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15 Places to get a good burger in Rotterdam

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Beef, chicken, salmon, veggie, vegan… There are many options when it comes to creating a delicious burger. Burger restaurants have been popping up all over Rotterdam, with each of them giving the good old fashioned hamburger their own twist. Below you can find 15 great burger restaurants in Rotterdam! Enjoy :). 


15 Places to get a good burger in Rotterdam


1. Diego’s

When Diego’s came to Rotterdam, it immediately rose to the first place of our favourite places to get a burger in Rotterdam. At Diego’s you can get all kinds of unique burger creations; from the Bugles Burger with hot cheese sauce to the vegan Beyond Burger. Order your favourite burger with delicious fries on the side and perhaps even a glass of champagne? Nothing is too much at Diego’s!


Posthumalaan 3, 3072 AG Rotterdam


2. Roffa RestoBar

At Roffa RestoBar, the follow-up of Roffa Streetfoodbar, you can enjoy (local) beer, burgers, hot dogs and Texas BBQ. The delicious burgers and hot dogs are also available in a vegetarian variant. The typical Texas meat from the grill is prepared on their wood-fired Oklahoma smokers.


Zwaanshals 341A, 3035 KL Rotterdam


3. Burgertrut

Not only the name is special (translated from Dutch it’s ‘burger bitch’), their burgers are also worth your while! They match their burgers with a unique myriad of sauces and flavours. From traditional with a twist, to borderline experimental, is how they describe their style. Not only are the burgers made of organic meat, it is also the perfect place for vegetarians and vegans who like a good burger.


Delftseplein 39, 3013 AA Rotterdam


4. Ter Marsch & Co

Always wanted to taste an award winning burger? At Ter Marsch & Co they serve heavenly burgers of Scottish Angus Beef, Japanese Wagyu, truffle sauce, pickles, tomatoes, Spanish onions, cheese and their own Ter Marsch sauce. A winning combo!


Witte de Withstraat 70, 3012 BS Rotterdam 39


5. Burger Club

The Burger Club definitely deserves a spot on this list too. In 2016 and 2017 they got the honour of being named the ‘Best Burger of Rotterdam’  according to Metro. On their menu you can find all kinds of burgers, such as the Burger Club Special (winner Best Burger R’dam 2017), 4 Cheeses, Rossini Burger, Classic Burger, Juicy Jack and much more. They also have the Dutch Weed Burger, which is 100% plant-based.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 139 A, 3014 GJ Rotterdam


6. Baek

The Baek Burger – topped with veal, cheese, onion, crispy bacon and pickle – was voted the best burger of Rotterdam in 2018. If that’s not a reason to visit Baek and try their famous burger, I don’t know what is!


Blaak 329, 3011 GB Rotterdam


7. Pickles

Photo by Nanda Hagenaars.

Burgers AND wine is what you can get at pickles. Vega, chicken, beef, gamba, sea bass, bacon… there is something for everyone. Combined with a nice glass of wine you are set for a nice dinner with your friends!


Grotemarkt 186, 3011 PA Rotterdam


8. De Burgerij

The goal of De Burgerij is to be a mix between fastfood and quality. They don’t want you to wait an hour for your food, though they also value high quality in their products. De Burgerij is located near the Meent and therefore the perfect place to grab some food after a day of shopping.


Botersloot 24B, 3011 HG Rotterdam


9. Holy Smoke

Next to the food they grill, at Holy Smoke you can order cheese-, pulled pork- or holy smoke burger in XL! Are you a vegetarian? There’s plenty for you to choose from. They serve a falafel burger, veggie sandwich, salad or sweet potato egg tortilla.


Tiendplein 1A, 3014 BH Rotterdam


10. Hamburg

If they even name their restaurant to the dish, it must be good right!? At Hamburg they serve ‘proper’ burgers, made from fresh ingredients and honest meat. This means no hormones and no antibiotics. Add some veggies, french fries and a milkshake and you are all set.


Witte de Withstraat 94B, 3012 BT Rotterdam


11. Flower Burger

At Flower Burger you eat the rainbow of vegan burgers. The different colours of the home made buns come straight from nature. Everything that is served here is 100% natural, vegan and home made, from the bread to the sauce. In addition to the cheerful coloured burgers on the menu, every month you can try a different “Limited Edition” burger in a new colour and flavour.

Go and eat the rainbow at Flower Burger!


Hoogstraat 107A, 3011 PK Rotterdam


12. Ellis Gourmet Burger

In Belgium, Ellis is already a big hit. And now it has found its place in Rotterdam next to central station. Topchefs work with Ellis to create their own signature burgers. That must be worth a try!


Stationsplein 49, 3013 AK Rotterdam


13. Encore Bar & Grill 

Steaks, beer and burgers! At the Encore Bar & Grill you get the real American sports cafe experience. You can watch sports the entire day while enjoying some typical American dishes. And to top it off, your meal is not complete if you haven’t tasted their Oreo cheesecake!


Posthoornstraat 526, 3011 WD Rotterdam


14. Gracy’s

When you enter Gracy’s it’s like you travelled back in time. The interior is inspired by the 50’s and here you can get a whole different American experience! This interior makes it a very Instagrammable spot in Rotterdam. Hotdogs, milkshakes and of course burgers while feeling a real American diner vibe around you. A must try!


Mauritsstraat 1A, 3012 CE Rotterdam


15. Vegan Junk Food Bar

Vegan Junk Food Bar is a place where vegans and non-vegans can eat 100% plant-based snacks. If you’re looking for the perfect plant-based burgers, definitely visit this amazing vegan hotspot. There are great amazing options, such as the: the Original VJFB 3.0 , Daddy Mc Chik’N and the Notorious Sumo 3.0.

Check out more unique new hotspots in Rotterdam in our latest New in Town article!


Schiedamse Vest 144, 3011 BG Rotterdam


That were some of our favourite spots to get a good burger in Rotterdam! What is your favourite place to get a burger in our city? Let us know in the comments below.


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