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Vanaf Ons Park op Noordereiland heb je, zoals je hierboven kunt zien, een prachtig uitzicht op de Willemsbrug. Hier kun je zeker mooie kiekjes maken.  Het is een klein parkje en het is hier meestal lekker rustig, met een paar wandelaars en hier en daar een groepje sporters. Het is fijn om hier te genieten van het uitzicht, van het groen en van de konijntjes die vrij rondlopen. Een mooi tijdstip om het te fotograferen is tijdens de zonsondergang. 

18 Instagrammable spots in Rotterdam

By Mathilde Simon
November 23, 2017

Let’s be honest, sometimes it is okay to be a little proud of the photos you snapped by sharing them on Instagram. To help you make your feed look as good as possible while you’re in Rotterdam, we’re sharing some of our favorite Instagrammable spots in Rotterdam. Good photos guaranteed!

From places where you can find cool street art to Instagram-worthy restaurants, in this article you will find it all!

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1. Courtyard City Hall Rotterdam


The city hall is one of the few buildings in the center of Rotterdam that is still standing after the bombing in the Second World War. It’s also a building that most people have only admired from the outside.

Walk in and you will see that the city hall is a large square building with an intimate inner garden in the middle. The historic architecture and appearance of the courtyard almost make you forget that you are in Rotterdam.

The fountain, statues and beautiful flowers such as roses and hydrangeas make the inner garden of Rotterdam City Hall an oasis of peace in the middle of the city. An Instagram-worthy spot in Rotterdam!

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Coolsingel 40, 3011 AD Rotterdam


2. Kite

Het is weekend en je wilt met je date, vrienden of collega?s een drankje doen in de stad. Maar waar moet je nou zijn? Rotterdam heeft zoveel leuke opties en dat maakt het niet altijd makkelijker. Om je te helpen de beste keuze te maken, delen we hieronder de 10 beste plekken voor een cocktail in Rotterdam.

Kite is a very unique Afghan restaurant where you can either go for shared dining (always a good idea) or order a surprise menu. They serve traditional Afghan dishes with their own modern twist. Vegetarian options are available. Next to the amazing food, Kite also offers tasty, refreshing cocktails that are super pretty (see photo above!).

If you’re walking past this restaurant on the Westblaak, you’re eyes will immediately be attracted to the gorgeous interior. Pink suede chairs, marble tables, the black and white tiled floor… It all just fits perfectly together and make for a good Instagram shot.
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Westblaak 160, 3012 KM Rotterdam


3. The Markthal

The Markthal is an impressive and iconic building in Rotterdam. Whether you are a tourist or a local, every time you’re here there’s so much to see and taste. The ceiling and walls on the inside are covered with products you can buy at a market, like fruits, veggies and flowers.

Thanks to the glass windows in the front and back, you have a great view of the pencil building and cube houses. Be creative and find some great angles to make amazing shots!

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Dominee Jan Scharpstraat 298, 3011 GZ Rotterdam


4. Euromast

Genieten van het uitzicht op het terras van de Euromast is ideaal als de zon schijnt. Vanwege de heldere lucht kan je namelijk kilometers in de verte kijken! Wij raden aan om tijdens zonsondergang te gaan, om te zien hoe de gouden zonnestralen de stad verlichten.

I definitely recommend a visit to the Euromast for a panoramic view of the city. The Euromast, with its 185 meters, is the highest building of the Netherlands.

Not only can you enjoy the beautiful view over Rotterdam, it’s also possible to book a table and have a delicious dinner or just get some drinks. Also with a view of our city, of course.
The perfect spot to take photos for your Instagram feed!

TIP: Here you can already buy your ticket to go on top of the Euromast!


Parkhaven 20, 3016 GM Rotterdam


5. Ons Park

The former construction site of the Willemsspoorttunnel has been transformed into a beautiful green park with the (temporary) name “Ons Park” (which means Our Park)! As you can see on the photo above, you have a beautiful view of the Willemsbrug from Ons Park on Noordereiland. It’s a great spot to take some beautiful photos.

It is a small park and it is usually nice and quiet here, with just a few visitors going for a walk or a group doing a workout. It a great place to enjoy the view, the greenery and the bunnies that roam freely. A good time for a visit (and to take photos) is during the sunset.

TIP: If you look the other direction you have a great view of the Hef. Also worth a photo!


Feijenoordstraat, 3071 LN Rotterdam


6. By Ami Urban Bistro

Everything about By Ami Urban Bistro is Instagrammable: from their colourful interior to their creative and delicious dishes.

Next to that, By Ami is located in one of he most Instagrammable areas of Rotterdam: de Kop van Zuid, which is the area you enter south of the Erasmus bridge. If you haven’t visited By Ami yet, do it now!

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Antoine Platekade 983, 3072 ME Rotterdam


7. Cube houses

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The cube houses are real Rotterdam icons and therefore can’t be overlooked from this list. The bright yellow exterior and interesting shape is perfect for photography lovers! You can also take a look inside one of the cube houses in the Kijk-Kubus.

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Book your room here or check out this post for more hostels in Rotterdam.


Overblaak 70, 3011 MH Rotterdam


8. Wes Eettentje

You can dine like a real filmstar at Wes Eettentje. WES is a very Instagrammable place, and how couldn’t it be? This hotspot is named after director Wes Anderson and that is reflected in their interior.

From The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Royal Tennebaums to The Darjeeling Limited, you can make cinematic photos everywhere in this place. Oh, and their Jewish-Persian dishes are superb too.

