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10 Great Vietnamese restaurants in Rotterdam

By Kim Longwood
May 16, 2023

Need inspiration? Don’t feel like cooking? Crazy about Vietnamese food? Very honestly… no reason is needed, Vietnamese food is always a good idea! Hop on your bike or walk to one of these nice Vietnamese restaurants in Rotterdam for a delicious meal.


1. Pho – Vietnamese restaurant & Noodle bar

The name says it all, at Pho you eat the famous dish pho. That’s a special kind of broth characteristic of Vietnamese noodle soup.

Besides soups, you eat one of my favorite dishes here: fresh rice skin spring rolls. I love eating at Pho because the ingredients are always crisp fresh and the food is affordable.


West-Kruiskade 1A, 3014 AJ Rotterdam


2. Little V Rotterdam

Little V has a (good) reputation. This restaurant is perfect for large groups, for example, birthdays or work outings. I have eaten the vegan coconut curry here several times, that dish has never disappointed me. Definitely highly recommended!

There are lots of Vietnamese dishes on the menu. Think casserole dishes like Bún, but also fish, meat and vegetable dishes to share, like king prawns & scallops in coconut curry and grilled chicken chops with lemongrass. Order some tasty (virgin) cocktails or iced tea and you’ll have a great evening.


Grotekerkplein 109, 3011 GC Rotterdam


3. Deli Tasty

Deli Tasty is a cute little place on the Meent with friendly staff and the tastiest dishes. The atmosphere is very natural, with lots of wood, perfect for when you drink from your fresh coconut.

They crack that coconut open for you when the water has run out, then you can spoon out the flesh. You guessed it: I’m a fan!


Meent 40, 3011 JL Rotterdam


4. Nguyen’s Kitchen Rotterdam

In Rotterdam Zuid they know what good Vietnamese food is! At Nguyen’s Kitchen you can sit comfortably in a nicely decorated restaurant and eat pho, savoury pancakes and fried chicken wings.


Gooilandsingel 101, 3083 DP Rotterdam


5. MéMé Vietnamese Streetfood

Crazy about Vietnamese street food? Then you want to go to MéMé. This restaurant specializes in healthy and authentic Vietnamese food.

Here you can eat dishes such as spring rolls, bapao, (my favourite) fresh spring rolls, Vietnamese meal salads and noodle soups, rice dishes and savoury pancakes.


Zuidplein 88, 3083 CW Rotterdam


6. Saigon Caphe

The interior alone is a reason to visit Saigon Caphe in the Market Hall. Lots of greenery, lots of plants, velvet benches and wooden elements.

You can enjoy a tasty snack or drink here from early in the morning until late in the evening. Think, for example, of noodle soup, meat skewers or stir-fried beef.


Grotemarkt 272, 3011 PA Rotterdam


7. Viet Yam – Vietnamese Streetfood

If you thought that Zuidplein serves delicious Vietnamese food, then you’ve come to the right place in the Foodhallen.

Over the water, you not only tap MéMé, but also Viet Yam. They serve a lot of bite sized snacks here but also the classic pho.


Wilhelminakade 58, 3072 AR Rotterdam


8. Boguette

Heerlijke Franse baguettes, rijk belegd met verschillende soorten vleeswaren of tofu, en bereid op Vietnamese wijze. Bij Boguette eet je deze lekkere bánh mì broodjes met een lekkere speciale mayonaise, groente, koriander en chili.

Boguette is known as the place for Vietnamese sandwiches. This place is almost always full, at least, that’s what I saw while training in the gym across the street.

Very hungry I can tell you, when you are sweating on an elliptical cross trainer. This is where you want to go for bánh mì and bubble tea!

Got an appetite for a sandwich? Here you can eat the best sandwiches in Rotterdam!


Botersloot 60A, 3011 HJ Rotterdam


9. Vietnamese Loempia tent

Every Rotterdammer knows the Vietnamese spring roll! This delicious fried snack – perfect for shopping – is an indispensable part of the city.

I’ve been eating countless (vegetarian) spring rolls since my teens, always while shopping with my mom. And you’re in the right place at the Vietnamese Loempa tent (spring roll tent) on the Karel Doormanstraat!


Karel Doormanstraat, Binnenwegplein 35, 3012 KA Rotterdam


10. Noo.Me

At Noo.Me you eat? That’s right, noodles! I’m a super fan of ramen, but I basically eat all soup with noodles. Because it’s tasty, doesn’t matter if it’s Japanese, Vietnamese or homemade, come on through.

At Noo.Me you eat good food for a nice price, but they especially get a lot of compliments about their Vietnamese coffee.


Botersloot 18A, 3011 HG Rotterdam


You must have noticed that one of the most common dishes is pho. And such a Vietnamese noodle soup is delicious, believe me, but be sure to try other authentic dishes as well.

Vietnamese cuisine is fresh, tasty and delicious. Enjoy your next dinner out, hopefully at one of the above Vietnamese restaurants in Rotterdam.

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