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Bij AJISAN ramen bar op de Coolsingel in Rotterdam heb je een super leuk interieur en heerlijke ramen.

At Ajisan Ramen you can eat healthy Mukacho ramen!

By Lisanne van Beurden
September 16, 2020

Visit Ajisan Ramen on the Coolsingel for a bowl of Japanese ramen. Their restaurant has a great vibe and interior. And their ramen? Full of flavour and healthy too. The Mukacho ramen from Ajisan are made without chemical additives.

Ajisan’s philosophy consists of three things: avoiding chemical flavours, healthy ramen that even 1.5 year olds can eat and that every customer is happy when they leave their restaurant.


Healthy Mukacho ramen

De lekkere ramen bij Ajisan

What makes Ajisan stand out is that they prepare Mukacho ramen, a ramen without chemical flavours. Owner Tony has had cooking lessons for a month at restaurant ABE’s in Japan, of which the chef is a four-time ramen champion.

At Ajisan they only use natural ingredients, which gives it a great flavour. Ajisan’s ramen doesn’t even contain narutomaki (a whitefish cake with the characteristic pink spiral in the middle) as as this contains preservatives and additives.

The idea behind it? Even a kid of 1.5 years should be able to eat the ramen safely. The baby of Tony and his wife Nanako ate his first bowl of ramen when he was just 8 months old. That’s why they find it very important that it is a healthy bowl of ramen that everyone can eat without worry.


Everyone is welcome at Ajisan

Ajisan’s food is accessible to everyone. For example, the menu includes two vegetarian options: the Hokkaido Miso Veggie and the Spicy Miso.

Do you not see a suitable dish for your dietary needs on the menu? Then they will happily prepare something else for you.

For example, Tony told us that he had prepared carrot noodles for a customer who follows the keto diet and does not eat regular noodles. He believes it is important that everyone feels 100% welcome and that no one has to apologize for his or her dietary preferences. In this way they ensure that everyone at Ajisan leaves the restaurant happy.


Japans with a Rotterdamse twist

The owners are Japanese, the music they play in the restaurant is Japanese and of course the food is Japanese. But Tony and Nanako wanted to bring a touch of Rotterdam into their restaurant.

That is why they contacted Rotterdam’s artist duo Telmo Miel. They painted the artwork on the back of the store; a real eye-catcher. This way, a piece of Rotterdam is included in the interior.


I’d say stop by to admire it. And then immediately get yourself an authentic bowl of Mukacho ramen. It’s delicious!



The dishes at Ajisan are very affordable. For a bowl of ramen you pay between €12.50 and €16.50. In addition, you pay €8.95 for a poké bowl and for side dishes, such as delicious gyoza, you pay around €4.

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Coolsingel 123, 3012 AG Rotterdam


Ajisan is definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for a healthy, delicious bowl of ramen. Do you also know these ramen bars in Rotterdam?

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