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Benthuizerstraat 94a, 3035 CR Rotterdam


9. Luchtsingel

Architecture Route in Rotterdam, Architectuur route in Rotterdam, Markthal, Blaak, Erasmusbrug, Erasmusbridge, Museumpark, Schouwburgplein, Rotterdam Central Station, Rotterdam Centraal Station, Luchtsingel, kubuswoningen
Not only is this bridge convenient because it connects Rotterdam central station with Rotterdam North for the pedestrians, it’s a place that guarantees interesting photos thanks to the striking yellow and wooden sides.


10. De Hofbogen

Deze mooie gevel van Man Met Bril Koffie is bedekt met street art door I Am Eelco.

Man Met Bril Koffie gevel bij de Hofbogen.

If you visit the Luchtsingel, you might as well cross to the north of Rotterdam. This district has changed a lot in recent years. Instead of sex shops and snack bars, you can now find many vintage shops, art galleries and cozy lunchrooms.

The Hofbogen, located on the edge of the Old North, is definitely worth a visit. In this unique structure you will find many creative hotspots: Clone Records, BIRD, FG Food Labs and more. Around the Hofbogen you will also find a lot of street art, such as this work by I Am Eelco on the facade of Man Met Bril Koffie.


11. Street art around Witte de Withstraat

"Love Spreads" door Ramon Martins op de Kromme Elleboog, een zijstraatje van Witte de Withstraat!

“Love Spreads” by Ramon Martins on the Kromme Elleboog.

There are a lot of cool wall paintings in Rotterdam that can function as the perfect subject or background of your photo. Our favourites are in the neighbourhood around the Witte de Withstraat. If you walk from the Witte de With to the Baan street, you will encounter a number of beautiful artworks along the way!


Kromme Elleboog, a side street of Witte de Withstraat


12. Street art in the Afrikaanderwijk

“Fruit bats” by Nina Valkhoff on the De La Reystraat in de Afrikaanderwijk.

During the POW! WOW! Rotterdam week in 2019, a lot of artists created cool new murals in the Afrikaanderwijk. And the result is impressive!

The beautiful mural above is made by the Rotterdam artist Nina Valkhoff. Nina likes to show weird and “scary” animals in her work, such as these bats. The work is full of cool details, definitely worth a visit during a round of Afrikaanderwijk!

Discover even more cool murals in Rotterdam.


De La Reystraat in the Afrikaanderwijk


13. Gracy’s

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Everything about Gracy’s is Instagrammable. Both the food and the interior! Because of the cool pink walls and American Diner vibes that the restaurant has, it seems like you are going back in time to the 1950s.


Mauritsstraat 1A, 3012 CE Rotterdam


14. Historic Delfshaven

One of the most photogenic places in Rotterdam is Historical Delfshaven. This place has more than 700 years of history, because this part of Rotterdam survived the bombing in 1940.

This creates a strong contrast with the modern city center of Rotterdam. In Delfshaven you have small narrow streets and tall but narrow town houses, while in the city center you can find modern and unique architecture.


15. Culture Campsite

Camping in your own city? That’s definitely possible in Rotterdam! At the Culture Campsite in Delfshaven, you sleep in art objects made from already existing material. The 12 objects can accommodate 24 guests who are looking for a unique experience. Just like the ‘rooms’, you will find the toilet and shower in a sustainable art object.

It is a hidden Instagrammable spot in Rotterdam. Even if you do not plan to spend the night here, it is worthwhile to admire and photograph the art objects.

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Schiehavenweg 12, 3024 ED Rotterdam


16. Museumpark

Boijmans van Beuningen in het Museumpark. Momenteel 7 jaar gesloten!

At the grounds of Boijmans van Beuningen: currently closed for 7 years

There are a lot of museums that are worth a visit in Rotterdam. Around Museum Park you will find many famous museums where you can visit amazing exhibitions that’ll look beautiful on the ‘gram. There’s also a special new building that’s worth a visit (check out the next point!).

Just to name a few: Museum Boijmans van Beuningen (unfortunately it’s currently closed for construction for 7 years!), Het Nieuwe Instituut, Chabot Museum, Villa Sonneveld, Natural History Museum and De Kunsthal. These are all located near each other at Museumpark.


17. Depot Boijmans van Beuningen

The new Boijmans van Beuningen Depot is expected to open in 2021. Due to the mirrored exterior, it is already an iconic building in Rotterdam.

The Boijmans van Beuningen Depot will be the first depot in the world to offer public access to a complete collection. Here we can browse between 151,000 art objects and watch the conservation and restoration of art. In addition, visitors and residents can go to the roof garden with restaurant, which is accessible for free, to enjoy the view over Rotterdam.

Once it opens it will definitely be worth a visit! Even though the Depot will only open in 2021, you can already take a look. The special building is already in full construction.


Melkkoppad 15, 3015 CR Rotterdam


18. DakAkker

We’ve already mentioned the view from the Euromast, the highest observation tower in the Netherlands. But our city has so much more viewpoints to offer. From green rooftops where fruit and vegetables are grown to cozy office terraces, there are many unique rooftops in Rotterdam that offer a great view and are great for photos!

DakAkker is another great viewpoint in Rotterdam. It looks like a green courtyard, but then 20 meters in the air. In addition, it’s the first green rooftop in the Netherlands where fruit and vegetables are grown and honey bees are kept. Be sure to also check out the restaurant Op Het Dak for delicious food and drinks!

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Schiekade 189, 3013 BR Rotterdam


Those were the 18 Instagrammable spots in Rotterdam! What do you think is the most photogenic spot in our city? Let us know in the comments below. Oh, and don’t forget to follow @weekendsinrotterdam for more Instagram spots in Rotterdam!

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