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Rotterdam heeft veel Instagrammable hotspots in Rotterdam. Zo ook Kite! Kite is een Afghaans restaurant waar je kunt kiezen voor shared dining of een verrassingsmenu. Ze serveren traditionele Afghaanse gerechten met een moderne twist. Vegetarische opties zijn ook gewoon beschikbaar. Naast het lekkere eten biedt Kite ook verfrissende cocktails die er ook nog eens super mooi uitzien.

15 Instagrammable hotspots in Rotterdam

By Lisanne van Beurden
April 15, 2019

Rotterdam is home to great hotspots that serve all kinds of delicious foods and drinks. Even though visiting a hotspot is definitely not just about taking pretty photos, it does definitely add to your overall experience if the hotspot has a great interior and beautifully displayed dishes. Below I’ve listed 15 Instagrammable hotspots in Rotterdam! 

A few of these hotspots were already mentioned in our article with 10 Instagrammable spots in Rotterdam. You can check it out for more Instagrammable places in our city. 


1. By Ami Urban Bistro

This list wouldn’t be complete without the colourful By Ami Urban Bistro. Both the interior and food is very Instagrammable, with colour explosions everywhere you look. Whether it’s the large painted pillars or the walls filled with butterflies. By Ami is located in an impressive large building, with high ceilings and big windows, so you have lots of natural light (which makes it easier to snap those pretty photos). On sunny days you can even sit outside on their terrace and overlook the waters of Rijnhaven.

If you’re impressed by the interior, the food will be just as satisfying. Not only the pink and blue matcha drinks are Instagrammable enough, each dish is a true work of art.


Antoine Platekade 983, 3072 ME Rotterdam


2. Kite Rotterdam

Kite is a very unique Afghan restaurant where you can either go for shared dining (always a good idea) or order a surprise menu. They serve traditional Afghan dishes with their own modern twist. Vegetarian options are available. Next to the amazing food, Kite also offers tasty, refreshing cocktails that are super pretty (see photo above!).

If you’re walking past this restaurant on the Westblaak, you’re eyes will immediately be attracted to the gorgeous interior. Pink suede chairs, marble tables, the black and white tiled floor… It all just fits perfectly together and make for a good Instagram shot.


Westblaak 160, 3012 KM Rotterdam


3. Lilith

Most locals know and love Lilith, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a unique, cool hotspot in Rotterdam and from the very start Lilith had it’s own style in both food and interior. Once you step foot into Lilith, you’ll notice that the vibe is a bit raw, because of the dark colours and vintage furniture. In contrast, the food is often colourful, due to the many fresh ingredients and edible flowers.

You can never go wrong at Lilith and you should definitely try their American pancakes at least once. If you’re going to Lilith on the weekends, you should consider that it can be quite busy. Because it’s such an Instagrammable spot with delicious food, lots of locals and tourist alike want to eat here.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 125 H, 3014 GJ


4. Rose Rouge

Rose Rouge is a hotelbar (without a hotel) where you can go for bites and drinks. It’s one of my favourite places in Rotterdam for cocktails, not only because the cocktails are insanely tasty, but also because the interior of Rose Rouge is so pretty. The black and white tiled floor, the pink and flowered walls and the trendy, velour furniture all match perfectly together. The cocktails are also very Instagrammable, just take a look!

Even though Rose Rouge is a bit out of the city center, it’s worth a short bike ride to Rotterdam Noord to take some pretty, Instagrammable shots and have some perfect drinks with your friends.


Benthuizerstraat 35B, 3036 CB Rotterdam


5. GaleriAAA by Mangiare

This newly opened restaurant is definitely one of a kind! Mangiare, known from their locations in the MaHo Kwartier and Van Oldenbarneveltstraat, and artist collective AAAFresh123 have joined forces and opened up GaleriAAA by Mangiare. Here you can eat delicious Italian food, like you’re used to from Mangiare, but in a very unique setting. The restaurant is based in the same building as the art gallery of AAAFresh123, and in between meals and ordering, you can walk around amongst the art and even talk with the artists while they’re painting.

Once you step foot here, you’ll be amazed with how large the restaurant is. The interior of GaleriAAA by Mangiare is modern, mixed with classical details, such as the big chandeliers hanging from the high ceilings. There are various eye catchers, such as the big tree on one of the tables. Every little corner reveals something new and of course there is art everywhere.


Zaagmolenkade 124, 3035 KD Rotterdam


6. Madam Chen

Looking for a fun night including food, drinks and karaoke? Then this new hotspot in Rotterdam is the place for you! There are various rooms that can be rented for a night of food, drinks, fun and, yes, karaoke, with friends. But it’s also possible to go here for lunch, diner and when the sun is out, take a seat on their terrace for some drinks and snacks.

This trendy Asian restaurant has a colourful, tropical interior, with lots of neon lights, pink, turquoise and gold details. One of the eye catchers is definitely the pink bar. At Madam Chen you can mostly order Asian Street food bites that are meant to be shared. This Instagrammable hotspot is definitely worth a visit!


