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Mangiare in het Maho Kwartier. Hier heb je een heerlijk terrasje waar je in de zomer lekker zit, maar als het weer het niet toe laat kun je ook gewoon gezellig binnen zitten.

14 Cool hotspots at the MaHo Kwartier Rotterdam

By Lisanne van Beurden
January 04, 2022

Have you heard of the MaHo Kwartier in Rotterdam? MaHo stands for “Maagd van Holland gebied” or literally translated in English: Virgin of Holland area and consists of the Pannekoekstraat, Botersloot and the Nieuwemarkt.

It is an upcoming part of Rotterdam, and is also called the SoHo of Rotterdam! At the MaHo Kwartier you will find lots of nice hotspots, shops and unique boutiques. It is close to station Blaak and is also super easy to reach.

In this article I share 14 great hotspots in this area, from breakfast spots and restaurants, to super nice interior shops and boutiques. It’s time to shop and eat!



At social they sell delicious Italian sandwiches and a good cup of coffee. Take a seat in their stylish, minimalist store and order one of the many freshly made sandwiches with a cup of coffee or tasty smoothie.

Prefer something for the road? During your walk it’s the perfect place to pick up a coffee at their Grab & Go point!


Herenplaats 1, 3011 LP Rotterdam


2. Sajoer

There are also plenty of healthy options in the MaHo Kwartier. For example, you have Sajoer where they sell tasty, healthy juices. But that is not everything! You can also go to Sajoer for a delicious breakfast and lunch. They also sell Sue Bites (sweet without sugar), hot drinks and smoothies.


Botersloot 46a, 3011 HH Rotterdam


3. Nine Bar

If you are looking for a nice breakfast place in the MaHo Kwartier, there is also plenty of choice. For example, you have Nine Bar, where they serve delicious coffee, breakfast, lunch and pastries.

Our blogger Marije recently went by and tried their delicious continental breakfast.

Read more about Nine Bar in Marije’s blog!


Botersloot 44A, 3011 HH Rotterdam


4. Botanero

Botanero is een fijne Rotterdamse bar waar je heel de avond kan vertoeven, genietend van heerlijke cocktails en snacks. Naar Latijns-Amerikaans voorbeeld krijg je hier bij elke cocktail een bite, de zogenoemde botana. Het idee erachter is simpel. Als je maar door-eet, is de kater de volgende dag te behappen!

Botanero is a fine Rotterdam bar where you can spend the evening enjoying delicious cocktails and snacks. Following the Latin American example, you get a bite with every cocktail, the so-called botana. The idea behind it is simple. As long as you keep eating, the hangover will be manageable the next day!

Not only inside, but outside it is also very cozy. Their terrace has coloured lights and plenty of tables to spend the evening chatting, eating and drinking with friends. Choose a nice classic cocktail, a botana and enjoy!


Mariniersweg 55, 3011 NE Rotterdam


5. Tante Nel

Tante Nel is a luxury snack bar where you can get a lot of goodies! Yes, really luxurious, because at Tante Nel they change everyday snacks into a luxury product.

Sit down on the terrace and order, for example, a Frikan-nel, their homemade frikandel with French Limousin beef and Port au Grain pork, a fries stew or fries tzar caviar. You can also order soft ice creams milkshakes and other snacks.


Pannekoekstraat 53, 3011 LC Rotterdam


6. Aji

The top chef Mario Ridder, who already has three other successful restaurants in Rotterdam, started Aji together with Pelle Swinkels.

Here they combine flavors from South America and Asia. Aji is a berry-like South American chili pepper and is an ingredient that is widely used in these kitchens.

Pelle can be found in the kitchen and behind the stove every day to provide each dish with something “sweet, sour, spicy & salty.”


Pannekoekstraat 40A, 3011LH Rotterdam


7. Balanzs

In Rotterdam there are two locations of the Balanzs yoga school and one is located in the MaHo quarter. A great location! Here they offer a lot of different yoga classes in 20 different yoga styles. From Hot Yoga to Yin Yoga, but also Yoga Barre and Pilates.

Still not sure if yoga is your thing? You can take 7 days of free lessons here, to see if you want to register.


Mariniersweg 151, 3011 NK Rotterdam


8. Mangiare

You can go to Mangiare for lunch, delicious Italian wine with Italian delicacies and for a delicious dinner. Mangiare does not work with a fixed menu, so they tell you at the table what you can choose that night. Mangiare is a true concept in Rotterdam and is definitely worth a visit in the MaHo Kwartier!


Pannekoekstraat 93A, 3011 LD Rotterdam


9. De Pizzabakkers

If you are crazy about pizzas with an extra thin, crispy bottom, you should definitely visit De Pizza Bakers. The pizzas are topped with fresh ingredients. They also serve salads and homemade Italian desserts. Yum!


Pannekoekstraat 68A, 3011 LK


10. Panzero’ Apulian StrEat Food

At Panzero they want you to discover that there is more to Italian food than just pizza and pasta. They serve delicious Panzerotto: a deep fried calzone with a filling made from fresh Italian ingredients.

These ingredients are imported directly from Puglia, with the best olive oil, tomatoes, mozzarella and Mediterranean herbs … Delicious!


Botersloot 50A, 3011 HH Rotterdam


11. Very Cherry

In the MaHo Kwartier there are also a lot of nice shops. For example, you have the unique Very Cherry, where they sell Vintage Inspired Fashion. Very Cherry has been a specialist in vintage fashion since 2004.

The basement of the store is the studio for wholesale customers, which is where the own collection of Very Cherry is shown. Upstairs there are also a lot of nice items for sale. Highly recommended for vintage lovers!


Botersloot 64A, 3011 HJ Rotterdam


12. Home Stock

There is also a nice store for you in the MaHo Kwartier if you’re looking for unique items for your home, namely Home Stock. Here they sell furniture and original accessories.

The decoration is lovely and it’s really a place to get inspiration for your own interior.


Pannekoekstraat 72a-74a, 3011 LK Rotterdam


13. Imagine by Kim

Imagine by Kim is a nice little shop that has been located on the Pannekoekstraat since 2012. Here you can find all kinds of beautiful fashion items, such as pants, skirts, playsuits, but also very nice accessories. Time to shop!


Pannekoekstraat 91A, 3011 LD Rotterdam


14. Brasserie Pierre

As the name suggests, Brasserie Pierre is the perfect place for tasty French dishes. You can’t resist a petit déjeuner, with of course a croissant, an avocado tartare or an omelette baveuse.

Furthermore, the menu is full of classics. French onion soup, oysters, scallops, petit boeuf bourguignon, fries with truffle mayonnaise and much more. Add a glass of wine to that and the evening is complete.


Pannekoekstraat 38A, 3011 LH Rotterdam


That were the 14 great hotspots at the MaHo Kwartier that are definitely worth a visit!

Have you ever been to the MaHo Kwartier? Let us know what your favorite hotspot is in the Rotterdam SoHo.

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