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Evelien vertelt over haar favoriete plek in Rotterdam: het Hertenkamp. Dit komt eigenlijk doordat het het favoriete plekje is van haar zoontje Evan, waar hij vrolijk kan kijken naar de lieve hertjes.

Ask the local: Evelien about the deer camp at Kralingse Bos

By Lisanne van Beurden
October 27, 2017

Every other week we ask a local about their favourite spot in Rotterdam. This could be anything; from a restaurant, breakfast place or club to the local zoo and park.

The Ask the Local series is a great way for tourists to get some inspiration for cool locations to visit in Rotterdam.

This week we talk with our guest blogger Evelien about the deer camp at Kralingse Bos.


33 years | Fysiotherapeut | Going to the gym writing and hanging out with my little boy Evan.

Ask the Local, Rotterdammers, Kralingse plas, Hertenkamp Rotterdam

What is your favourite place in Rotterdam?

“The deer camp at Kralingse Bos.”

Why is this your favourite place?

“My son Evan comes here very often ever since he was a baby with my aunt, because it’s only a short walk from her house. Now that he can talk, he regularly tells me he wants to go to the deers. If I have a day off I’m happy to take him, because according to Evan you can’t go too many times a week! I like to see how he responds to the animals. There is also a playground nearby and a children’s farm. It’s a nice bike ride to get there, as it’s so green and lush. It’s ideal!”

How do you know this place?

“I don’t really remember that. I was born in Rotterdam and never moved away, so the Kralingse Bos and the deer camp is something that is just there. This will probably be the case for Evan later as well. There is no specific moment I remember that someone showed me the deer.”

How often are you here?

Certainly one or two times in every other week.

What do you think is so special about the city of Rotterdam?

The mix of greenery and buildings. The great restaurants. And the many playgrounds for children. Rotterdam is a cozy and diverse city. South is very different from North, West is absolutely not like East, there is something for everyone. I love that.

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