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15 Great Chinese restaurants in Rotterdam

By Kim Longwood
April 16, 2023

Rotterdam has a lively Chinese community which manifests itself in many restaurants where you can eat the most delicious Chinese dishes. From small and large meals for one person to shared dining, from a chic experience to a takeaway restaurant. In Rotterdam you are in the right place with these Chinese restaurants.


1. Tai Wu

Tai Wu is a Chinese Cantonese restaurant in the heart of Rotterdam, on the Mauritsweg. This gigantic restaurant doesn’t look as big as it is from the outside, but it has a lot of seating space. But be warned: it’s always full here (even at lunchtime), so reservations are recommended.

Here you order small and large dishes or dim sum to share. I have eaten there several times myself and as a vegetarian you are also fine here. There are many vegetables and tofu dishes and everything tastes delicious.


Mauritsweg 24-26, 3012 JR Rotterdam


2. Chekiang Garden

Anyone who ever cycles, drives or walks through Blijdorp knows this restaurant at least from the outside. The striking facade with blue tiles, red and yellow signs and large letters grabs the attention.

Chekiang Garden is a Chinese-Indian restaurant that has been around since 1982.


Stadhoudersweg 99, 3039 ED Rotterdam


3. Hong Kong Restaurant

You will find Hong Kong Restaurant opposite Tai Wu and around the corner from Rotterdam’s China Town. It is a small restaurant with 50 seats, situated in a beautiful historic building on the Westersingel.

This restaurant is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Rotterdam and has a garden where you can eat (and of course you can eat inside).


Westersingel 15, 3014 GN Rotterdam


4. Shanghai Papa

Shanghai Papa is a slightly hipper and newer Chinese restaurant. Here you eat Chinese dishes, sometimes with a twist. There is a vegetarian/vegan menu especially for people like me who don’t eat meat. So everyone is welcome! They also serve Chinese drinks, such as tea and cocktails.

In addition to dining at Shanghai Papa, you can also enjoy a special high tea here. Their Yum Cha high tea contains a Bao of your choice per person, five dim sums, four sweets and four  different types of Chinese tea. The sweets are made by their pastry chef with ingredients such as ginger, green tea and sesame.

Discover even more places for a high tea in Rotterdam.


Botersloot 24-28, 3011 HG Rotterdam


5. Restaurant Chung

Foto door Olivia de Beukelaer.

FRestaurant Chung is located in the heart of the city, but still a bit hidden. This is becaues Chung has its own small island. If you walk across the Meent you can spot this gem, at the bridge at Scotch & Soda. The restaurant is run by chef Chung Wai Liu – a born and raised Rotterdammer of Asian descent.

In the evening, this restaurant is a beautiful light point on the water. Here you eat dishes with class, an Asian base with a European twist.

Also be sure to read Olivia’s review about Chung.


Noordmolenwerf 171, 3011 DC Rotterdam


6. China Town Dim Sum Rotterdam

The well-known dim sum restaurant of Rotterdam is located on the corner of Westersingel and Kruiskade (the China Town area): China Town Dim Sum Rotterdam. The iconic facade in black and red looks stylish and gives the windows a mysterious vibe.

In addition to authentic dim sum, you can also eat other Chinese dishes here, such as Peking duck and salted pork with choi sam.


Westersingel 1A, 3014 GM Rotterdam


7. Min-Kie

In Rotterdam West, at the end of the Beukelsdijk, you will find Surinamese, Indian and Chinese takeaway restaurant Min-Kie. This small business with friendly service prepares your order in no time.

I sometimes get food here myself because I live around the corner and I only have to call ten minutes in advance. The (vegetarian) bami dishes are highly recommended, you always get a large, tasty bowl of food for a friendly price.

Would you also like to eat a lot for little money? Discover these affordable restaurants in Rotterdam!


Burgemeester Meineszplein 2B, 3022 XA Rotterdam


8. De Chinese Boot

Who doesn’t know this spot, The Chinese Boat? This floating hotel-restaurant is located next to the Euromast and has been enriching the waterfront for years with its authentic Chinese design. Here you can enjoy a buffet of Asian dishes, including sushi, noodles and meat dishes.

