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Piekfijn is waarschijnlijk de kringloopwinkel die het meest bekend is onder de Rotterdammers. In totaal kun je vier vestigingen van Piekfijn vinden in onze stad

8 Fun thrift shops in Rotterdam

By Lisanne van Beurden
October 28, 2019

Do you love looking for vintage items? There are plenty of thrift stores in Rotterdam where you can browse around for great second-hand clothing, furniture, books and basically anything you can imagine.

Thrift shops are the perfect place to find one-of-a-kind items! Or do you have items yourself that you no longer need? If they aren’t broken or dirty, you can bring them to one of the thrift shops in Rotterdam, so they get a second life.

So are you looking for a thrift shop in Rotterdam? Check out the 8 spots (plus a cool vintage shop in Rotterdam that you don’t want to miss) below!

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1. Piekfijn

Piekfijn is probably the best known thrift store among most locals in Rotterdam. There are four Piekfijn thrift shops in our city: Piekfijn Centrum, Piekfijn Prins Alexander, Piekfijn Hoogvliet and Piekfijn Charlois. At these thrift stores you can find everything from furniture to clothing and from electrical appliances to books.

TIP: Did you know that Piekfijn can also pick up items that you no longer need? Think of bags with clothing and electronic devices. Of course, the items still have to be in good condition.


2. Opnieuw & Co

There is currently one Opnieuw & Co department store in Rotterdam. This huge 2,200 m² thrift shop can be found in Prins Alexander. Browse through second-hand clothing, furniture, books, games and much more. Often you can find really nice retro items here! After shopping you can also take a seat in the coffee corner Tosti & Co and order food and drinks!

TIP: Around the corner from Opnieuw & Co you can find Piekfijn Prins Alexander, so it’s very convenient to visit these two thrift shops on the same day.


Koperstraat 31, 3067 GL Rotterdam


3. Kringloopwinkel Rotterdam Blijdorp

Kringloopwinkel (Dutch word for thrift shop) Rotterdam is one of my favourite thrift stores. It’s full of beautiful furniture and items to make your home a bit more unique. Often you can also find great designer items, which are slightly more expensive than the other recycled items. Are you looking for a dining table, chairs, coffee table or other furniture? Then you should definitely take a look here!


Gordelweg 243, 3039 GD Rotterdam


4. Nieuwe Hoop Kringloop Kralingen

De Nieuwe Hoop in Kralingen is a thrift store of 900m². The mission of Nieuwe Hoop is to give people and products a second chance. They support several charities with the proceeds from the stores.
You can also find branches of thrift store Nieuwe Hoop in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, Nieuwegein and Dordrecht.


Oudedijk 94, 3061 AM, Rotterdam


5. Kringloopwinkel RataPlan

Do you want to go thrift shopping on a Sunday? Then RataPlan Rotterdam is one of the few thrift stores that is open 7 days a week.
At RataPlan they offer all kinds of items. You can go here for clothing, furniture, audio equipment, bicycles, toys, household items, curiosities and much more.

TIP: In addition to RataPlan Rotterdam, you can also visit one of the other locations in the vicinity of our city, such as RataPlan Capelle aan den IJssel and RataPlan Spijkenisse.


Aristotelesstraat 30, 3076 BD Rotterdam


6. Kringloopwinkel Second Life

Second Life thrift store does everything to give things a second life. In addition to clothing, furniture and curiosities, you can also go here for items that are used outside, such as tools and garden furniture.


Baarlandhof 51, 3086 EA Rotterdam


7. Kringloopwinkel Keigoed

At Kringloopwinkel Keigoed they sell second-hand furniture, lamps, paintings, bicycles, books and much more. You can also buy toilet paper and personal care products at Keigoed, of course these aren’t used!


Keileweg 65A, 3029 BR Rotterdam


8. Kringloopwinkel Goed voor Elkaar

For this thrift store you have to leave Rotterdam and visit Capelle aan den IJssel, but it is certainly worth the little detour! Kringloopwinkel Goed voor Elkaar XL (Thrift Store Good for Each Other) is furnished in a convenient way. All second-hand furniture and curiosities are used to create cozy corners, making it a lot easier to see what they offer.


Schinkelse Baan 4, 2908 LE Capelle aan den IJssel


Bonus: Jouw Marktkraam

Although it’s technically not a thrift store, you definitely don’t want to miss this shop if you love vintage shopping. Or if you have a lot of items that you would like to sell, vintage or new. Because at Jouw Marktkraam in Rotterdam Noord you can rent a stall and the store will sell it for you!

At Jouw Marktkraam you can also score a lot of beautiful things, from vintage clothing and jewellery to furniture, decoration and toys.


Zaagmolenkade 117, 3035 KD Rotterdam


Hopefully you can find what you need at one of these 8 thrift shops in Rotterdam. Buying second-hand furniture and clothing is a very sustainable way of shopping. And, you can often find unique gems at thrift stores. Be sure to also bring your unused, but perfectly fine clothes and items to a thrift shop near you!

Happy thrift shopping!

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