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Slaak 34, 3061 CS Rotterdam

Restaurant Didot34 can be found around the corner from Oostplein, on the ground floor of hotel The Slaak. Located in a national monument which was known as a newspaper printing company in the 1950s. You will no longer find paper and typewriters there, but coffee, lunch and dinner on the menu.

The restaurant and bar is popular with local residents for their delicious full American breakfast, delicious lunch and chic dinner with a shared dining concept. Fun fact: the restaurant refers to the glorious past of the building, Didot34 was the font that the newspaper used for its articles.

A national monument with an iconic appearance

Upon entering, you immediately notice the pleasant atmosphere and the beautiful interior. The beautiful elements that the national monument traditionally has provide an iconic 1950s feeling. All elements together form the perfect setting for celebrating special moments, such as a baby shower or company drink.

In addition, it is a nice place for a spontaneous visit. At the cosmopolitan bar, for example. This is characterized by its beautiful brass lighting: vibrant and a bit chic, but always with a no-nonsense mentality. At that bar you can enjoy a nice glass of wine, cocktail or champagne and delicious bar bites.

Shared dining: something for everyone

At Didot34 you enjoy a shared dining concept. With dishes that are anything but average and the many vegetarian options, it is an accessible place. All dishes are easy to share with your group.

You will find, for example, a thinly sliced ​​rib eye with yuzu, soy, garlic chips, papadum and egg yolk, but also roasted beets with stracciatella, parmesan crumble, watercress and sourdough. As a main course, guests can enjoy, among other things, the classic Didot34 burger, made of beef with tartar sauce, cheddar, little gem and fried onions or pumpkin ravioli with hazelnuts, beurre noisette and sage.

Opening hours

Slaak 34, 3061 CS Rotterdam

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