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25 Fun hotspots on the Witte de Withstraat

By Julia Den Outer
January 31, 2022

The Witte de Withstraat is one of the best known and most popular streets in Rotterdam. This street has been transformed from a shady neighbourhood into one of the liveliest streets in Rotterdam.

Here you’ll find street art, galleries, museums, vintage shops and many restaurants and bars. Actually too much to visit at once. That is why I have made a little overview to give you some guidance.

I’ll give tips for various must-sees, such as fun shops, restaurants, cafes, art institutions and ho(s)tels on and around the Witte de Withstraat. That way you know for sure that you don’t miss anything.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. For more information please check our Disclaimer page.


Shops on and around the Witte de Withstraat


Dirkx Cadeaux en Woondecoraties

I have often stood here in amazement in front of the shop window. You see a shop with really all kinds of stuff. Not boring on shelves, but placed everywhere. This way you immediately get an idea of ​​what an object can do within your house.

At Dirkx they have great, theatrical things but also small trinkets. You will find jewellery, antique furniture, lighting, silk flowers, artificial plants, you name it! Such a cute shop to visit.


Witte de Withstraat 23-A, 3012 BL Rotterdam


Sweet Rebels

Sweet Rebels has one of the coolest collections of vintage clothing in town. The owner chooses the coolest things: from velvet jumpsuits to leather jackets. The clothing is vintage but does not look out of place in contemporary fashion. This way you will find the unique items that give your wardrobe a boost.

Love vintage? Check out my vintage route through Rotterdam and discover more cute shops.


Schiedamse Vest 89B, 3012 BG Rotterdam



At Mystiek you will actually find everything your heart desires in terms of spiritual objects. Here you will find the best yoga mats, minerals, jewelry and books related to spirituality and reflection.

Mystiek is also the place for a reading or consult. To be honest, wandering around here already feels like a spiritual experience.


Schiedamse Vest 79, 3012 BE Rotterdam


It’s a Present

Sometimes you really don’t know what to bring to a birthday party. Luckily you have It’s a Present!

The name already says it all: you will find all kinds of special gifts here. Actually, there are plenty of things that I just want to have myself, but for fun presents you should definitely be here. You have a vase in the shape of a dog, socks with buttocks on them or an alpaca stuffed toy. You can find something for anyone here.

Visit more gift shops in Rotterdam.


Witte de Withstraat 5, 3012 BK Rotterdam


Danny de Cactus

Danny de Cactus is one of those stores that I love: full and chaotic. You will be amazed here. Of course you will find cacti, but besides that the whole shop is immersed in an oriental vibe.

You will find very cool lamps, bags, rugs and jewelry in all kinds of special colours and shapes.


Schilderstraat 63A, 3011 ER Rotterdam


Restaurants on and around the Witte de Withstraat


At Hamburg I often get one of my favourite veggie burgers, and believe me, you can hardly distinguish this one from a ‘real’ burger. Of course you will also find a classic cheeseburger or a spicy chicken burger.

Be sure to take the sweet potato fries on the side.


Witte de Withstraat 94B, 3012 BT Rotterdam


Obba’s Day & Night

Obba’s Day & Night is a spot where drinks and good food merge. You have delicious mezze to share, but also fabulous cocktails. Before you know it, you’ll be ordering a whole evening.

The interior also appeals to me enormously: cozy and colourful.


Witte de Withstraat 79-A, 3012 BN Rotterdam



Supermercado is one of my favourite restaurants to go to on a Friday evening. It is always very busy and fun.

To start with, I always take a cocktail, preferably one with tequila to stay in the Latin-American vibes. After that I always choose all kinds of different dishes to share with my friends. For example, quesadillas, tacos and ceviche. You can eat, drink and enjoy the atmosphere here all evening long.


Schiedamse Vest 91, 3012 BG Rotterdam


Tech Noir

You can actually go to Tech Noir all day long, from early in the morning until late at night. To start the day well, have a breakfast with waffles, pancakes or French toast. In the evening you can get all kinds of snacks here such as jalapeno poppers, cauliflower nuggets and Korean fried chicken.

And who knows, there might even be a party in the evening.


