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10 Amazing gift shops in Rotterdam

By Olivia De Beukelaer
October 30, 2020

Looking for the perfect gift for a Rotterdam local, or to bring home from your trip to the city? Rotterdam is filled with independent shops, concept stores and cute boutiques where you’ll find plenty of unique and surprising gift ideas.

In this article, I share my go-to places for buying gifts in Rotterdam, including gift shops brimming with locally-made souvenirs, edible treats and trendy pieces.


Best unique gift shops in Rotterdam



KEET is a light and airy concept store located in one of the Meent’s side streets. This inspirational shop is my first port-of-call in Rotterdam when looking for unique, but quality gifts.

The shop stocks products from small entrepreneurs and local brands that cater to children and adults, male and female alike. So far, I’ve picked up a bottled-up plant, a handful of cute cards, natural baby chew toys, infuse-your-own-gin kit and a glass beaker (long story…).

And if all that foraging is getting a little tiring, you can even recharge with a coffee and cake in the café at the back of the shop.


Oppert 2A, 3011 HV Rotterdam



Swan. is another great concept store where you can scavenge for gifts in Rotterdam. The shop sells unique items from small makers and designers who even staff the store themselves.

Here you’ll find another wide variety of items, from one-off jewellery and locally-made children’s clothing, to quirky household items and eco-friendly gifts.


Oude Binnenweg 137, 3012 JD Rotterdam



Waar is a small gift shop that focuses on sustainable and ecological products. Here you can browse through fair-trade gifts, ecological plants, reusable sandwich bags, vegan cookbooks, natural cleaning and self-care products, and lots of other nice-smelling and handmade items.

I love a practical gift, and Waar certainly delivers on that. They’ll also wrap up your sustainable present with cute finishing touches.

Waar has several gift stores across the Netherlands, and this particular branch is located in the centre of Rotterdam.


Oude Binnenweg 116, 3012 JG Rotterdam



One more concept store worth a visit is Pleur in Rotterdam, where you can also enjoy a lovely lunch and a cup of coffee. It’s a great store to find unique gifts, such as beautiful jewelry, children’s clothing, artworks and products with typical Rotterdam texts.

Pleur also offers vintage items and amazing retro finds, including lamps, vases, tables and much more.


Bergselaan 291A, 3038 CG Rotterdam


Studio Soleil

Zomers shoppen kan bij Studio Soleil op de Zwaanhals in Rotterdam Noord! Hier verkopen ze de mooiste items voor jouw interieur.

Studio Soleil is a new shop on the Zwaanhals in Rotterdam North. Here you can buy products that help create a  holiday vibe in your home.

Many items from the range are perfect to give as gifts, such as beautiful pots, vases and beautiful travel books. In addition, there are also larger products for sale, such as a sofa, dining table, but also tiles and wallpaper.

The source of inspiration for the store are hotels, boutique hotels and nice markets, all over the world. A must visit for sure!


Zwaanhals 283A, 3035 KH Rotterdam


Best places to buy food and drink gifts in Rotterdam



Tijdens je bezoek aan Rotterdam mag een tripje naar de Markthal niet ontbreken. Hier proef je allemaal snacks, vanuit verschillende landen, terwijl je je ogen uitkijkt.

The iconic Markthal is an obvious place to start if you’re looking to buy edible gifts in Rotterdam. Beneath the colourful ceiling of the arched hall lies dozens of fixed market stalls selling classic Dutch delights such as cheeses and stroopwafels, as well as indulgent hot chocolate spoons, specialist teas, fresh patisseries and confectionary.

And be sure to indulge yourself while you shop: the stalls also sell plenty of freshly-made traditional Dutch snacks and dishes from further afield for you to enjoy.


Ds. Jan Scharpstraat 298, 3011 GZ Rotterdam


Library of Spirits

Library of Spirits is Rotterdam’s largest wine and liquor store. Buried among its thousands of bottles of rum, gin, agave, vodka and more is a perfect gift for a dinner host or liquor connoisseur.

The knowledgeable staff can guide you through the variety of tastes and trends displayed on the shop’s bookshelves.

And, once you’ve spotted what you were after, they’ll gladly slide one of the metal ladders right over and climb to the very top in order to fetch the beverage that best meets your (or your receiver’s) tastes.


Oude Binnenweg 111B, 3012 JB Rotterdam


Best fashion gift shops in Rotterdam


Unconventional Wardrobe (Unc.)

Unconventional Wardrobe, also written as Unc., is a women’s clothing shop with its very own style. The pink-and-gold interior of the Instagrammable boutique is filled with beautiful and unique fashion items sourced from around the world. One of the pride and joy of the store is its collection of dainty jewellery, which makes for great gifts.

There’s also fashionable handbags and cute housewares, or – if you’re brave enough to buy someone clothing as a gift – beautiful dresses as well as other items of clothing. If needed, the in-store team are quick to help you with styling tips and outfit advice, whether you’re still looking for that perfect gift or have started browsing for yourself!


Oude Binnenweg 42, 3012 JE Rotterdam



Hutspot is another of Rotterdam’s many trendy concept stores, where you can buy unique gifts. The spacious and modern shop stocks a mix of pieces from up-and-coming designers and local artists alongside established brands.

In addition to the men and womenswear, you can browse through pretty jewellery, modern homewares, contemporary wall art and many more clean-cut pieces, which make a great gift for the modern gentleman or timeless lady and their offspring.

There’s even a ping pong table to keep your shopping companions occupied while you hunt through the shop.


Karel Doormanstraat 317, 3012 GH Rotterdam


Denise Roobol

I have to admit that this one is a bit of a cheat. You’ll only find most of Denise Roobol’s collection online, with currently just one physical reseller in Rotterdam (on the Meent). But seeing as it’s a Rotterdam brand that produces some stunning gift-worthy pieces, I just couldn’t not mention it.

Denise Roobol makes vegan bags and wallets, as well as other accessories, using a high-quality and sustainable alternative to leather. Personally, I love her velvet range of small handbags and wallets.


MYSC, Meent 28-30, 3011 JK Rotterdam


If you’re looking for even more places to buy gifts in Rotterdam, try one of these surprising vintage stores, bustling Rotterdam markets and fun thrift shops.

Do you have a favourite gift shop in Rotterdam? Let me know in the comments below as I’d love to check it out!


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