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10 Indonesian restaurants in Rotterdam

By Kim Longwood
August 14, 2023

Who doesn’t love Indonesian food? I’ve never spoken to anyone who didn’t immediately get excited when they heard ‘we’re going to an Indonesian restaurant tonight’. You do? If you say yes I know you are lying.

Rotterdam has a nice selection of Indonesian restaurants where you can enjoy traditional dishes or dishes with a (Dutch) twist. Hereby: 10 nice Indonesian restaurants to try today!



The hippest Indonesian restaurant in Rotterdam is DE TOKO, located on Noordplein. This business is run by chef Perry de Man (known from 24Kitchen) and his team, where the fresh food is prepared with love.

The menu includes various meat, fish and vegetarian dishes made from ingredients from Dutch soil.


Noordplein 113, 3035 EC Rotterdam


2. Papaya

Papaya has been in Rotterdam since 1997, this brasserie and take away location is the place to enjoy Indonesian food and delicacies.

All Papaya meals are made from fresh products and contain only natural colours and flavours. The meals are freshly prepared every morning, such as ajam opor and ajam pedis, babi ketjap, rempah-bal katjang and side dishes such as satay ajam and sambal goreng telor.


Groenendaal 37F, 39A, 3011 SL Rotterdam


3. Samalain

Samalain is an Asian restaurant with a terrace outside the centre of Rotterdam, near Alexandrium Shopping Center. The kitchen has emerged from a history of Indonesian restaurants, but due to an unfortunate fire, Samalain had to temporarily close its doors. Fortunately, they are back with a renewed interior and new name.

Samalain means ‘each other’, which refers, among other things, to enjoying good food together.


Prinsenlaan 666, 3066 KG Rotterdam


4. Restaurant Minang Kabau

In the Kralingse Bos you will find Minang Kabau, a unique building overlooking the Kralingse Plas. Minang Kabau’s cuisine is mainly East Javanese and generally mildly spiced, sometimes with a sweet twist.

Here you can eat dishes such as rice tables, vegetarian lempers, resoles, satay kambing, soups such as soto ajam and soto madura, but also main dishes such as udang rembah, daging keri, babi sjomoh and ajam ritja ritja.


Plaszoom 500, 3062 CL Rotterdam



AINAC stands for Anugerah Indonesian Dutch Afhaalcentrum Cafeteria. This casual restaurant serves dishes such as a satay sandwich or fries, fish, beef and chicken dishes with noodles, for example, and vegan dishes with soy and/or vegetables.

In addition to savoury, they also sell plenty of sweet drinks, ice creams and desserts. In addition to eating on location, you can also take everything with you or have it delivered to your home.


Botersloot 54A, 3011 HJ Rotterdam


6. Ap Halen

This cute little place in Rotterdam West gets 5-star reviews on Google, not only because of the great food and friendly prices, but also because of the excellent service.

The lovely people who prepare everything make the food even tastier. That’s why you’ll want to pick up the Indonesian specialties (there’s always a vegetarian option) from Ap.


Mathenesserdijk 412 c, 3026 GV Rotterdam


7. Waroeng EmJay

In the Blijdorp area you are at the right place at Waroeng EmJay, an Indonesian restaurant where you can sit down or pick up. Here the green walls and the green logo speak, which tell you that the dishes are prepared with fresh vegetables and ingredients.

For example, go for the Jakarta or Bali rice table or a vegetarian variant, suitable for two people or more. In addition, they have dishes suitable for one person, such as a ‘rames’, a dish that can be composed entirely by yourself.


Diergaardesingel 96A, 3014 AH Rotterdam


8. Warung Jantje

When I lived in Hillegersberg (in the same street as this restaurant) I – no joke – went to Warung Jantje once a week. You can call me every day for a delicious rice or noodle dish with marinated vegetables and some tempeh or tofu.

This (takeaway) restaurant on the Bergse Dorpsstraat serves good quality food and is a perfect example of an Indonesian restaurant where you will never leave disappointed.


Bergse Dorpsstraat 102, 3054 GG Rotterdam


9. Mijn BoemBoe

In Schiebroek you will find Mijn Boemboe, an affordable Indonesian restaurant run by friendly people. The food also gets good reviews, so that makes this location a triple threat.

In addition to daily meals, this is the place to be if you are looking for Indonesian catering or even a party service. Planning a wedding or family celebration soon? Then call My Boemboe!


Peppelweg 11A, 3053 GA Rotterdam


10. TIWYA Rotterdam

TIWYA is a chic restaurant with attractive decor. Indonesian cuisine is paramount, but the cocktails are also great, it is not a restaurant and cocktail bar for nothing.

The kitchen is run by experienced chefs who have many authentic Indonesian family recipes. They use fresh seasonal ingredients and flavourful spices. At TIWYA you eat vegetarian dishes, fresh fish or meat, in a shared dining concept.

Discover more great places for a cocktail in Rotterdam!


Kruiskade 15, 3012 EE Rotterdam


Which of these Indonesian restaurants makes your mouth water? Got an appetite for a lemper or a rice table? Then there is nothing else to do… make a reservation or pick up some food! We would love to hear where you ate and how excited you are about it.

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