Schiedamse Vest 154, 3011 BH Rotterdam


Williams Canteen

Bij Williams Canteen werken ze volgens een all-day concept. Dat betekent dat je naast ontbijt, lunch en diner ook aan kunt schuiven voor een lekkere cocktail in Rotterdam!

Williams Canteen is just down a side street from Witte de With, you would almost walk past it. That would be a shame!

The restaurant has a lovely relaxed, calm atmosphere. You come here for a coffee and cake, or for an entire dinner. In the evening you will find special cocktails and small dishes to share. For example, choose the sardines, kimchi devilled eggs, sirloin steak and aubergine with pistachio and burrata.

I say: highly recommended.


William Boothlaan 5A, 3012 VG Rotterdam


Cafes on and around the Witte de Withstraat


Zondebok & Zwarte Schaap

This is a perfect place to start or finish. You can hang out at the bar or at a seat by the window. I also find the terrace very cozy.

Sometimes you can even have a dance there ’till the late hours. Great place for a beer.


Witte de Withstraat 96, 3012 BT Rotterdam



Photo by Max van Dongen.

Wunderbar is a place where you never know exactly what to expect. The terrace is a striking one in the Witte de Withstraat with their colourful sofas and special menu.

Inside, you’ll find yourself in a cozy German-style cellar, but with an alternative twist. In any case, it is wonderful to hang out with friends or meet new people. Often you will also find all kinds of entertainment here such as bands, unique DJ sets or an exhibition.

Also a big plus is the super nice staff! You feel completely at home.


Boomgaardsstraat 71, 3012 XA Rotterdam



At Tiki’s you will find the best cocktails in a tropical ambiance. It has an old-fashioned, cool 50’s/60’s tiki’s vibe.

I have had enough delicious cocktails here. One of my favourites is the pussy juice. Sounds crazy, but it is highly recommended. You will also find classic cocktails such as the Mai Tai, Pina Colada and Caipirinha. Close your eyes for a moment and you’ll feel like you’re standing on a Hawaiian beach.

Discover more places for a cocktail in Rotterdam!


Hartmansstraat 16-A, 3012 VA Rotterdam


Café La Bru

At Café La Bru you will find one of the coziest interiors of the Witte de With. It is full of vintage furniture where you can relax. Order a good gin and tonic or red wine with it. Be sure to stop by to enjoy the live jazz music.


Hartmansstraat 18A, 3012 VA Rotterdam



Spikizi is een kleine bar verborgen in een van de zijstraten van de populaire Rotterdamse Witte de Withstraat. Deze trendy en gezellige cocktailbar is een fijne plek om bij te praten met vrienden en je kunt hier heerlijk genieten van een van hun heerlijke cocktails. Probeer bijvoorbeeld de White Choco Pornstar, een echte aanrader!

As the name suggests, Spikizi is a small hidden spot. You will find them in a side street of the Witte de With. The small, cozy bar makes it feel special to sit there.

Spikizi is a cocktail bar where you can order classic cocktails with a twist. And you never know, sometimes you suddenly find yourself in a silent disco or party here.


Zwarte Paardenstraat 91a, 3012 VK Rotterdam


Arts and Culture on and around the Witte de Withstraat


Showroom MAMA

Photo by Hilde Speet.

At MAMA you will find works by young creatives. The themes of the exhibits are in popular culture. You will not only find works on the wall, but also installations, performances, digital arts, you name it.

At MAMA, young talents are given the space to show and develop themselves. You never know what to expect here, but you know for sure that it is exceeding and contemporary.


Witte de Withstraat 29 – 31, 3012 BL Rotterdam


Kunstinstituut Melly

Art Institute Melly owes its name to the billboard that has been on display on the facade in the Witte de Withstraat for many years.

At Kunstinstituut Melly you will find works by contemporary artists. The works often shine a light on contemporary problems and developments. This also makes you think: what do you actually think about it?

An important mission of Melly is education, because you can only really appreciate what you see when you know what art and culture you are actually looking at. After a visit here you can be sure that you will walk out wiser and inspired.