Kolk 50B, 3011 MD Rotterdam


7. Supermercado

Supermercado is the perfect hotspot to visit if you’re looking for an affordable restaurant in Rotterdam. Here they serve nachos, empanadas, tacos, sweet potato fries, tasty cocktails and much more! For just a small price you can have a table full of delicious, pretty Mexican dishes.

And let’s not forget the very Instagrammable interior. Supermercado is a lot bigger than most people know, as usually people sit outside on their terrace during sunny days. But once you walk in, you’ll be rewarded with a very photogenic place that has a lot of great seating possibilities.


Schiedamse Vest 91A, 3012 BG Rotterdam


8. Breakfast in Rotterdam HQ

The famous Avocado Wall at Breakfast in Rotterdam HQ in Blijdorp!

This cosy all day breakfast place is located in the secondhand store Spullen voor in je Huis in Blijdorp. Once you enter Breakfast in Rotterdam HQ, the first thing that probably catches your eyes is their large Avocado painting on the green wall. On the wall you can also find all sorts of items that are also for sale. Actually, everything is for sale at Breakfast in Rotterdam HQ, even the chair you’re sitting on. And of course I have to mention their super cute #PlantsOnPink room, where you can purchase each plant in the room.

On their colourful menu you’ll find lots of great dishes, such as the Chia Maddness bowl, the Unicorn bowl, their tasty Avo Smash toast or ‘Het Plankje’; a shared breakfast platter.


Stadhoudersweg 96D, 3039 CJ Rotterdam


9. Wes Eettentje

Wes Eettentje is not your usual trendy hotspot; it’s definitely one of a kind! This hotspot is inspired by director Wes Anderson, which is reflected in their interior. There are three movies of Wes Anderson that inspired this interior, namely: The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Royal Tennebaums and The Darjeeling Limited.

Be sure to read Julia’s article about Wes Eettentje and learn more about this great hotspot in Rotterdam.


Benthuizerstraat 94A, 3035 CR Rotterdam


10. Gracy’s American Diner

This trendy restaurant has a real American Diner vibe, which makes you feel as if you’re travelling back to the 1950s. And at Gracy’s you can also order typical American Diner food; burgers, hot dogs and of course also milkshakes!


Mauritsstraat 1A, 3012CE Rotterdam


11. Alfredo’s Taquira

Alfredo’s Taquira is a very colourful hotspot, with lots of blue and pink details. Especially the pink staircase in this Mexican restaurant is a big eye-catcher. If the weather permits it, you can sit outside in their lovely urban garden, which is filled with plants and pretty string lights.
Of course a hotspot is more than just an Instagrammable interior, and Alfredo’s Taquira also offers amazing cocktails that not only look good, but taste fantastic as well. And let’s not forget the tasty Mexican street- and comfort food…


Goudsesingel 204, 3011 KD Rotterdam


12. Flower Burger

At Flower Burger you can get pink, yellow and black burgers, which are completely vegan. The colourful food in combination with the happy, colourful interior makes Flower Burger a very Instagrammable hotspot. The name Flower Burger comes from Flowerpower and that is noticeable everywhere in the restaurant. The chairs, ceiling and food is all so colourful, it’ll instantly make you happy.

Want to learn more about Flower Burger? Read about it in Julia’s blogpost.


Hoogstraat 107A, 3011 PK Rotterdam


13. Parqiet

If you’re looking to escape the buzz of the big city, then Parqiet is the perfect spot for you. Located in The Park near the Euromast, it’s a serene spot where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and drinks. Of course the best time to visit this hotspot is during a sunny day in the city! The building of Parqiet is incredibly photogenic; it’s a former carriage house and together with Dudok in the Park it’s one of the few catering establishments in the Park.

Next to the cute little building where it’s located in, I also really love the striped beach chairs where you can sit in on a beautiful sunny day.


Baden Powellaan 20, 3016 GJ Rotterdam


14. Lot & Daan

I love all day breakfast places! At Lot & Daan you can arrive any time (within opening hours of course) of the day and order breakfast or lunch. Avocado toast, toast with sweet potato spread, club sandwich or the pancake plateau for two with 10 pancakes with lots of delicious toppings are all fantastic options.

The Instagrammable interior at Lot & Daan is very bright, with lots of hanging chairs, plants and wall art. All in all, it’s a perfect place for a fun afternoon with healthy food and pretty interior details.


Gelderseplein, 3011 TZ Rotterdam


15. Backyard

Backyard is a vegan, plant based restaurant; a green oasis where you can order breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner. Expect down to earth meals, great coffee, local beers and cocktails, that not only taste good but are also super photogenic. The menu is 80% vegan with fresh, vegetable ingredients without the unnecessary additions.

The interior has a great mix of industrial and green details that makes you feel as if you’re in nature. There are corners full of plants, and the eye catcher is definitely the large tree made of wood.


Korte Hoogstraat 14, 3011 GL Rotterdam


What do you consider the most Instagrammable spot in Rotterdam? Let us know in the comments below!

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