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Indoor and outdoor swimming pools in Rotterdam: where to go?

By Kim Longwood
July 08, 2022

Swimming is a fun sport or leisure activity all year round. But especially when the sun’s rays adorn the sky, we Rotterdammers flock (or swim?) towards the water. We are still residents of a port city, right?

Where can you find the best swimming pools? Everywhere in and around Rotterdam of course. Both indoor and outdoor pools and even nature pools. We have listed them for you, so you can already take a dip this week.


1. Van Maanenbad

The Van Maanenbad in Blijdorp is one of the most beautiful swimming pools in Rotterdam. The indoor pool is straight out of a Wes Anderson movie. There is a steam sauna available, which is wonderful. But what makes this pool really nice, is that there is also an outdoor pool. With a large picknick field where you can chill.


Van Maanenstraat 8, 3038 CZ Rotterdam


2. Recreatiecentrum Oostervant

Near the centre, in Rotterdam-West, you can swim in Recreatiecentrum Oostervant. In addition to a swimming pool, this centre also has a bowling alley and sports facilities. So if you’re looking for another fun activity after or before swimming, you’ve come to the right place!


Oostervantstraat 25, 3021 PT Rotterdam


3. Het Alexanderhof

Do you live near Rotterdam Alexander? Then you can swim laps at swimming pool Het Alexanderhof. At this location, a lot of ‘Aqua’ classes for both young and old are offered, such as Aerobic and Jogging.


Bramanteplein 2, 3066 BH Rotterdam


4. Oostelijk Zwembad

In Kralingen you will find another beautiful swimming pool: Oostelijk zwembad. The bath itself is not necessarily large, but the building is a beauty (on the inside), with the glass roof as the crowning piece.


Gerdesiaweg 480, 3061 RA Rotterdam


5. Recreatiecentrum Zevenkampse Ring

Just outside Rotterdam, in Zevenkamp, you will find Recreatiecentrum Zevenkampse Ring. Here, besides a swimming pool, you will find a steam sauna and whirlpool. You can also work out in the fitness areas and bake and roast your pale skin under the sun bed.


Zevenkampse Ring 301, 3068 HG Rotterdam


6. Sportcentrum De Rozenburcht

Do you live near the Botlek or even in Brielle? Then swimming in Sportcentrum De Rozenburcht is probably a good option for you. This swimming pool in Rozenburg is officially one of the locations of Sportbedrijf Rotterdam, so this location should not be missing from this list.


Zuidzijde 35, 3181 LR Rozenburg


7. Sportcentrum De Wilgenring

In Hillegersberg-Schiebroek you can dip your toes or slide down the round slide in the swimming pool of Sportcentrum De Wilgenring. You can also play a game of squash here, which is great for the fanatics who don’t get enough satisfaction from just a swimming session.


Melanchtonweg 70, 3052 KV Rotterdam


8. Sportcentrum West

This nice swimming pool in Rotterdam-West has something very special. Because next to a swimming poo, Sportcentrum West has beach volleyball courts. These courts can be reserved for a game of volley, if you prefer not to travel to a real beach (also, you don’t take a ton of sand home with you). The beach fields are open from May 1 to September 1.


Spaanseweg 2-4, 3028 HW Rotterdam


9. Zwembad Afrikaanderplein

Zwembad Afrikaanderplein is a real neighbourhood swimming pool. Young kids learn to swim there and they can throw children’s parties for their friends.


Jacominastraat 41, 3072 SC Rotterdam


10. Zwembad Hoek van Holland

Zwembad Hoek van Holland is also called the Hoekse Badje. This is a lovely outdoor pool where you can cool off on hot days, but where you can also fanatically swim laps in the open air.

Hoek van Holland may not be around the corner for those from the centre of Rotterdam, but this swimming pool is definitely worth a trip to the beach area;


De Cordesstraat 160, 3151 BN Hoek van Holland


11. Zwembad Hoogvliet

This location has a competition pool where you can swim laps or take swimming lessons. In addition, Zwembad Hoogvliet is open for enjoyable swimming sessions where you do not have to perform.


Middenbaan Zuid 400, 3191 AH Hoogvliet Rotterdam


12. Zwembad Overschie

Zwembad Overschie is a small but nice L-shaped pool with a shallow end. Swimming lessons are given to children and adults and the location is wheelchair-friendly.


Burgemeester Koningssingel 45, 3042 NK Rotterdam


13. Zwembad Pernis

Are you from Pernis? Are you too hot on these sunny days? Then Zwembad Pernis is the place for you. This 25-meter outdoor pool with 5 lanes is perfect for refreshing swimming sessions.


Ring 220, 3195 XR Pernis


14. Zwemcentrum Rotterdam Charlois

This impressive swimming pool in the South of Rotterdam has Olympic dimensions, namely 50 meters. There is also a 25 meter pool.

This location is ideal for top-level water polo and swimming clubs, but even if you are not a star swimmer, you can still give it a try at Zwemcentrum Rotterdam.


Annie M.G. Schmidtplein 8, 3083 NZ Rotterdam


15. De Kralingse Plas

Swimming outside in Kralingen? Of course you go to De Kralingse Plas. The ‘city beach’ of Rotterdam. It’s not really a beach and it’s also not in the middle of the city, but it is the nicest place to dip your toes, stand up paddle or canoe. Provided there is no blue-green algae!


Langepad 30, 3062 CJ Rotterdam


16. ‘t Zwarte Plasje

In Hillegersberg you will find outdoor pool ‘‘t Zwarte Plasje. This is not just any swimming pool, it is a nature pool. It has been around for more than a 100 years and it feels like a swimming location in the middle of wild nature. But a little busier and better organised.


Oude Raadhuislaan 154, 3054 NT Rotterdam


Nice, isn’t it, a list with all the indoor and outdoor swimming pools in Rotterdam? Where are you going to make a splash? Let us know!

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