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12 Great places for a walk in Rotterdam

By Lisanne van Beurden
April 02, 2021

Do you ever go for a walk in Rotterdam? This way you can easily discover unique spots in the city. And of course it’s a wonderful way to get moving. So there are plenty of reasons to go for a walk more often!

Below I share 12 great places for a walk in Rotterdam. You may already know number of these walking spots, such as the Maasboulevard where you have a beautiful view of the Rotterdam skyline. But there are probably also a few places that you did not know.

Put on your walking shoes and discover Rotterdam on foot! From walks in our green parks to exploring architectural artworks in the city, in this article you will find enough inspiration for a beautiful (city) walk in Rotterdam!

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1. Maasboulevard

If you really want to enjoy a beautiful view in Rotterdam, a walk on the Maasboulevard is ideal. Actually, every Rotterdammer must have walked here!

Start your walk at the Esch and walk to the Erasmus Bridge and back (or vice versa). Along the way there are enough benches where you can sit and rest. Take some photos of the beautiful view of the Rotterdam skyline and enjoy the boats that pass by.


You can also take a walk through the nature park at the Esch. Walk on the nature trail between the wild flowers and tall trees. You can also find sandy beaches just outside the nature reserve of the Esch, along the banks of the Maas. A good place to rest after your walk!

TIP: Go on the Maas during a fun water activity in Rotterdam! For example, book a ride on the Splashtour. During this special bus ride you literally take a dip in the Maas and you can see the city from the water.

Buy a ticket here to join the bright yellow sailing bus.


2. Het Park

If you are looking for an oasis in the city, a visit to Het Park, also known as the Euromast Park, is definitely recommended. The Park is located on the Nieuwe Maas and is located west of the center of Rotterdam.

It is a very famous park in Rotterdam, but I always find it surprisingly quiet here. That makes it the excellent place for a walk or to organize a picnic (or a combination of the two). In the park are many beautiful trees and big green lawns. Because of the shade of the trees it is often nice and cool here. Ideal during a warm summer day!

And do you already know the Historical Garden Schoonoord? It is a quiet oasis where you often only encounter a handful of people. A nice place to walk around and enjoy all the greenery.


Historical Garden Schoonoord, a hidden place in Rotterdam, has been designated a protected national monument due to its unique location, historical elements and special plants.

In the garden you can find a rich collection of flora and fauna. There are also benches, bridges, a lush pond and several old trees. A lovely place to rest during your walk!

TIP: Be sure to also visit the iconic Euromast! Buy your ticket for the Euromast in advance!


3. Noordereiland

If you want to see a lot of Rotterdam, a tour of Noordereiland is definitely for you. Start at the foot of the Erasmus Bridge and cross the bridge to Kop van Zuid. This immediately gives you a beautiful view of the Maas and De Rotterdam.

You can choose to immediately explore Kop van Zuid. For example, walk via the Wilhelminakade towards Hotel New York to rest here with a nice breakfast or lunch. Along the way you can take pictures of many special sights, such as De Rotterdam, the Pakhuis and Cruise Terminal.

After your rest stop at Hotel New York, walk back to the Erasmus Bridge and continue through the Stieltjesstraat to the Koninginnebrug. Cross it to get to Noordereiland. Turn left on the Prins Hendrikkade and walk all the way to the end of Prinsenhoofd for a beautiful view of the Erasmus Bridge.


Now walk towards the Willemsbrug. Shortly visit the park on Noordereiland: “Ons Park”, meaning “Our Park”. This park is located right next to the red Willemsbrug. You’ll probably encounter one of the bunnies that freely roam the park.

Then cross the Willemsbrug and walk back to the Erasmusbrug, the starting point and end point of this walk. So, a tour of Noordereiland!
Of course you can also choose to only explore Noordereiland, because there is enough to discover here!


4. Street art routes in Rotterdam

Street art by Jorge Kata Núñez on the Zwarte Paardenstraat.

There is a lot of street art in Rotterdam, so much that even the average Rotterdammer has not seen everything. A nice idea for a walk in Rotterdam is to search for the most beautiful works of art in the streets of our city.

