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6 Special restaurants in Rotterdam

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There is always a reason to celebrate, and celebrating goes hand in hand with a nice snack or drink! To help you get on the right track, we share 6 special restaurants in Rotterdam in this article. From Michelin star places to restaurants on a boat, there is something for everyone!

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Below you can discover special restaurants in Rotterdam and be sure to check our BookDinners profile to stay informed of our favourites hotspots.


6 Special restaurants in Rotterdam



By Ami has a beautiful concept and a beautifully decorated restaurant. The menu is a real mix of multiple kitchens, in which you are always served organic and sustainable products. In addition to a wide choice of lunch dishes, dinner dishes, bites, desserts and vegetarian/vegan options, you can also enjoy a high gin, high wine or high beer here. Sounds good right?


Antoine Platekade 983, 3072 ME Rotterdam


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2. Euromast

It is one of the major attractions of Rotterdam and therefore also a special place to have a bite to eat. In the Euromast restaurant you can enjoy lunch or dinner, but high tea and high wine are also very popular here. Imagine this with a panoramic background of the city at a height of 100 meters: a must if you are visiting Rotterdam or want to surprise someone!


Parkhaven 20, 3016 GM Rotterdam


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3. Restaurant Fred

Fred is not an ordinary place that you go to for a simple bite. This restaurant has received no fewer than two Michelin stars, which they don’t give away easily. In addition, after restyling, their restaurant has a special interior, with a 4.5-meter-long art object made of leather with a 24-carat gold leaf and a new ceiling with a meter-long light object that stands for the signature of the owner. The surprising flavors, the extravagant interior and the pleasant atmosphere make Restaurant Fred a very special place to eat in Rotterdam.


Honingerdijk 263, 3063 AM Rotterdam


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4. Dudok in het Park

You might already be familiar with Dudok on the Meent, where you can order the well-known Dudok apple pie. A while back, Dudok has opened a second location in the beautifully renovated Heerenhuys de Heuvel in the Park. With this unique and beautiful location, Dudok in the Park is certainly a special restaurant in Rotterdam.

You can come here for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and drinks. If you are looking for nice outdoor seating on a sunny day, Dudok in the Park is of course the ideal place. Take a seat, order a glass of rosé, some snacks and enjoy.


Baden Powelllaan 12, 3016 GJ Rotterdam


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5. FG Food Labs

Just like Restaurant Fred, you don’t go to FG Food Labs for a simple bite. This restaurant by the famous Rotterdam chef Francois Geurds has one Michelin star. Fortunately, this does not mean that you are only allowed in wearing your most fancy outfit. Enjoy this unique dining experience wearing what you feel comfortable in, because according to Francois dining is not tied to a dress code.

What makes this restaurant so special is the great culinary experience and the location in the Hofbogen. At FG Food Labs they keep experimenting in their in their own taste lab, until perfection is achieved. Did you know that FG Food Labs even won the Rotterdam Marketing Award in 2017 because, according to the jury, they put Rotterdam on the international culinary menu? Definitely worth a visit if you ask us!


Katshoek 41, 3032 AE Rotterdam


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6. ss Rotterdam: Lido en Restaurant Club Room

Dining on a boat is already very special, certainly in a port city like Rotterdam. Even though the ss Rotterdam is no longer sailing, it is still a very special experience. The ss Rotterdam has sailed all over the world, and as soon as you step on this special Rotterdam boat it feels like you are going back in time.

You can find two restaurants at ss Rotterdam: Lido and Restaurant Club Room. The Lido grill restaurant can be found on the Promenade Deck, where you can sit inside or outside on the deck. At Lido you can go for a grilled piece of meat, fish and vegetables with, for example, a special beer.

Club Room at the ss Rotterdam goes just one step further than Lido with traditional, sustainable, seasonal dishes. Eating at Club Room will definitely take you around the world, as their kitchen combines dishes and flavors from different continents!


3e Katendrechtse Hoofd 25, 3072 AM Rotterdam


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These 6 special restaurants are just a small selection of our favorite restaurants that you can find on BookDinners! Do you want to discover even more special restaurants in Rotterdam? Go to BookDinners and see what else there is to try in our city.


This article was written in collaboration with BookDinners. This does not change our opinion and we stand 100% behind what we have written.


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