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Kunstuitleen in Rotterdam: Art is for Everybody

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Eline de Graaf writes two guest blogs a month for Weekends in Rotterdam about creative initiatives and cultural and artistic activities in Rotterdam. You can expect articles about exhibitions in Rotterdam museums or art institutions, cool galleries and more! Be sure to check out her own blog too. This time she writes about the Kunstuitleen in Rotterdam and shares more about this cool initiative.


Kunstuitleen Rotterdam

As a passionate art lover, I regularly hear that art is merely for the elite. One has to pay a lot of money for photographs and paintings, the world of galeries is barely explored and, in addition, ‘the layman’ (as they often call themselves)?do not understand the art displayed in galeries since they barely offer any context. Personally, I find this very sad and totally unnecessary. Art should be for everyone. Both to enjoy, to watch, but also to own it.

Fortunately, I?m not the only one with this view and various contemporary cultural agencies are trying to make art accessible to a broader audience. This time I want to discuss one of these institutions: Kunstuitleen Rotterdam located at the Goudsesingel.


How it all began

In 1974, the Professional Association of Fine Arts had the idea of ??publicizing the municipal art. Art had to move among the population instead of staying staticly in one place. The idea of ??art leasing was born. Since 1940 a lot of art works were collected and from that moment onwards were stored and displayed in one place.

The collection has grown considerably and is very versatile: there are about 10,000 objects stored, ranging from painting and sculpture to photography. In addition to the existing artist collections, Kunstuitleen Rotterdam is always looking for local talent to provide a good overview of local art history and contemporary developments.

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Cultural entrepreneurship

In addition to exhibiting art, Kunstuitleen Rotterdam is also engaged in cultural entrepreneurship. Arts and commerce don’t always have to be contradictory. What is wrong with the commercialisation of collections? Isn’t it good to have multiple parties that can enjoy the beauty in this world? I think so. Kunstuitleen Rotterdam is responding well to the needs of a large and versatile target group. Students are welcome but there is also a market for large companies or art collectors.

In addition, the Kunstuitleen regularly organises events, lectures and changes the gallery’s interior quite often. So if you want to borrow a piece of art, you need to be there soon because it may be gone a day later.

In addition to the “Salons”, which can be visited four times a year, artworks of influential Rotterdammers are also displayed and there are several workshops for both young and old. “We all belong together, and do this together” said director Ellis van den Berg.

In short: the bar to actually start an art collection is lowered, the context for a whole range of works of art is offered and the stress of choosing becomes significantly less! If you want another art work after two years? No problem!

The gallery at the Goudsesingel

Since 2016, the old location on the Nieuwe Binnenweg has been exchanged for the Goudsesingel. A beautiful industrial building that makes it possible to exhibit a large part of the collection. There is plenty of room for impressive sculptures and big paintings.

For only ? 12 a year you are a member of Kunstuitleen Rotterdam and you will be able to hang an authentic artwork on the wall. “We have beautiful art, more people can enjoy that,” said Van den Berg.


Dag van de Kunstuitleen or Day of Art Leasing

For more information, visit the website, but take a look at the diversity of Rotterdam art!

By the way, November 11th is the day of the Dag van de Kunstuitleen. From 14:00 to 17:00 there is a free program including a blogging workshop, given by Weekends in Rotterdam and live music!


Are you also interested in becoming a guest blogger at Weekends in Rotterdam? Please submit your article or contact us for more information.

Eline de Graaf

Rotterdam is buzzing with creative initiatives and cultural and artistic activities. ?Eline will keep you posted about this! Twice a month she?ll give information about new exhibitions in Rotterdam musea or art institutions, cool galleries, cultural places or art related events. Enough things for your weekend! For more art related articles and for #ANARTWORKADAY you can visit Eline at elinedegraaf.nl.

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