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Due to the number of lunchrooms in Rotterdam, it can be quite difficult to choose where to go. But not anymore… Did you know that the best sandwich of the Netherlands can actually be found in Rotterdam? Yes, it’s true: Baker & Moore received an award for ‘The Best Sandwich of The Netherlands 2018’ with their ‘Mr. Baker Goes Asia’ sandwich. For my very first blog for Weekends in Rotterdam I had the opportunity to taste this special sandwich and share my experience…


‘Mr. Baker Goes Asia’ is the best sandwich in the Netherlands!


The owner of Baker & Moore, Paul Baker, describes the sandwich as follows: “From the topping to the bread, everything has to be right. The basis is freshly sliced B’rustiek sandwiches from Bakery Bussing. This is topped with á la minute flambé salmon, nori avocado mash, sesame, little gem, oriental dressing and pickled sweet and sour cauliflower. The creamy curry mayonnaise and the crunchy seed mix makes the sandwich complete!”

Okay, time to taste the ‘Mr. Baker Goes Asia’! Wow, I totally understand why this sandwich has won the prize for the best sandwich in the Netherlands. As soon as I take a bite, it seems like I’m eating a sushi bowl… on a sandwich. It’s a very surprising combination and a very original variation on the usual salmon sandwich. The sandwich is a bit spicy because of the curry mayo and the crumble and thanks to the nori mash you can really taste the influence of Asian cuisine. Don’t like fish? You can also choose other ingredients!

I think I found my new favourite sandwich…


The sandwich costs €8.95.



Baker & Moore

Baker & Moore is located on the Westblaak in a beautiful spacious building. It’s highly recommended for breakfast or lunch, such as a nice sandwich or a good salad. You can make your own sandwich by choosing different ingredients or choose one of the options on the menu. Baker & Moore also serves a delicious high tea.


Westblaak 147

3012 KJ Rotterdam

Opening hours

Monday to Thursday 12:00 – 18:00

Friday & Saturday 12:00 – 18:00

Sunday 12:00 – 18:00


Have you already tried the ‘Mr. Baker Goes Asia’ sandwich? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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