaak in the roaring sixties in Milan!


Do you also have a recommendation for a Rotterdam movie?

Yacine: Apart from the fact that I am a supporter of Feyenoord, I think The other side of the heart is white a nice reflection of the fact that Feyenoord, or club love, is more than just a sport or game.

Marije: No film, but the documentary about the Rotterdam Energiehal, the place where the Gabberscene originated: Hard for the Hall.

Foto’s door Sandra Zegarra Patow

Tell us how your ideal weekend in Rotterdam looks like!

Marije: With the winter days I prefer to go to the market at Rotterdam Blaak early Saturday morning to buy fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and flowers. In the afternoon I watch a movie at KINO or go for a walk in the Kralingse Bos. I often cook and eat at home with friends, but in my ideal weekend I like to eat at a cozy place like Mangiare. Here I order, of course, the pasta prepared in parmigiano cheese and red wine.
When the stomachs are full and the glasses empty, we go dance the night away.

Yacine: I always play soccer on Saturday. After the match we drink a crate of lager with the team and then we all head to the pub with some pit stops in between to fill the empty stomach. Usually Feyenoord plays on Sunday or I had a UFC event the previous night, so often I end up at a friends’ couch where we can enjoy the sports. Nothing to crazy.

Sofie: During the day to Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art or Boijmans, in the afternoon to the movie in LantareVenster or WORM, eating at Posse and finishing early in the morning at MONO. But I officially do not live in Rotterdam anymore, so this would be a nostalgic weekend.


What can we expect at your events?

We provide an accessible way of watching high quality film, so nice and relaxed with nice people around you. Pillows on the floor and a beer in your hand. You are not obliged to anything and that makes it your movie viewing experience. After the film, we go into the depths with a Q & A and then party with performances, live acts and DJs. We give you a total experience and a controversial movie night that you will not easily forget.

Foto’s door Sandra Zegarra Patow

Soon there’s a new event by IFFR Young Selectors, tell us about it!

Yes, the next event is IFFR Young Selecters Presents Timbuktu on 22 December 2017 in MONO Rotterdam. On this evening we screen the film Timbuktu, the capital of the region with the same name in Mali. What makes Timbuktu so special is they speak 5 different languages. It’s a region with a lot of old knowledge. The landscape and architecture of the city are recorded on a special way and give you the sense of actually being a resident of the special city. In addition to the special message that the African Director Abderrahmane Sissako wants to give, it is also a very fascinating film that really shows you how things are going in that region.

Check our Facebook event for more info! Oh, and the countdown for the IFFR 2018 has started again. Here we will also host an event … So keep an eye on our page!


Yes, be sure to check the Facebook page and Instagram account of IFFR Young Selectors to stay up to date on their events! Of course also keep an eye out on our calendar for the coolest events in Rotterdam! 

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