There are a number of neighborhoods where you can find a lot of street art. You can find many colorful murals around Witte de Withstraat. In the photo above you can admire the “El Trotamudos”, made by Jorge Kata Núñez. You can find this mural on the Zwarte Paardenstraat, a side street of Witte de Withstraat. If you explore all the side streets of Witte de Withstraat you will find a lot of street art!


Street art by Smug and duo Telmomiel in the Afrikaanderwijk.

The Afrikaanderwijk is another good place for street art. Thanks to Pow Pow! Rotterdam a lot of artists created a lot of new street art here in September 2019. Now you can find a street art route here with all kinds of beautiful murals on the facades of buildings.

I can go on and on, because everywhere in Rotterdam you can find street art! You will find a lot of beautiful murals in Rotterdam North, on the West-Kruiskade and do you already know the Rotterdam Art Ride under the metro between Rijnhaven and Maashaven? Also read my article about cool street art in Rotterdam for more beautiful murals in the city.

TIP: For cool street art routes, I recommend the Rewriters app. This app takes you through the most beautiful street art in Rotterdam and gives you background information about the artwork and the artist. The routes are updated several times a year, so there is always something new to discover!


5. Historic Delfshaven

Photo by Fatima @timavisual.

One of my favorite places in Rotterdam is surely Delfshaven. Historic Delfshaven has more than 700 years of history, because this part of Rotterdam survived the bombing in 1940.

As a result, Delfshaven is in strong contrast to the modern city center of Rotterdam, with nice small narrow streets and Dutch town houses.


So if you are looking for a piece of Rotterdam history, I definitely recommend exploring Historic Delfshaven. For example, start on the Havenstraat at café De Oude Sluis to enjoy the photogenic marina and the old “herenhuizen”. It’s a place you may have seen on Instagram a number of times!

Then continue to Voorstraat towards Aelbrechtskolk. Walk along the water and continue to the Voorhaven or cross the Piet Heyns bridge to the Tovertunnel. There is plenty to discover in Delfshaven!


6. Blijdorp: Vroesenpark and more

Between the Kanaalweg, Vroesenlaan and the Stadhoudersweg you will find the Vroesenpark. A beautiful green city park in Rotterdam that is almost a century old, it was built in 1929. On the warm spring and summer days you always see people here enjoying a barbecue and picnic. In addition, it is a nice place to walk your dog or take a walk yourself.

The entrance to the park can be found at Stadhoudersweg 181. There is a clear path that you can walk on. In the park you will find many trees and shrubs, but also grass, waters and playground equipment.

At the Vroesenpaviljoen you can take a break with a sandwich, soup and a hot or cold drink.


There are a lot of cute shops in Blijdorp, such as Alice in Wonderland.

The Vroesenpark is not very big, so be sure to explore more of Blijdorp. A super fun neighborhood with many beautiful old houses and nice local shops.

Not only do you have many cozy streets here, there is also a lot of history to discover. Here you have the emergency shops on Bentickplein, the churches of Blijdorp and more.


7. Park Rozenburg and more beautiful places in Kralingen

A beautiful place for a walk in Rotterdam is Kralingen. This district is nice and close to the center of the city, but is still a place where you can completely unwind. Whenever I walk here I love admiring all the beautiful historic buildings and enormous houses.

In addition, you will also find a lot of green places in Kralingen, such as Park Rozenburg. It is only a small park, which makes it very cozy. Some ponds with ducks and lots of lawns and trees make it an oasis in the city.


Close to Park Rozenburg you can find the above gem: Slot Honingen. A hidden spot in Kralingen, surrounded by large villas. A really photogenic place!

Another green spot in Kralingen that is also worth a visit is Trompenburg Tuinen & Arboretum. This is a botanical garden filled with trees and the most unique flowers.

Whether you like flora or just want some peace and quiet, you are welcome to drop by and walk around alone or with a guide. You simply buy a ticket for the gardens at the entrance.

Enough to discover in Kralingen!


8. From Rotterdam Centre, via Noord, to West

Our blogger Kim has mapped out a tour that takes you to hidden gems in Noord, Blijdorp, Overschie, West and the centre of the city.

The starting point is Rotterdam Central Station. From here it is a fifteen minute walk to Luchtpark Hofbogen. She then takes you to the Zomerhofkwartier in the Agniesebuurt in Rotterdam North, also known as ZOHO. From here you walk further via the Zaagmolenkade to Blijdorp and Overschie to Sidelingepark Skatepark.


