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Frank Taal Gallery Rotterdam: Contemporary Art

By Kim Longwood
April 03, 2023

Plenty to see in our city, because art and culture are important parts of our DNA. And a fun fact is that since 2010 Rotterdam West has gained a beautiful contemporary art gallery, namely the Frank Taal Gallery. In this article you can read everything you want to know about this impressive location.

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Frank Taal Galerie: practical information

Photo by Roderik Henderson. Isabelle Borges in the exhibition All Numbers End – October 2022.


The Frank Taal Gallery is part of the Kunstkoopregeling. This means that through the KunstKoop of the Mondriaan Fund, private individuals can buy contemporary art and design on installments at more than 120 galleries across the Netherlands without having to pay interest. This includes the Frank Taal Gallery.

This is important to know because the Frank Taal Gallery is free to visit, but all the art on display is for sale to the public. If you see a beautiful work of art that you would like to hang in your home, it is possible to purchase it with the Kunstkoopregeling.

Frank Taal Galerie opening hours

Thursday to Friday 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Saturday 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Location Frank Taal Gallery

The Frank Taal Gallery is located in Rotterdam West, close to the city centre. You are there within a few minutes’ walk from Central Station. You have to walk towards the Kruiskade, then you are almost there. We call this part of the city the Old West and it is lively, multicultural and architecturally a mix of old and new construction.


Van Speykstraat 129, 3014 VH Rotterdam


Frank Taal Galerie: background information

Photo by Michel Claus. Tycho van Zomeren and Gerben Mulder – duo solo Gerben Mulde : Life Goes on – Tycho van Zomeren ‘Afterglow’ May 2022.

About Frank Taal and Hans Franke

This beautiful gallery opened its doors in 2010, to be specific on October 16. The gallery was founded by Frank Taal and Leo de Bie. Hans Franke joined the gallery in 2019. This gave a long-term friendship a deeper layer, because that’s when Frank and Hans also became partners after being friends since their college days.

Exhibitions and expositions

This contemporary Rotterdam gallery focuses on international programming. Openness, making new connections and transparency in clear language are strong core values for the Frank Taal gallery. Frank and Hans have a keen eye for quality. They value concept, strong images and skill. These are elements that they look for in an artist’s work.

The contemporary works of art displayed in the Frank Taal Gallery are often thought-provoking.

What is it they provoke? That is very broad, but one thing is certain: the work is never boring! Here, you will find paintings, photographic work, art on paper, sculptures and 3D work, as well as art made with mixed techniques.


Do you like to go on an art date on the weekend? Or do you like to visit a gallery or museum when you make a city trip? Then be sure to visit the Frank Taal Gallery and be surprised by the beauty of contemporary art.

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