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Weekend tips Rotterdam: December 7 to 10

By Lisanne van Beurden
December 04, 2023

What fun things is there to do in Rotterdam this weekend? Let’s make the most of autumn in Rotterdam and go out. Below I recommend fun events, cool new places and fun activities for the weekend of December 7 to 10.

Already discover some great tips for December.


Freaky Friday Face Off in Theater Rotterdam

When: Saturday December 9 and Sunday December 10, 2023

Foto door Amanda Harput

Freaky Friday Face Off – De Warme Winkel literally immerses itself in the well-known Hollywood principle of body swapping, where they explore the fascination with identity in a role play. This spiritual performance promises confrontational self-examination, dramatic strings and complex family relationships.

After purchasing your ticket, complete the questionnaire and you will be matched with your ideal theater partner – this could be romantic, platonic or perhaps even polyamorous. A date at the theater doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic; it can also be a coming together of people with a shared passion.

During the performance you will have the opportunity to get to know each other better. Register by ordering a ticket and choosing the price type ‘Unknown’. After your purchase you will receive the questionnaire.

The first drink is free!

Click here for more info.


Theater Rotterdam: William Boothlaan 8, 3012 VJ Rotterdam


Bezweefd at Oase

When: Saturday December 9

Oase in Rotterdam-West.

Have you ever participated in an ecstatic dance? This is free-form dance and can also be seen as a more active form of meditation. You can experience this on December 9 during BEZWEEFD. Let yourself go, be yourself and experience joy through connection (with yourself and others), dance and music. It’s about letting go, shifting energy and having fun, resulting in an ecstatic feeling without using drugs and alcohol!

Jose, the co-organizer of BEZWEEFD and Ruben, former professional dancer and contact improvisation teacher, work together to provide a playful, fluid and interactive experience to help you connect with your body and with others. Fun exercises and games are offered during this session.

Click here for more information.


Oase: Schiehaven 15, A, 3024 EC Rotterdam


From hand-me-down to art

When: Saturday December 9, 2023

After the chaos of Black Friday, a period often associated with fast-fashion and overconsumption, Repeat Audio, Iron Roots and Amsterdam artist Julia Kiryanova present a creative pop-up
event in Rotterdam.

On Saturday, December 9, you have a unique opportunity to breathe new life into old clothing. For a symbolic amount of €7.50, visitors can have their old garments provided with an exclusive work of art made by Kiryanova. This action symbolizes a shift from a throwaway culture to an appreciation of clothing, where sustainability and personal expression come together.

The organizers see this event not only as an opportunity to breathe new life into old clothes, but also as a moment to make people aware of their consumption patterns.

The pop-up event will take place on Saturday, December 9 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM!


Josephstraat 166, 3014 TX Rotterdam


Francon in The Lobby

When: from December 1 to December 24 2023

Photo by Sebastian van Damme.

Have you visited the Kruiskade lately? There is now a new building there called The Lobby! Although the official opening will have to wait until the second quarter of next year, you can get a preview this weekend during FRANCON’s pop-up ‘Scene’. This temporary installation, designed in collaboration with KAAN Architecten, uses the raw concrete walls and floors of The Lobby as a perfect unfinished backdrop.

‘Scene’, a harmony of caramel colour, creates the atmosphere of a theatrical setting that blends seamlessly into the architectural environment. The installation, which spans the entire ground floor of The Lobby, is designed for an intimate shopping experience while offering flexibility for future use thanks to its modular design.

Visit them this weekend and discover timeless pieces from FRANCON, which focuses on the setting rather than seasons. Also admire the works of art by Saskia Noor van Imhoff and an impressive light installation by artist Arnout Meijer. The temporary light artwork ‘Second Sun’, specific to this location, immerses ‘Scene’ in the deep, warm glow of the sunset.


The Lobby: Kruiskade 62-90, 3012 EH Rotterdam


Schaatsbaan Rotterdam

When: from Saturday November 25, 2023 to February 24, 2024

Wij kunnen niks bedenken wat meer past bij een winter must-do lijst dan een bezoekje aan een schaatsbaan! Chocolademelk, Glühwein, een Unox broodje en ingepakt in een dikke jas. Dat is het échte wintergevoel!

