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Heerlijk snacken, dat doe je bij een van deze luxe snackbars in Rotterdam! Zo kun je bij de PatatbakkerT heerlijke Rotterzwamballen en friet in alle soorten en maten bestellen!

5 Fancy snackbars in Rotterdam

By Lisanne van Beurden
February 15, 2019

We’ve already given up on most of our New Year’s Resolutions. And fortunately the summer is still far away, so you don’t have to work on that perfect beach body just yet. That means it’s time to order that delicious portion of fries. In this article I’ve listed 5 luxury snack bars in Rotterdam where you can find the best fries! 


5 Fancy snackbars in Rotterdam


1. Tante Nel

Tante Nel is the perfect hotspot to enjoy some fancy snacks. Here you can order a simple bag of fries, special fries stew or get the Frikan-Nel, their own homemade frikandel with French Limousin beef and Porc au Grain pig. For the vegans they also serve vegan mayo and they have vegan snacks that are fried in a separate frying pan. Lets eat!


Pannekoekstraat 53, 3011 LC Rotterdam


2. De PatatbakkerT

At De PatatbakkerT you can get delicious fresh fries. For example, order their home-made (sweet) fries with a matching special beer or create your own special fries together with various tasty toppings. If you’re craving other snacks, you’re also at the right place at the PatatbakkerT! My personal favorite are the famous Rotterzwamballen, but they also have Dutch croquettes, cheese snacks, luxury chicken nuggets, chicken popcorns and more…


Frits Ruysstraat 36A, 3061 MG Rotterdam 


3. BRAM’s Gourmet Frites

Everyone in Rotterdam knows Bram Ladage. But do you also know the new BRAM’s Gourmet Frites? Here you can order unique Stoofs or stews, which is basically a whole meal. And there is plenty of choice: from the Captain’s Beef Stoof, Pulled Pork Stoof to the Veggie Mushroom Stoof. Or order the Stoof of the season!


Posthumlaan 90, 3072 AG Rotterdam 


4. Pomms’

Pomms’ once started selling fries and snacks at festivals with their food trucks and nowadays we can’t imagine the Coolsingel without the Pomm’s snackbar. They serve fresh, biological fries and delicious biological croquettes that are made according to their own recipe. Pomms’ is definitely a perfect place to eat delicious fries when you’re taking a break of shopping in Rotterdam.


Coolsingel 107B, 3012 AG Rotterdam 


5. Frietboutique

At the Frietboutique on the Witte de Withstraat you can get tasty, crispy fries. They regularly have various luxury fries specials, which are made in collaboration with top chefs. Of course they also have all kinds of Dutch snacks to choose from. Yum!


Witte de Withstraat 68A, 3012 BS Rotterdam 

Hopefully you’ve found a great option among these 5 fancy snackbars in Rotterdam. What do you consider the best place to order a delicious bag of fries in Rotterdam? Let us know in the comments below!

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