After this, your journey continues to Delfshaven, possibly with an uber if the walk gets a little too long for you. This is where you arrive at OASE Rotterdam. This sustainable social breeding ground and event space focuses on connection, creativity and resilience.

Be sure to read Kim’s article for the full hidden gems tour!


9. Lage Bergse Bos

For a beautiful green area in Rotterdam you have to go to the Lage Bergse Bos. Lage Bergse Bos is located between Hillegersberg and Bleiswijk.

This forest is about 150 hectares and is part of the recreation area Rottemeren. There are several walking trails here to follow, both forest trails and paved walkways.

Scottish Highlanders walk around here, so don’t be surprised if you suddenly see one popping up!


10. Het Schollebos

Photo by Evelien van Beurden.

The Schollebos is located in Capelle aan den IJssel, so for this hiking spot you have to leave Rotterdam (but it’s not far!).

The Schollebos, together with the ‘s-Gravenweg area, forms the green heart between the districts Schollevaar, Middelwatering and Oostgaarde. In this forest you can spot all kinds of birds, and here you will also find different types of trees, shrubs and plants.

Follow the Natuurpad Schollebos walking route, a route that starts at the Schollebos pancake house at Bermweg 133. Of course it is possible to start somewhere else.

With this route you follow the blue posts. These are always after a crossing, at the right of the path.


Photo by Evelien van Beurden.

There is also a fun playground for children: Ravottia adventure play forest. Slide down the slide and go on the pull ferry. My nephew always loves it here!


11. Ackerdijkse Plassen

Ackerdijkse Plassen is a beautiful nature area between Delft and Rotterdam. So you have to leave Rotterdam for this walking spot (20 minutes by car from the center of Rotterdam), but it is definitely worth a visit, especially if you want to escape from the city.

The nature reserve is a popular place for cyclists, hikers it’s a true bird watchers paradise. From the De Tureluur observation tower you can see how different birds, such as Redshank and Black-headed Gulls, fly and breed. You also have a beautiful view of the Rotterdam skyline!


There are several walking routes you can take. With this walking route around the Ackerdijkse Plassen you walk around the nature reserve.

TIP: Bring a blanket, some food and drinks and enjoy a picnic in the grass during your walk! Take your waste home with you, of course.


12. Loetbos

Photo by Evelien van Beurden.

For this last one we also have to leave Rotterdam for a bit. This time we go to the Loetbos in Lekkerkerk. It takes about 30 minutes to get there by car, from the center of Rotterdam.

The Loetbos is a nice place to walk, also with children. There is even a play route full of fairytale characters and playgrounds.


Photo by Evelien van Beurden.

The area is also perfect for cycling or canoeing. You can spot birds and other animals here. In addition, part of the Loetbos is a quiet area, so that nature can take its course here.


Bonus. A city stroll with Michelin-rated food

Photo and text by Olivia

Combine a city stroll with delicious food! Luckily there are some great initiatives, such as the “’s restaurant wandelingen” with Michelin-rated food. A perfect opportunity to revisit your favourite Rotterdam restaurants and enjoy some spring-like weather in a fun foodie atmosphere.

Starting from 20 February, is planning to host these walks every weekend, across 2 Rotterdam routes: Centrum and Kralingen.

The Kralingen route will take you to Fred**, Gastrobar STER, Gym&Gin and IDRW, via the fancy houses, lush parks and boating lakes of the posh neighbourhood. While Joelia*, Parkheuvel**, MARA By Flipp and Amarone* will welcome you on the Rotterdam Centrum route that runs through the Coolsingel and past the Museum Park.

Including the food stops, the walks take around 2 hours. The food comes to €40 per person, with an option to add wine pairing for €20-25. A few of the restaurants also offer additional drinks, bites and desserts on the day for a few extra euros.


Those were 12 great places for a walk in Rotterdam and a bonus city walk with delicious food. Do you have any great spots you would recommend to go to for a walk? Let us know in the comments below!

Check out this fun city walk with guide! This walk takes two hours and passes a lot of sights in the city. The tour is available in English, German, Spanish or Dutch.

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