The Skating Rink in Rotterdam has been open again since last weekend! Enjoy winter fun to the fullest and visit their 400-metre track and fun and curling rinks.

The Skating Rink is open daily until February 24. Click here for more information.


Schaatsbaan Rotterdam: Toepad 95, 3063 NJ Rotterdam


In Search Of Humanity – Ai WeiWei at the Kunsthal

When: from Saturday September 30

Gao Yuan, Ai Weiwei (2012) © Courtesy of the artist and Ai Weiwei Studio, photo Gao Yuan

Until March 3, 2024, Kunsthal Rotterdam will be showing the exhibition In Search Of Humanity by the artist Ai WeiWei.

This special man shows his criticism of China and modern life through various works of art. Tickets can be purchased via the Kunsthal website.


Museumpark, Westzeedijk 341, 3015 AA Rotterdam


Discover new hotspots in Rotterdam

New hotspots open so often that it’s hard to keep up. Do you happen to have time this weekend to discover some of them? Then we have a few tips!

Club Sandwich

Club Sandwich, previously located on the Weelde site, opened a pop-up on Tiendplein 1 on Wednesday, November 1. Club Sandwich is a café, bar and sandwich shop, where you can enjoy a good lunch and drinks.

Think of the well-known sandwiches with tarragon egg salad and asparagus, the BLT sandwich or the mackerel salad with chips. Filter coffee, natural wine, homemade soft drinks and sweets can also be found on the menu. A brunch buffet is regularly organized on Sundays, where you can enjoy unlimited food and fill your glass, including mimosas, during a running buffet.

Club Sandwich will be open weekly from Wednesday to Saturday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Wednesday, November 1 until December.


When you walk on the Binnenwegplein in the city, you can’t miss it: the brand new OX.Space on the corner of the Lijnbaan really stands out! OX is a place where everything will soon come together: events, lectures, performances, art, workshops, exhibitions, film, music, dance, fitness, yoga, wellness and shopping.

OX No.0 is an exciting ‘preview’ of OX.Space – which will open in 2024 at the same Lijnbaan location. OX No.0 gives the people of Rotterdam a taste of what is to come. OX Nº0 offers 6 months of non-stop, ever-changing, cross-cultural programming. From early in the morning to late at night in the heart of Rotterdam.

The Cakery

Lovers of sweets can indulge themselves at the new patisserie The Cakery on Karel Doormanstraat. With a delicious selection of homemade cakes, brownies, baklava, ice cream and special drinks such as the Crème Brulée cappuccino, you have come to the right place for your sugar fix.

Not only the sweets, but also the interior is a feast for the eyes. With a fresh beige look, soft furniture and impressive light arches, the pastry shop certainly stands out in the street.

Discover more new hotspots in Rotterdam!


Other fun activities in Rotterdam

Do you feel like doing something unique? Fortunately, there are a lot of great activities to experience in our city. Below you will find three options, which are also possible when it rains.


Miniworld Rotterdam is a super fun place for a day out with your kids in Rotterdam. It is an indoor miniature world of Rotterdam with everything you can imagine. Here the kids discover the world in miniature size, a unique way to get to know the metropolis of Rotterdam better.

Expect over 650 square meters with Rotterdam polder landscapes, modern and historical architecture and of course the port of Europe. Everything is surprisingly detailed. Really a top place for a family outing in Rotterdam!

TIP: Already get your ticket for Miniworld Rotterdam!

Discover more fun things to do with kids in Rotterdam.

The new Euroscoop

The Euroscoop of the Euromast has been renewed! As you are taken on this exciting ride, you will see the city and its surroundings from all sides. But that’s not all: the brand new, intelligent glass floor goes from matt to transparent. This makes the experience extra special.

We have already taken a ride with the new Euroscoop. Check out our TikTok to see what it was like!

TIP: Get your ticket for the Euromast. The ticket price is higher if you buy entrance tickets on the day of your visit. Don’t forget to click on the option of the Euroscoop tickets!

Fun Village

Fun Village is the perfect location in Rotterdam for various types of outings for different occasions. You can go there with a small group of friends, but also with your entire family or company of up to 200 people. At Fun Village you will find a number of activities that are perfect for small and large groups.

Lees hier meer over Fun Village and discover more fun activities in and around Rotterdam!


Those were my tips for this weekend. Have fun!

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