Chances are that you – as a real Rotterdammer and just like me as a child – have ever experienced a children’s party where you went for a bite to eat at De Chinese Boat after playing miniature golf.


Parkhaven 21, 3016 GM Rotterdam


9. HOT&HOT Hot Pot Rotterdam

This unique restaurant concept is popular with many. It is like a broth fondue at the table, where meat, fish, seafood and vegetables are prepared (by you and the people you are with) while you are eating.

The Chinese soups are rich in flavour and pair well with the sweet drinks served at HOT&HOT.


Goudsesingel 340A, 3011 KL Rotterdam


10. Cate Dak

Cate Dak is a bit tucked away, but should certainly not be missing from this list. This was recommended by friends who know I love Asian food. You pay a low price here, but the food is incredibly tasty, so you do not compromise on quality or taste experience.

Cate Dak is Chinese for endless Qin, a reference to the Qin dynasty. This is the first dynasty that united China. The name is appropriate, because the food this restaurant serves unites many foodies.

Cate Dak zit een beetje weggestopt, maar mag zeker niet ontbreken in deze lijst. Dit was een aanrader van vrienden die weten dat ik gek ben op Aziatisch eten. Je betaalt hier een zacht prijsje maar eet onwijs lekker, dus je levert niet in op de kwaliteit of smaakervaring.

Cate Dak is Chinees voor eindeloze Qin, een referentie naar de Qin-dynastie. Dit is de eerste dynastie die China verenigde. De naam is gepast, want het eten wat dit restaurant serveert verenigt menig foodie.


Oostplein 115, 3011 KX Rotterdam


11. De Nieuwe Chinese Muur

Take your nice clothes out of the closet, because at De Nieuwe Chinese Muur in Hillegersberg you can eat decadently.

I went here once to celebrate a friend’s birthday and it was a lovely experience. The food was very tasty, the service was excellent and the ambiance was very pleasant. This restaurant is recommended for people who want quality dining.


Bergse Dorpsstraat 47, 3054 GB Rotterdam


12. De Kade

The Kruiskade is one of the most multi-cultural streets in Rotterdam and that is reflected in the diversity of kitchens.

De Kade is a unique Surinamese and Chinese restaurant that only serves vegetarian specialties. So perfect if you love Asian food like me but don’t eat meat.


West-Kruiskade 17B, 3014 AJ Rotterdam


13. Xi’an Delicious Foods

Xian is a city in northwestern China. Xi’an Delicious Foods restaurant is named after this city. Here they serve authentic dishes from Xian, such as noodle soup, dumplings, Chinese crepes and rice dishes.

At Xi’an Delicious Foods you can watch the chef make noodles. The open kitchen gives you a glimpse into the process of freshly prepared noodles (thin, thick and triangle noodles).


Karel Doormanstraat 449A, 3012 GH Rotterdam


14. Yellow River Lanzhou Noodles

This restaurant is named after – you guessed it – the Yellow River in Lanzhou. Here you eat ‘hand-pulled noodles’, which are handmade in their kitchen. It is even possible to choose from six different types of noodles (thin, regular, thick, wide, wider and diamond).

It is their passion and specialty to make and serve this type of noodles, but in addition to noodles, they also serve potato and rice dishes and have vegetarian options.


Mauritsweg 46A, 3012 JV Rotterdam


15. Lil’ Foodie Rotterdam

Across the water (at Rotterdam Zuid) you can join Lil’ Foodie Rotterdam for traditional Chinese food such as Peking duck. But that’s not all, they also have sushi rolls and Caribbean-Antillean food.

Lil’ Foodie is, as the name suggests, a small business. It’s cosy and modern. You can sit there but also order food to take away.


Gooilandsingel 103, 3083 DP Rotterdam


What restaurant ar you visiting tonight for a nice Chinese meal? Let us know at which spot you love to come for Chinese food in Rotterdam and why. Enjoy your meal!

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