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Get in shape at PLTS on the Westblaak

By Lisanne van Beurden
March 18, 2022

Do you already know PLTS on the Westblaak? This is a high-end sports concept where you can go for an intense workout for body and mind. We recently tried it out with the Weekends team and are definitely fan. It’s tough, but we think you’ll be in shape after a few lessons of PLTS!


Core, posture & flexibility

The PLTS workouts aim to train the whole body, with a constant focus on core, posture and flexibility. In fifty minutes you forget the hectic pace of the day and focus completely on your body.

The ‘PLTS Reformer Pilates Machine’ provides resistance, making the workout even more effective. What the secret is of these patented, state-of-the-art machines? The combination of resistance for the muscles and support for the body. The result is longer, toned muscles, a rock-solid core and a body that is in balance.


Reformer Pilates meets Fitness

What exactly can you expect from a lesson at the PLTS studio on Westblaak? The class itself is a mix of Reformer Pilates and fitness. A great combination! Lessons are given in small groups of a maximum of 12 participants.

Your first PLTS lesson

If it’s your first class, it’s helpful to arrive ten minutes early. Then the trainer can show the studio and arrange the equipment for you. For example, you need the special PLTS Grip socks, otherwise you will slip during the exercises.

Of course the trainer also explains how the ‘PLTS Reformer Pilates Machine’ works. The machine may look intimidating at first, but you’ll soon get the hang of it in class.

For every sport level

Everyone is welcome, regardless of the sport level, and everyone is helped very well during the lesson. The lesson is tough, but you can make it as tough as you want. By means of the springs on the machine you can add the desired resistance yourself and create the degree of tension yourself.

Try the first PLTS lesson for free!

The workouts from PLTS are really very effective. In addition, the studio on the Westblaak is beautiful, spacious and fully equipped.

Would you like to try it too? Book a free PLTS Reformer Pilates class.


We really liked the PLTS Reformer class and will definitely visit again. How do you like to get in shape? Be sure to also check these sports locations in Rotterdam: from yoga, padel, skating to boxing.

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