Witte de Withstraat 50, 3012 BR Rotterdam



WORM is, in one word, bizarre. Sometimes you come in here and something happens everywhere: upstairs in the hall, downstairs at the Wunderbar, in the theater and then you also have the Performance Bar. All together it forms WORM: a place where everyone feels at home.

It is because of the diverse programming that there is always something special to be found here. You have literary afternoons, movie nights, bands and performances. At WORM it always feels like I’m exactly in the right place.


Boomgaardsstraat 71, 3012 XA Rotterdam


Theater Babel

Theater Babel makes theater productions that are completely in sync with Rotterdam. They are inclusive in performance, subject and audience. All kinds of people play in it: young, old, healthy, sick, poor, rich and many more.

In this way it is actually a nice reflection of society. You also come face-to-face with other opinions and ways of thinking. This just brings us closer together, doesn’t it?


Eendrachtsstraat 81, 3012 XH Rotterdam


Theater Roterdam Witte de Withstraat

Photo by Amanda Harput.

An evening at Theater Rotterdam makes you think. It’s a night out, but after that you’ll have plenty to talk about.

Theater is made here, but theater is also shown. The performances will tour throughout the Netherlands and Europe. The performances are always contemporary, innovative and address urgent social matters.


William Boothlaan 8, 3012 VJ Rotterdam


Stay overnight on the Witte de Withstraat


City Hub

Rotterdam is de ideale plek voor een stedentrip. Het is rijk aan architectuur, historie, kunst en heel veel leuke hotspots. Maar hoe maak je jouw weekend nou ?xtra bijzonder? Hieronder delen wij de meest bijzondere hotels in Rotterdam om te overnachten.

City Hub is the most special modern, high-tech hotel/hostel in Rotterdam to spend the night. It is a kind of hostel, but with its own cozy spot to sleep undisturbed. You sleep in a kind of pod where you are completely shielded. So you don’t have to be afraid of people snooping around.

It’s also nice that the hosts of City Hub know exactly where you should be in Rotterdam, and on the evening itself. So you are always exactly where you need to be.

Check out the prices and availability of CityHub


Witte de Withstraat 87, 3012 BN Rotterdam


The Bellhop Hotel

Als je overnacht in the bellhop hotel heb je een mooi uitzicht over de Witte de Withstraat in Rotterdam. Je slaapt dus midden in het culturele hart van Rotterdam!

The Bellhop Hotel is a design hotel, but one that is eco-friendly. Perfectly suited for travellers who also want to think about the environment.

You can stay here for an overnight stay, but also for a nice breakfast or drink. You will feel completely relaxed in the minimalist rooms on the very comfortable bed.

Check out the prices and availability of the bellhop hotel.


Witte de Withstraat 77, 3012 BN Rotterdam


King Kong Hostel

In een van de leukste straten van Rotterdam vind je King Kong Hostel. De ideale uitvalsbasis voor een weekendje Rotterdam.

I think King Kong Hostel is one of the nicest hostels in Rotterdam. In any case, the hostel looks attractive with their hip and cozy interior.

There are always people drinking a coffee or beer at the hostel, both guests and locals. Here you book a bed in a dormitory or a private room. You also have the option to spend the night here for a long time, useful if you are on an exchange, for example.

Check out the prices and availability of  King Kong Hostel.


Witte de Withstraat 74, 3012 BS Rotterdam


Home Hotel

Home Hotel offers rooms or apartments for a night, but also for a longer period of time. It’s not called Home Hotel for nothing; it can be your temporary home.

The rooms are spacious and light so that you feel completely relaxed.


Witte de Withstraat 38, 3012 BR Rotterdam


Hotel Bazar

Photo by Melanie Samat.

Hotel Bazar sits next to the restaurant Bazar and is just as colourful. The hotel is inspired by oriental culture, which is reflected in the design through the Persian lamps and the many mosaics.

It almost feels as if you are not in Rotterdam. Of course, an overnight stay also includes an extensive breakfast which you should definitely not miss!

Check out the prices and availability of Hotel Bazar.


Witte de Withstraat 16; 3012 BP Rotterdam


Plenty to do in the lively Witte de Withstraat. Do you have any other favourite spots?

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