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Date night in Rotterdam? Bekijk dan eens deze leuke plekken voor een date in Rotterdam!

6 Great places for a date in Rotterdam

By Julia Den Outer
January 29, 2019

Just imagine, after swiping to the left a few times, you finally get ‘It’s a match!’ After a bit of chatting, you decide to meet up. Fine, you both check your schedule, decide on a day and your date is set. Only on the day itself you get the ominous message with: “You can decide where we meet!” This can cause some panic, but luckily I have selected 6 great places for a date in Rotterdam. You’ll have a great time with your new crush for sure. Check it out!

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1. Le Nord

Le Nord is a cute, little cafe at the Proveniersstraat (just behind Central Station, so very convenient if you have to pick up someone from the train). Both inside and outside are cozy. The menu has a lot of beers and wine, and if you want to be decadent, you can put together a cheese board. If you can’t think of any topics for conversation, you can always decide to break the ice by playing one of the available games.


Proveniersstraat 33a, 3033 CH Rotterdam


2. Tiki’s

If the tropical decor of Tiki’s doesn’t lure you in, you obviously haven’t tasted the delicious cocktails yet (my personal favorite is the pussyjuice). During the week you can hang out a bit, in the weekend it’s crowded and fun, which makes it difficult not to order one drink – or ten.


Hartmansstraat 16a, 3012 VA Rotterdam


3. Biergarten

Of course, most people from Rotterdam already know Biergarten, but it’s also a great place to bring your date. Close to the station with a casual atmosphere and enough space to sit, chill and watch people. On Fridays it’s always way too busy, but during the week it’s wonderful for a date, as you can actually sit down. Do be careful with the pints, those always go very fast…


Schiestraat 18, 3013 BR Rotterdam


4. Kaapse Maria

Once you set foot in Kaapse Maria, you immediately feel relaxed because of the interior and a wonderful living room vibe and then we haven’t even mentioned the delicious (local) beers and delicious wines. Choosing the traditional drinks at the bar gives you enough to talk about, you can’t go wrong with names like ‘Mooi & Meedogeloos’ (translation: Beautiful & Relentless). It’s also the ideal place to order a bite with your drink. It would be 100% perfect if you could manage to confiscate the only place on the balcony.


Mauritsweg 51, 3012 JC Rotterdam


5. Stirr

It’s dark, it’s sultry, it’s private. Stirr is a place to lift your date to a higher level. The exciting thing about this cocktail bar is that there is no menu card, but the bar staff makes everything based on your wishes. This makes every cocktail a surprise and small masterpiece.


Eendrachtsweg 29B, 3012 LB Rotterdam


6. Jazzcafé Dizzy

Sometimes the conversation is a bit over and then you just want to enjoy each other’s presence. In that case you can visit Dizzy. Wonderful music that you can fully absorb. Dizzy has been around in Rotterdam for years and therefore there is also a wonderfully varied crowd and of course there are tasty drinks. Bonus: they have a lovely garden!


‘s-Gravendijkwal 127, 3021 EK Rotterdam


Do you have any tips for a nice place for a date in Rotterdam as well? Let us know in the comments below.

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