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Get to know IJsselmonde with this story walk

By Mathilde Simon
August 11, 2021

It seems as if the whole country has started going on walks. Which we understand; going out into nature with your hiking boots is not so bad these days.

But did you know that Rotterdam also has beautiful pieces of nature where you can take beautiful walks? Such as on IJsselmonde Island, where you will find unique nature reserves and since 22 July you can also follow the Story Walk.


Story walk in unique nature

Thanks to the tide of the Oude Maas, nature reserves have been created on IJsselmonde Island that you will not find anywhere else in the Netherlands. Here you walk through quiet willow jungles full of flowers, through storm forest and through bird-rich polders. Close to the city you are here in unique nature, how unique is that!

The Story Walk takes you along the 10 most beautiful places on IJsselmonde Island. On this map you can see where these places are. Every place has a story ready to listen to (in Dutch only). Learn about the wildlife, the Island’s remarkable history, and the flora and fauna along the way. The routes can be walked independently. You simply listen to the stories yourself during your walk, when it suits you, on your phone.


Island IJsselmonde

For many people undiscovered, but wedged between Rotterdam and Dordrecht lies the green area Island IJsselmonde. It is a bit hidden, but once found it is the ideal place for beautiful walks, bike rides, boat trips and other fun activities.

On IJsselmonde Island you will find green oases with rare pilot whales, rugged storm forests, landscaped gardens and special polders with all kinds of birds. But also charming villages, castles and mills. A unique place, fun for young and old.

Discover IJsselmonde

Have you become curious about the undiscovered island of IJsselmonde? Check the website for more information or follow our great cycling routes on the island of IJsselmonde here!

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